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Aside from the fact that this is an awesome looking kitchen, it’s also one of the first completed kitchens to feature our own custom doors so we’re pretty excited to show it off!
The old kitchen was certainly not very inspiring!  This remodel actually ended up being pretty extensive.  To achieve the design the customer wanted, we ended up taking out both walls, and moving the whole kitchen into the dining room. If you’re interested in ordering custom doors for your IKEA kitchen, feel free to contact us!  We offer a full range of wood and mad-made materials, and offer custom doors, panels and drawer fronts for IKEA’s Akurum and Sektion cabinets!  Click here to see our full catalog!
The island is a single Carrera white marble jumbo slab, back counter-tops are white quartz. Earlier this year, I was contacted by a couple on Bainbridge Island to help them remodel their kitchen.  They had been wanting to remodel their kitchen for some time, but were finally pushed into it when their dishwasher caught fire, and ruined their kitchen! After calling in specialists to clean up the smoke residue, they were able to assess the damage:  the countertop and cabinets around the dishwasher were damaged and because of all the smoke, the electronics in their range were ruined, so by the time I came on the scene, their kitchen was somewhat functional, except they were reduced to cooking their meals on a hot-plate.
Using tongue and groove cedar paneling on the ceiling is a common feature in mid-century design, and utilizing it here not only accentuates the look, but adds warmth and dimension to the room.  This along with the beautiful custom doors totally nailed the look our customers were after. One feature we carried over from the old kitchen is the open shelves on the back of the peninsula.  This was a simple addition using matching panels from the same material. This end result:  A warm inviting kitchen which our customers love to spend time in, and which we are proud to have built! These doors were purchased from Semihandmade, but you could also purchase them from us, through out sister company: Unhinged Custom Doors! I love before and after shots!  Can you believe this is even the same apartment?!  Seriously, what a transformation, and I’m sure nobody’s missing those pink countertops right now!
Out with the old, and in with the new!  In the old kitchen, Andrei would have been standing behind a wall, and in the middle of the peninsula.  This new kitchen design has so much more room!
You are viewing a limited version of the website due to your browser, an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. A one-room retreat outside Providence, Rhode Island, takes up no more space than a standard two-car garage. An artist by trade, and gardener by passion, Allison Paschke commissioned Providence-based architecture firm 3SIXO to build a modest cottage that would allow her to reconnect with nature. Sited on a 12-acre lot, the structure peaks at 25 feet at its tallest points, providing spatial balance to its compact, 530-square-foot footprint. Throughout the home, windows by Pella and sliding doors optimize passive cooling and solar gain. The rural landscape of Foster, Rhode Island, a town 30 minutes west of Providence by car, is farmland reclaimed by trees.
To design the structure, Paschke enlisted the expertise of Providence-based architecture firm 3SIXO, a studio she had previously worked with on a loft renovation.

Chris Bardt, a founding partner (along with Kyna Leski) of 3SIXO, and Jack Ryan, a senior associate at the firm and the project architect, collaborated closely with Paschke to refine her idea of a house that would offer a connection with the land while still providing a sense of security. Bardt and Ryan started with a 25-foot cube for the house’s volume, which gave the space enough height to balance the compact floor plan. The house’s formal “front door” ushers visitors through a low-slung entry that opens to a soaring interior—a classic architectural trick borrowed from Frank Lloyd Wright that pumps up the spatial drama. Since the cottage is a second home, Paschke didn’t want anything to be burdensome or require a lot of upkeep. Paschke and her husband visit the cottage on weekends, so Ryan incorporated a few drawers under the bed to stow things away.
While the cottage certainly met and exceeded Paschke’s request for a modest rural retreat, it also offered Bardt and Ryan an avenue to explore the potential of their profession. The Philadelphia artist takes over MASS MoCA with the immersive neon-lit installation "Free Roses" and a contemporary spin on Pop art interiors. In celebration of our annual issue devoted to kitchens and baths, we did a lap of Instagram for some extra inspiration. In a quiet corner of the famed Spanish party island, rug designer Nani Marquina and photographer Albert Font have carved out a serene, site-sensitive home.
When a traditional architectural style meets handmade details, the result is a quietly modern retreat.
In upstate New York, two families unite to design a vacation house that will suit all their needs for years to come.
Two families in Padua, Italy, combine forces—and resources—to build a pair of matching houses. Our doors fit kea's  new Sektion line of cabinets and we also still make doors to the older Akurum cabinet frames. A striking contrast of the our doors and the wolf stainless range, refrigerator and even the ikea handles. Contact us about your free IKEA Door bid and let us know what type of wood, paint or laminate you would like. There are famous manufacturers create custom cabinet doors such as Lakeside Moulding, Scherrs and Fast Cabinet. I fell upon your website while researching ideas for our own renovation (we live in San Diego, CA). We are about to install an IKEA kitchen with a similar scale island and wondered about the supports you used to prop up the carrera (also what we’ve chosen). For full website functionality, please upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer 9 (or greater), Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

After the area was clear-cut and mainly used for agriculture a century ago, nature has slowly regenerated a sylvan blanket over its gently rolling hills. While she enjoys living in the city, she yearned for a place where she could commune with nature. “I brought them this rather, in retrospect, idiotic drawing,” she says of an early meeting with the architects. A number of design decisions informed its faceted roofline: window placement, the desire to create views from the sleeping nook, the positioning of the skylight, and the integration of the chimney with the overall shape (a design detail worked out in a series of cardboard models). With the kitchen, living-dining area, and sleeping nook all in one room, Ryan and Bardt played a delicate balancing act to ensure the house felt consistent. The floors and built-ins are made from Douglas fir, plaster surrounds the fireplace, and the bathroom features dark tile and a slate vanity. Appliances are basic and small (she passed on a dishwasher to err on the side of simplicity), a ladder is used to access a loft above the kitchen, and nothing is elaborate.
We've had hinges on the doors break off and not be able to attach back because the particle board is beyond repair. It is very similar to what I have in mind already therefore so helpful to help me visualize our own kitchen. It’s there that artist Allison Paschke decided to build a 530-square-foot retreat from the urban thrum. Lastly, the architects clad the entire structure in the same material, Alaskan yellow shakes, which determined the necessary minimum roof pitch. The architects established an eight-foot-tall datum for the built elements, based on standard measurements of off-the-shelf windows and doors, to help keep costs in check. The walls and ceilings are made from narrow wood planks set slightly apart to allow for seasonal expansion.
The house has aptly placed windows and is oriented to optimize passive cooling and solar gain. We had a leak under our kitchen sink and now the bottom cabinet is warped (although I think this could happen with any cabinetry if enough water leaked). We will be using the new Brokhult (Sofielund) fronts with Ringhult (Abstrakt) sides as well as wrapping all the upper horizontal cabinet with it.
I want wood flooring with this IKEA kitchen and not many look good, but yours does – so please let me know! For example, it would not make sense to put ikea cabinets in a home worth over a certain price point.

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