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Aside from the fact that this is an awesome looking kitchen, it’s also one of the first completed kitchens to feature our own custom doors so we’re pretty excited to show it off! The old kitchen was certainly not very inspiring!  This remodel actually ended up being pretty extensive.  To achieve the design the customer wanted, we ended up taking out both walls, and moving the whole kitchen into the dining room. If you’re interested in ordering custom doors for your IKEA kitchen, feel free to contact us!  We offer a full range of wood and mad-made materials, and offer custom doors, panels and drawer fronts for IKEA’s Akurum and Sektion cabinets!  Click here to see our full catalog! The island is a single Carrera white marble jumbo slab, back counter-tops are white quartz. I love before and after shots!  Can you believe this is even the same apartment?!  Seriously, what a transformation, and I’m sure nobody’s missing those pink countertops right now!
Out with the old, and in with the new!  In the old kitchen, Andrei would have been standing behind a wall, and in the middle of the peninsula.  This new kitchen design has so much more room!
Earlier this year, I was contacted by a couple on Bainbridge Island to help them remodel their kitchen.  They had been wanting to remodel their kitchen for some time, but were finally pushed into it when their dishwasher caught fire, and ruined their kitchen!

After calling in specialists to clean up the smoke residue, they were able to assess the damage:  the countertop and cabinets around the dishwasher were damaged and because of all the smoke, the electronics in their range were ruined, so by the time I came on the scene, their kitchen was somewhat functional, except they were reduced to cooking their meals on a hot-plate.
Using tongue and groove cedar paneling on the ceiling is a common feature in mid-century design, and utilizing it here not only accentuates the look, but adds warmth and dimension to the room.  This along with the beautiful custom doors totally nailed the look our customers were after. One feature we carried over from the old kitchen is the open shelves on the back of the peninsula.  This was a simple addition using matching panels from the same material.
This end result:  A warm inviting kitchen which our customers love to spend time in, and which we are proud to have built!
These doors were purchased from Semihandmade, but you could also purchase them from us, through out sister company: Unhinged Custom Doors! There are famous manufacturers create custom cabinet doors such as Lakeside Moulding, Scherrs and Fast Cabinet. I fell upon your website while researching ideas for our own renovation (we live in San Diego, CA).

We are about to install an IKEA kitchen with a similar scale island and wondered about the supports you used to prop up the carrera (also what we’ve chosen).
It is very similar to what I have in mind already therefore so helpful to help me visualize our own kitchen. We will be using the new Brokhult (Sofielund) fronts with Ringhult (Abstrakt) sides as well as wrapping all the upper horizontal cabinet with it. I want wood flooring with this IKEA kitchen and not many look good, but yours does – so please let me know!

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