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Thats some very nice work there John!I really do admire anyone who takes as much time as you obviously do with attention to detail.
Very nice Dave, your build style is so unique and just amazing.I remember on Amp Garage a month or two back a guy was having issues with a Heyboer PT buzzing in his Express. Doug Deeper and Glops, as GeertJacobs said its from an old belgian amp (MBLE company from Brussels, they manufactured the  ADZAM tubes). My first and only scratch built amp, very simple, just a volume control and a power switch.
Custom hand built to order, these 2x12 cabs are constructed with the same 15mm 11 ply Baltic birch void free plywood as the major manufacturers use. OK-- Here's one!A buddy of mine had this ValveKing 112 that his cat used as a claw sharpening pole. I have played with the screen resistor value (as well as the cap) taking it down to 1M1 but just to take voltage readings.
I got lucky with parts, as I recently befriended a guy who repairs tube radios and builds amps. The best thing about that preamp is that it's very very quiet (noise wise), despite enormous amounts of gain.
It's really cool, and I feel like I saw it a year or two ago, but perhaps somebody just posted something with that graphic screened on it.
I wound up finding an old projector case & using a Supreaux Deux front end (thanks for the board, Basic Audio) into a Tiny Giant amp, using a 6x9 oval speaker.
The people who are set up to make many will be cheaper than those set up to make few.There are often people selling pre cut cabinets on ebay for relatively cheap.
With the 2M2 the screen's at ~19v (plate at 137v) then with the 1M1 the screen rose to ~30v and the plate dropped to ~86v.

The PT isn't as powerful as an actual Princeton (only about 280V for B+), but it still sounds great! Transformers and choke were aquired dirt-cheap as a set from a guy who was shutting up shop and clearing out his stock. Picture is not very good but poor light and blurry image conveniently hides the small flaws in the finishing.This was maybe too complicated for a first project (putting the tolex is not easy, especially in this style, it needs some practice), but i wanted something special and not that plain black tolex. I'm looking for quality tolexed cabinets but cheaper than can be purchased at the popular diy sites (ceriatone, mojotone, tubedepot, etc.)Any takers? Had the amp done for a while now tbh, cabs are always the thing that holds me back.From my research EF86 are very prone to becoming microphonic, especially new production (apparently they are garbage).
Didn't give it a listen at the time i was just interested in seeing how voltages were affected messing with the various screen resistor values. Lot's of good amp and cab building info to be found at Silvatone, be sure to check it out. Hopefully i get some better pictures soon when i finish the back panels and get a better camera (and if there is any good sunlight available before next summer).
Although we have only pictured 2x12 cabs, we can custom build 4x12, and 6x12 cabs with the same quality and craftsmanship as our 2x12 cabs.The cabs pictured above, are fitted with WGS retro 30's and Eminence man-o-war's.
Headshell involved my first ever use of a hand-held jigsaw and a 4U rack case that I wasn't using.
Either of these stacks produce (on average), 3-4 db more than a Marshall 1960A 4x12 loaded with celestion G12T-75's.
Choose your color of tolex covering and grille cloth for a custom designed cab you can call your own. Maybe with it being in a head now and on top of a cab the tube might see a bit more wear and tear.

The VVR and LP's Powerscaling circuits start out much the same but differ in how things are handle after the Mosfet.
Because of the output Z of pentodes they aren't very good at efficiently driving tonestacks. R4 is not part of either circuit so the raw b+ is connected to the mosfet drain and top of the 1M pot.
It's rated as a 26VA and plugging the amp into a Kill-a-watt meter shows the amp at pretty close to that level of power usage. You can always change cap values to suit your taste.Btw if you want to brighten the amp you might consider a small ceramic cap across the volume pot (22pF - 100pF).
Another thing I found with a recent build of mine is increasing the screen voltage on pentode preamp stages can really bring a stage to life.
I don't have a set up for doing finger joints like in the plan so i just routed rabbets into the side pieces for the top and bottom to fit into then added dowels through the top and bottom to reinforce the joints. Was down there today and hit a half dozen stores and came home with three different pieces of vinyl, 2 yards total and spent less then twenty dollars.
The one store i was in, new since last time shopping, easily had over a hundred different vinyls, a rainbow of colours, snakeskins, weaves, smooth  and various other textures, gave me a bad case of decision paralysis just in the one store.

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