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Last year, 2011, AEGEE members had the opportunity to apply to a variety of events with names that stood out. It has become more and more popular using creativity when creating the title for an AEGEE event. For the Summer University organised by AEGEE-Budapest and AEGEE-Brno the idea behind the name was chosen because of the historical topic of the event. The name for the event was created through a brainstorming meeting within the TSU organising team and they were thinking about a name that would fit perfectly to AEGEE and Caucasus and somehow connect the two. The Pre-EBM “FinEst Wintertale” is also a nominee for “the most creative title for an AEGEE event”. Creating the title for this event was also like a  tale but in this occasion more like a summer tale than a winter tale. The final voting for the “most creative title” award will begin alongside with the voting for the other categories, Monday 2nd of April.
The below infographic looks at the baked good industry and growth margin of cake sales and statistics.
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TweetPlanning your escape from a bloodthirsty zombie horde at an upcoming zombie race like The Zombie Run or Run for Your Lives? The AEGEEan has chosen to put a focus on this trend and asked our Facebook followers for their help last month.

Both Budapest and Brno are cities that offer monuments and great stories from different ages. The name of a SU or another big event is something that have been considered very important within the coordination team and given the fact that it have been the first ever AEGEE-Yerevan event the organisers wanted to come up with an attractive name which would be interesting for all applicants no matter which part of Europe they were from the name should make them want to come to Yerevan. Renzo Anelli, main organiser of “vAEGEEtalian Restaurant” organized by AEGEE-Treviso last September was the mastermind behind the name as well. The global baked goods industry is expected to see continued growth with an expected global worth of $310 billion by 2015. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
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The AEGEEan is working on “The AEGEEans Choice Awards 2012″ which will be part of Agora Enschede where awards will be given to locals and AEGEE members for different categories in which they have stood out. Salome Machavariani, president of AEGEE-Tbilisi, describes it as: ”something special, AEGEE and Caucasus spirit”. As the market expands, consumers seek convenience, affordability, and healthier options available for baked goods.
The name was “discovered” in a brainstorming during a board meeting in which the idea of “AeGeE of Empires” by Tom Keller was chosen.

Suddenly it came to him that name had to contain “vAEGEEtalian” because it sounds both like vegetarian and italian, but also includes the AEGEE factor. When Renzo and his wife returned they proposed the idea about this training course, and AEGEE-Treviso was happy to join the newlyweds with helping and organising it. So check ’em out, pick one, and be the coolest humans (or former humans) in the zombie apocalypse. The idea was to use the inspiration from the name of the game and connect it with AEGEE, in order to achieve a lot of applications for their SU, because of the brand recognition.
When discussing the name, Renzo told everybody that he already had an idea for the first part of the name, but also that if something better was going to be proposed, he was ready to change his mind.
So we decided to use the word “rock” as a keyword for our event’s name and used it in two different meanings,” says Gayane Merdinyan, Summer University 2011 coordinator of AEGEE-Yerevan. After exchanging e-mails and having personal meetings the organisers decided to keep the first part of the name. As for the second part of the name, “experience” was proposed in the beginning but in the end they realized that foreigners usually relate Italian restaurants and great food to Italy.

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