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This Beautiful Curved Glass coffee table is a perfect way to accent any modern home or office. Down to the little details like the shell cushy-corners that rest atop the glass are artfully carved and keep the top of the table secure from sliding. The Four-Way Connector for the legs is Sooo very simple to assemble, and are very clean & modern looking. This glass coffee table is the modern style furniture ideas, perfect to complement your living room furniture.

The Table also comes with (8) of the non-slip grips for the bottom of the base for use on tile or hardwood floors.
Made from a single sheet of annealed glass 12mm, and finished in black, made ??with a simple design.
But this is cold coffee table, because there is a curved magazine rack, very unique for a table, because there is usually a shelf at the bottom of the table. This furniture is perfect for modern home decor, which will add the beauty of this coffee table display.

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