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Open plan – The traditional kitchen area is enlarged to include the family room, a dining area, and other spaces for relaxing or entertaining. One wall – Also known as a galley kitchen, all cabinets and appliances are along a single wall. One of the principles of kitchen design is creating an efficient and comfortable pattern of movement through the kitchen.
Experts recommend that the work triangle should cover a route of no more than 26 feet, with no single leg of the triangle shorter than four feet or longer than nine feet. There are a couple things to consider with planning a well-designed work triangle; watch out for any triangle legs that may intersect an obstacle like an island, and make sure that no major traffic patterns cross through the work triangle. When designing your dream kitchen it is key to consider your storage space, along with ample countertop space. Custom Kitchen Cabinets With Island  – Using kitchen cabinets this way creates an area for a breakfast nook with the ability to pull up stools. The use kitchen cabinets to create islands or peninsulas can be the answer to all your space and organizational woes! Just like purchasing a new vehicle, there are upgrade options to consider when shopping for your new kitchen cabinets. Other construction upgrades can include all plywood construction, and custom depth cabinets.  Besides construction, upgrades there are cabinets accessories  that provide you with some “bell and whistle” qualities that can give your kitchen a custom and personalized look.
When looking to make your kitchen the most functional, we often think of looking at layout.  And layout is a great way to start, it truly is the foundation. A good layout is a balancing act and finding the “sweet spot” between storage, function, and aesthetics. It is critical that cabinetry be able to perform consistently over time and resist wear for many years. If you are interested in custom cabinet ideas for your home, go with an experienced Minnesota Custom Cabinetmaker. Choosing someone who will really listen to your ideas and offer you viable solutions is imperative. They will also have insights into how best use your space, tips for creating a functional and beautiful area, and ideas for stretching your budget as far as it will go. This entry was posted in Custom Cabinets, Custom Countertops, Custom Woodworking, Kitchen Cabinets and tagged custom cabinets mn, custom kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen countertops, kitchen design.
Cabinets are one from the major main points from the kitchen that can assist in options the imaginative tenor of the room. Most of your task may be to examine your own kitchen’s design and find out your beloved ones cooking techniques. If you want to reduce your charges and at the same time frame wish to have outstanding looking customized cabinets, you will need to set in some extra initiatives. Common cabinets are generally constructed of cheap substance, which is fundamentally not tough.
The next difficulty you could encounter with common cabinets is that their particular shelves generally can’t carry heavy fat.
Custom kitchen cabinets can change the kitchen, can assist in modernizing the design of your home and may also help you save money. Our quality craftsmen and team of woodworkers, backed by a knowledgeable sales staff and customer service department look forward to serving you.
Each of our custom cabinets are created just for your home using your choice of beautiful door styles, rich finishes, crown moldings, stylish hardware, hand-crafted decorative trims, and designer glass. Would you like to be added to our email list and get $1000 off your cabinet refacing order?
Our professional designers will come to your home and provide you a free 30-minute estimate.
Because we manufacture our cabinetry to the highest standards and use only the finest materials, we are confident that your family will have years of enjoyment from our quality cabinetry. Cherry has been very popular for furniture, flooring, doors, paneling and cabinetry since the early days of European colonization of the U.S.
Cherry has two inherent characteristics that make it desirable for use in furniture, cabinetry, etc. The second inherent characteristic of cherry that makes it desirable in the home is its tendency to darken over time when exposed to light. Cherry cabinetry will bring unique warmth to any kitchen, but it is particularly vibrant in a professional style kitchen with copper or stainless steel appliances, range hood, or other accents. The natural beauty and warmth of cherry kitchen cabinets are the main reason they are popular with so many people.
There is no denying that when home prices rise, kitchen remodeling becomes a smart investment again.
In many markets, exiting homes that offer the most desirable features become the object of bidding wars, even bidding up the price of a home by as much as 10 percent over the listing price. Many homeowners were understandably reluctant to invest in home remodeling during the recent economic crisis. With half of the top features buyers want in homes related to kitchen amenities and features, the first room of the house to consider remodeling must be the kitchen. A more important question for many homeowners is how a kitchen remodel will affect the price of the home at resale. HGTV estimates the impact on resale value of the home slightly higher at 80 – 105 percent of cost. In terms of remodeling an existing space, the kitchen is typically the most expensive room of the house to upgrade. There is another way to buy high quality cabinets, get exactly what you want, and get custom sizes and features.
Home prices are rising, making kitchen remodeling a very smart investment for those thinking about selling in a year or two. Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: affordable kitchen cabinets, cheap kitchen cabinets, cherry kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen, custom kitchen cabinetry, custom kitchen cabinets, customized cabinets, discount kitchen cabinets, inexpensive kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovation, new kitchen cabinets, top buyer wants in kitchens, wood kitchen cabinetsWhat is the Smartest Way to Buy Kitchen Cabinets?
March 6, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Nobody wants to spend more than necessary when building or remodeling.
May 2, 2011 by admin Leave a Comment Our custom kitchen cabinetry provides custom cabinetry at an affordable cost. To the great surprise of many homeowners, it is possible to remodel a kitchen with affordable custom kitchen cabinetry. A significant challenge in planning and designing a kitchen remodel is matching the project budget with the cost of all of the items you want to include.
Here is the secret you need to know to fill your remodeled kitchen with affordable custom kitchen cabinetry. We can help you plan your new kitchen cabinetry in a way that involves the least modification of your stock cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Value  will be able to evaluate all of the stock cabinetry options available to you.
We will also work with you to find or build the inserts needed to organize your drawers and to make everything in a cabinet easily accessible. When we complete our work and install your new cabinets, everyone will think you spent a fortune on your beautiful cabinets. We have purchasing agreements with cabinet manufacturers and distributors that further reduce the cost of your kitchen by allowing us to buy stock cabinets at a deep discount and pass the discount on to you. Country kitchen cabinets determine design in creating the distinctive character of each kitchen.
The primary characteristic of a country kitchen is flexibility, uniqueness, ease of use and comfort.
Selecting country kitchen cabinets can be great fun because you can truly express the character of your family or the nature of family life in your home. Cabinets are sometimes selected for elegance, in which cases, all of the cabinets will match in color.
The freedom in selecting country kitchen cabinets permits your unique personality to find expression and an opportunity to explore variations in door styles, knobs and drawer pulls and other touches that will make every kitchen unique.
When designing the layout of the room, a country kitchen generally includes many different specialty cabinets, drawers and cupboards to maximize space and function for the cook and for the entire family. The great freedom and flexibility presents the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge in kitchen design, especially if the remodeling budget is limited. Kitchen Cabinet Value works with high quality stock and semi-custom cabinets and customizes them to your specifications. Consider a hutch with glass door cabinets for displaying your keepsakes or china dinnerware, an appliance hutch for hiding small appliances on your countertop, roll out trays for base cabinets, integrated wastebaskets, corner shelves, and wine racks.
Get their professional advice on things that work, things that don’t work, and elements that people often forget or underestimate. There are continuous challenges and surprises with any remodel and you will be so glad that your contractor could think on his feet and come up with creative solutions that won’t blow your timeline or budget. The place where an individual cook is easily the most valued region in your home, which explains why it must be designed with the best accessories, appliances and also cabinetry.
Choosing custom kitchen cabinets over ready-made cabinets won’t improve your cooking food space, but additionally augment the value of your home. As per these kinds of factors, consider what you will wish to store in your own custom kitchen cabinet.
You have to perform thorough investigation or you can obtain average size cabinets and then select upgrades. There are many organizations available online by which you can get your selected design with wanted material. Our master craftsmen, with help from our Design staff, will assure that you receive the best possible service.
Cabinet Wholesalers can meet your needs no matter whether your style leans towards elegance  or simplicity, modern or rustic, Tuscan or county. We  hand-craft our custom cabinets using only select hardwoods and veneers, state-of-the-art hardware, old world construction techniques, and our multi-step, hand rubbed finish that brings out the wood’s beauty, warmth, and durability. Cabinet Wholesalers offers you a full-service remodeling experience. From design to installation, we are committed to providing you with the finest in custom cabinets, service, and support. We proudly offer you one of the best warranties in the industry, our Premium “Signature Line” 20 year Limited Warranty.
Cherry kitchen cabinets are a very popular choice in luxury homes and for high-end kitchen remodeling projects.
For this reason, cherry kitchen cabinets often are used for more design-intensive door styles and for unique carving and decorative moldings in custom cabinetry. In fact, when all of the characteristics of cherry are taken together, each set of kitchen cabinets takes on a particular personality. If a homeowner wants to create a truly unique and beautiful kitchen design, it is hard to beat cherry cabinetry.
During the last week, you might have heard that demand for existing homes is up about 22 percent (on average) from a year ago.
Not only is it a good time to sell, it is also a good time to remodel in anticipation of selling in the future.
However, as the demand for existing homes rebounds and prices increase due to low inventory, the investment in home remodeling begins to make far more sense.
There are also several ways to buy kitchen cabinets, including the pre-manufactured modular units now offered by some companies.
What is more, they can be installed in your kitchen, with granite countertops, for as much as 60 percent less than the cost of the custom cabinets you might want. With cabinet customization, you can have kitchen cabinets of higher value for lower cost, thus increasing the percentage of your investment you can recoup when you sell your home. The kitchen is typically the most expensive room of the house (or one of the most expensive). Your decision about buying cabinets for your home will factor in installation and assembly time and cost, prices, availability of what you want, your ability to work with standard cabinet sizes only, and the number of specialty cabinets or cabinets with organizational devices you need. Knock-down cabinets –You can usually take these least expensive cabinets home from the store on the day you purchase them. Custom cabinets – Custom cabinets have been the traditional way to get exactly what you want in your kitchen cabinetry.
Customized cabinets – By choosing the semi-custom or stock cabinets you want and engaging a good cabinetmaker to customize them, you can create the kitchen you want without paying the price of custom cabinets. The price includes 8 feet of upper and lower cabinets for $1750; these retail for over $4,000. The phrase itself seems to be a contradiction in terms – affordable combined with custom cabinetry. Custom kitchen cabinetry is commonly the first desire homeowners must sacrifice in the struggle to keep the project on budget. Work with a very good local cabinetmaker to design your remodel and have your cabinetmaker customize high quality stock cabinets to meet your needs. Next, we will work with you to determine the best places for cabinets you want modified in some way. What’s more, you will have unique specialty cabinets designed to meet your particular needs and wants.
You never need to tell your friends and neighbors that you actually paid about the same amount for your customized cabinets as they paid for lower quality stock cabinets.
This offers the freedom to express personal style and taste, to design something truly unique and to ensure the greatest functionality. More commonly there will be at least one major piece of cabinetry made of a different wood or painted a different color. Beadboard panel, square raised panel, beaded frame and panel, reveal overlay-panel and frame, and panel are very popular cabinet door style choices.

Glass panel vegetable bins combine very nicely with specially fitted pull out spice shelves, refrigerated drawers, warming ovens, wine coolers and storage units. We can often create the country kitchen you want at about the cost of some semi-custom cabinetry. Kitchen Cabinet Value can save you time, money and provide exactly what you want in your kitchen. From Arts & Crafts or Shaker to Art Deco and Victorian, only a master cabinetmaker, like Dale Barnard, can create exceptional cabinets with authentic details. It will cost you more money, but they will able to squeeze every square inch out of very complicated spaces and ideas for stretching your budget as far as it will go.
If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, one thing to be taken care of is the custom kitchen cabinets. Even if you’re tempted from the ready-made cabinetry, it is usually best to choose custom cabinets for the kitchen and home.
Self-installation is not suggested because you will have to make different holes with regard to wiring, plumbing related and deal with other location troubles additionally. Specialists can create a cabinet system which exactly matches your kitchen and also manages all of your specific storage specifications. A few companies provide an individual developer to help you pick the best custom kitchen cabinets for your home. Even after your custom cabinets are installed, Cabinet Wholesalers continues to service your family through our  premium warranty.
Contact us at (714) 693-1111 or online for a free 30-minute custom kitchen cabinet estimate in your home. Or if you prefer to see for yourself the quality difference we can offer, come visit our kitchen showrooms in Anaheim today. The price of cherry wood may be a factor in the selection of cherry for these homes, yet the beauty of cherry, as well as its versatility and durability are clearly the primary considerations in the choice.
Cherry is popular in homes because its color, grain, and propensity for unique curls, streaks, patterns and even an occasional pin knot.
However, the natural grain and beauty of the wood also can be showcased in the simpler or more contemporary cabinet door styles.
This is a highly desirable characteristic in a custom kitchen design when creating something unique is a primary goal.
By working with your cabinetmaker, you can choose special pieces of cherry wood that offer unique characteristics – pin knots, grain, etc.
The process, called customization, takes high quality cabinets in standard sizes and a cabinetmaker resizes them to specification. You can increase the value of your home and increase the amount of the remodeling cost you will recoup when you sell your home. Choices will be limited to a few styles and finishes (usually the most popular at the time). As the name implies, you can have anything you want in your cabinets – any wood or material, any finish, any style, any accessories, and any sizes.
Knowing the secret of how to find affordable custom kitchen cabinetry, however, permits you to fill your renovated kitchen with the beauty, durability and flexibility of high-end custom cabinetry for about the cost of stock cabinets in most home improvement stores. All of the reasons you have for believing you need custom kitchen cabinetry can be built by a good cabinetmaker with high-end stock cabinets.
Then we will take your stock cabinets to our workshop and customize them into the custom kitchen cabinetry you thought was only a dream. You will be able to make your selection with full knowledge of the cost of having the cabinets customized for your remodel. When installed, nobody who sees your cabinets will know you did not spend a fortune on custom kitchen cabinetry. You can achieve this kind of savings when you remodel or renovate because you know the secret of buying affordable custom kitchen cabinetry.
Whether this feeling comes from memories of a grandmother’s (or great-grandmother’s) kitchen or the style itself, the single design element that defines any kitchen will be the combination of cabinets.
Kitchens are typically the place where the family gathers and where friends and family are entertained. At an affordable price, you can have the high-quality cabinet styles you want and have them customized to serve specific purposes and make a specific contribution to the total design of your kitchen. The kitchen has become the go-to-gathering spot; the main place for family and friends, a place for entertaining, and so much more. Kitchen cabinets used in this manner instantly increases seating space, which is ideal since kitchens are typically gathering places. An emerging trend in countertops is to mix and match materials to create a unique combination of colors, textures, and functions.
Any kitchen designer or perhaps an architect will help you in deciding what’s right at the proper time. You can find the actual custom kitchen cabinetry made from wooden, metal and plastic-type material. Each of these features makes the cherry wood selected for a particular piece of furniture, etc.
Of those remodeling in April, 54 percent said their reason for remodeling was to increase the value of their homes.
They can also be fitted with organizational inserts, customized for refrigerated drawers, and used to create unique units for special items. Whether you want to save time, save money or find a way to add specialized cabinets and organizational devices without going over budget, it is important to explore your options. They are available only in standard sizes and will have little, if any, customization and typically do not include organizers.
The cabinetmaker then modifies the cabinets (invisibly) to the custom sizes you need and adds the accessories, organizers, and specialty cabinets and drawers you want.
This is particularly true with today’s popular open floor plans and great room designs.  Because your kitchen plays such an important part of your home, there are a few things to consider in your planning process. Protective finishes and waxes are typically applied to achieve either a matte or a glossy finish and to protect the wood. Hardwoods, a good quality finish, strong cabinet hinges and cabinet hardware are essential. A lot of companies also provide warranty programs with the purchase of customized cabinets. A protective finish is especially appropriate in the kitchen due to potential effects of heat and steam. This kind of companies may also be accessible to fix any queries you could have in the future.

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