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An ingenious and creative mod creator from the Netherlands constructed this sleek PC desk that glows in the dark and is fully functional. To build your own, custom PC-in-a-desk, follow this all-in-one tutorial for a fantastic workspace mod.
Desk case PC mods have lit up our radar before, but a modder by the name of Pirate -- who's no stranger to us -- has dropped the typical glass and metal enclosure for medium-density fiberboard.
With the growing demand for high end gaming and the ongoing need of trying to cool systems down so you don’t lose performance Puget system as built a 6 gallon and 12 gallon DIY kit that you can get all the parts you need to build a custom submerged PC. Equipped with 10TB of storage and completely water cooled, this creation is an entrant in the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition. The Compudesk is built from scratch and is made of aluminum and glass with green and blue illumination. If you want to build one, the discussion thread is very well detailed with some superb high resolution photos.

If you are designer, you cant work work without computer, because of course you you use some of photo editing software. We regularly update blog with free and easy to learn free Adobe photoshop tutorials, useful freebies for design projects, powerful tools that will make your work easier and we publish showcase of most beautiful and interesting designers works around the work that hopefully will inspire. Though the material choice was an effort to avoid buying a new desk, it created a need for a robust cooling system. Puget systems are a leader in custom computer systems, and STE Oil is the leading provider of Mineral oil. Be it video games, movies, TV, geek art, or web gems; the EB squad has your best interests in mind. But the Compudesk is not just a computer built into a desk with pretty lights – there’s some serious hardware (Intel Core i7 980X processor, two 17”, and one 27” monitors) storage (10TB), and all of it is completely water cooled.
Five fans (three exhaust, two intake), a radiator and a liquid-cooling system keep the rig at roughly 88 F (31 C) with ambient temperatures hovering around 79 F (26 C).

Almost for all of us, PC’s are still that boring and mundane combination of Monitor, CPU and Keyboard. As for horsepower, the workstation features a Core-i5-2500k processor and a Radeon HD 7950 graphics card sporting a water cooling block on an Asus Gene IV microATX motherboard.
Visuals are piped to three displays in an Eyefinity configuration that are held by a modded ergonomic stand. We have compiled below some of the most innovative and custom creative PC case designs that takes the same boring concept of PC to the next level of creativity and if you’re a designer, creative pc case design will looks better in your office interiors and will add attention of your clients. Update: Ben Willock commented to let us know that it's sporting a Core-i5-2500k processor, not a Core-i5-2000k.

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