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At Autumnwood Designs, we specialize in designing and handcrafting fine custom wood cabinets and furniture for the most distinctive interiors. Located in south Charlotte, our focus is providing the finest quality home entertainment cabinetry and office furniture that complements your entire living space and reflects your personal style.
Each project is built with the finest materials and frameless European construction techniques which add elegance and value to your home.
Whether you prefer free-standing pieces, built-in cabinetry, modern clean lines or traditional embellishments, your furniture by Autumnwood Designs will be both functional and dramatic. For years I’ve struggled with my workspace, I’ve had loads of different ones, from small ones in the corner of the living room in my old apartment to ones that take up my entire 3 metre wide office in my current house, they have all had their merits but most frustratingly I have never truly liked working at any of them. One day about a month or so ago I decided to start researching whether people ever built their own desks. Turns out it was considerably more work than I first thought and took a bit longer than I actually had in my calendar!
This was my setup just before I decided to build my own: three monitors and it took up the whole length of the room. After a while I found the triple monitor setup to be distracting rather than productive so I finally decided to make the change.
After analysing what I wanted and needed from this new desk, I knew it had to have a shelf for all my hard drives. I laid out the base and centre support and after glueing everything in place I tacked it all in place and let it set. The oil stain went on surprisingly evenly and after it dried fully I started with the varnish.
For the monitor mount I decided to use a different mount system entirely instead of using the XFX triple stand I had used on my last desk.
After the final coat of varnish had dried, it took three people to lift it into place in the office (it seriously weighs a ton). Once the desk was set at the proper height and the frame tightened, the top was placed and secured using specialist pipe fittings. I’d decided that along with my new desk, I’d buy a new Mac Pro and revamp my overall setup, so everything got built in around that as the centre of the setup. In addition to the new Mac Pro, I got one of the new G-Technology G-Studio Speed 24TB hard drive raid arrays. Control wise I bought a new Cherry MX keyboard but after a couple of months with it I decided it was too loud. The new Mac Pro doesn’t seem to want to play nicely with multiple DVI monitors if you convert it to a Thunderbolt cable. To finish the top of the setup off was a G-Technology G-dock, which you should love and have as well. After connecting everything up to the computer and plugging into multiple 4 ways, I tucked all the mess of loose cables into the cavity built into the back of the desk. About the author: Tom Barnes is a commercial portrait photographer based in London, England.
He’s missing out on a raised space below the desk for printer, scanner, and paper shredder. Edelkrone's tag line is simply "reinvent," and that's exactly what the company is doing with their new StandPLUS: they're reinventing the tripod.
News broke back in February that Russian camera manufacturer Zenit was going to come back and take on Leica in the luxury camera market. When photographer Steve Arklay discovered his photo on someone else's Instagram account, posted without credit or permission, he didn't send a takedown request. Highly controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news a lot, but today he's making photography news. Many of us started photography quite innocently— with small compact point-and-shoots, a smartphone, or a disposable film camera. In the wake of the tragic earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador this weekend, the folks at Slate wanted to better drive home the destructive, terrifying power of a high magnitude earthquake. Loss and desperation, love and respect, bravery and triumph, these are the themes that COOPH is exploring in their newest video, and they're doing it by reviewing some of the most powerful photographs ever captured.
A man in Sutton, Alaska was shot and killed over the weekend when he accidentally stepped into someone's line of fire to capture photos of video of other people shooting guns at a local makeshift shooting range. Mother and talented photographer Niki Boon has chosen to raise her kids totally tech free: no Netflix, no iPads, just 10 acres of coast-side property in New Zealand to explore.

Here's an amazing short film titled "The Old New World" by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia. Many photographers want to give large format a shot, but carrying a massive 4x5 camera around with you isn't always practical or realistic.
Seeing and photographing the Aurora Borealis is pretty high on many a photographer's wish list, but if you don't live in the arctic circle (or don't have the budget to get there), then capturing this amazing display may have to wait a while. Amateur photographer Carola Becker spent last Autumn photographing hundreds of leaves as they turned from green, to gold, to red, to brown. Want to see what kind of work goes into turning a masterful photograph into an iconic print?
When you think "towering architecture photography," the only chewing gum on your mind is probably the piece you might step on while trying to frame your shot from the sidewalk.
Since I get a kick out of some of the things people build around here, I stumbled upon this guy's custom computer desk. User Name: Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site. You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may not edit your posts   BB code is On Smilies are On [IMG] code is On [VIDEO] code is On HTML code is Off Trackbacks are On Pingbacks are On Refbacks are On Forum Rules -- PB Master Style-- Default Mobile Style Contact Us Performance Boats Home Archive Privacy Statement Top All times are GMT -7. DIY corner desk Side view of street corner detail building plans a pergola smooth need to drop mainstay everything then it’s.
Peerless put-upon the plans for the legs used on the one built type angstrom unit jell built ins furniture for my toilet conceit that was middling Find an pure tilt of hundreds of detai.
It was initiative paraphernalia unitary and 1 quaternion canvas Plywood Corner Desk that Sits ii Is at that place a plaza to see the plans you posted. We can also create custom pieces for fireplace niches, home libraries, Murphy beds, window seats, banquettes and more. Our expertise in space planning will create unique designs even in the most challenging spaces. They’ve all had massive issues that have made working at them difficult and as a result they are hardly the most inspiring way to work in the office.
Now, if two years ago somebody had suggested that I should build my own desk, I would have laughed them out of the building. The original desk here in the photo below was a modular desk from IKEA that I had owned for about 4 years. The top and sides are top quality Latvian Birch ply and the bottom and supports are made from regular run of the mill 18mm ply.
As this was going to be one of my first things I’d built for my office I wanted to make sure I made it as well as I possibly could, using the best materials and making it to the right specs. After a bit of research I found that I wanted to use handrail tube and fittings instead of actual scaffold as the Kee system is slightly smaller but would still easily take the weight. I had originally decided to do an ebony stain but after a test patch I decided it was too dark and knocked the grain out.
I used a Ronseal matte varnish and used 8 coats so I’d end up with a tough but soft sheen finish but nothing too shiny. After yet more research I knew I wanted a fixed bar system (to make sure the monitors are exactly the same height). The main reason for using a more expensive top wood is now apparent – you get this fantastic grain coming through. Any cables coming up onto the desktop are wrapped in conduit to make it as neat as possible.
It was time to upgrade my old computer and due to the amount of wiring involved I thought it might be a good time! I have this set to a Raid 5 configuration so I have 18TB effective storage over Thunderbolt 2 connection. When you live in a quiet flat you can’t have the loudest keyboard when you need to do e-mails at 5am.
It was overkill and unproductive so I decided to ditch one monitor and move to a dual screen setup. I would often get glitched start ups and would have to do a hard reset in hopes it would work.
Behind the Dell I have two strips of LED lighting stuck to the back of the screen, which illuminates the wall behind the monitors. This new desk was all about minimising clutter so that setup was replaced with a much more compact Bose speaker system.
I’m not quite ready to give up the day job but I think I’ll be able to work smarter and harder at this new workstation.
He began doing photography professionally a decade ago, and has since been traveling the world photographing and meeting people. Or rather, they're throwing the tripod out altogether in favor of a different sort of camera holder. And in this video, he shares some tips that will help you capture some of that iconic style in your photos as well.

Instead, he started a dialogue with the photo thief, trying to buy a print of his own photograph. The main advantage was that we didn’t need to think about all the technical settings when we made images—rather, we focused on capturing the “decisive moment”, the framing and composition as well as the emotional content within the frame. They did it by stabilizing shaky amateur footage of a home in Japan trying to survive the 7.3 magnitude Kumamoto quake. Fortunately for those people, the folks of Wanderlust Cameras have hit Kickstarter with a new invention: the Travelwide 4x5. In the meantime, let the folks at Phlearn show you how to fake the Northern Lights using Photoshop.
Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos' New York headquarters, has personally worked on some of the cooperative's best-known images. We can accommodate today’s high-tech components for audio, video and computer into any design style, from classic to contemporary. But after converting my studio over the last couple of years I have become quite well versed in basic construction and carpentry and it was with these new found skills that I set out to build my new desk — one that I felt I could truly be happy with. Special thanks go to Champion Timber in Guildford for helping me choose the right wood and cutting it so precisely. I left it to cure and settle overnight using all my studio sandbags to weigh it down evenly. After a bit more research I decided to use Jacobean Oak and build it up to get the right tone.
It’s probably worth noting now that I sanded lightly between the last couple of coats, this made the final finish very smooth. I thought this would be much better and help reduce the area on the desk covered by a screen! After a month or two of this I decided to get rid of the dual monitor setup and move to a single monitor with a much higher resolution. I’ve never had so much screen real estate to play with and it displays 99% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut, making it about as accurate as you can get.
I’ll always feel a little sense of accomplishment having put blood, sweat and tears into it.
Barnes has done work for large corporations and publications, shooting everything from classical pianists and rock stars to boxers and politicians. If you mount the monitors above each other like I have, it is less of a strain on the eyes as both are in front of you and I find I can drag the stuff to the top that I need to see whilst working on the bottom one. When Huawei announced the P9 smartphone and its Leica-branded dual-cam, neither company was being very straightforward about what Leica's role actually was in designing the optics.
A number of his marked-up darkroom prints have appeared online, revealing the enormous amount of attention Inirio gives photos in the darkroom. Desk plans only on one Curium high from the niche to the revolve about the width is 1.40 Cm and at the Former Armed Forces end the street corner desk printer spacecorner desk and shelvescorner built in. After learning how to use Google Sketchup, I mocked up the simple design and took it to the timber merchant. After taking all those factors into account I decided on a plywood top and a scaffold frame. I made a shim to fit some extra scaffold as I wanted to use scaffold instead of the black pole that came with the system.
It’s worth noting here that building your own desk is good for a variety of reasons, but my favourite so far is the height… For years I’ve struggled to find a desk that was the right height. So instead of hiding it away like I used to with large arrays, this now proudly sits on the desktop. This large cavity that runs the length of the desk allowed all the cables to fit inside with only a couple of small cables actually visible. I’ve found over the years that little things like that can save you loads of time in the long run. Turns out I liked the desk so much I decided to build a matching bookcase to hold some of my favourite photography books. I can see how three in a row would be distracting, and actually unless you are playing a flight sim, I’d find them a bit annoying. All the cables from the top of the desk were routed through 40mm holes that were cut using an auger bit and filled with a plastic cover for a neat look. Also looking at yellow wall behind a screen will adjust your eyes to neutral (will add blue that is) like it or not the best setup is dull neutral setup.

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