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Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Darryn's Custom Cabinets serving Southern California counties.
Custom Cabinets for Kitchens & Bathrooms are the specialty of Darryn's Custom Cabinets. This unique bird cage was part of the kitchen design built to reflect the same craftsmanship. This kitchen was completely transformed into what looked like a brand new contemporary kitchen without the headache or the cost of a complete remodel.
We replaced the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with natural bamboo materials in slab form with slightly rounded edges, with Blum hinges used to affix the new doors.
Aside from the fact that this is an awesome looking kitchen, it’s also one of the first completed kitchens to feature our own custom doors so we’re pretty excited to show it off! The old kitchen was certainly not very inspiring!  This remodel actually ended up being pretty extensive.  To achieve the design the customer wanted, we ended up taking out both walls, and moving the whole kitchen into the dining room.

If you’re interested in ordering custom doors for your IKEA kitchen, feel free to contact us!  We offer a full range of wood and mad-made materials, and offer custom doors, panels and drawer fronts for IKEA’s Akurum and Sektion cabinets!  Click here to see our full catalog!
The island is a single Carrera white marble jumbo slab, back counter-tops are white quartz. If you have an idea let us help you, or we can come up with a distinctive design for your unique space. This was accomplished by refacing the existing kitchen cabinets with natural bamboo material and matching veneer – the process was complete with just 3 days at the customer’s home! To further liven up the kitchen we replaced some of the solid oak doors with glass bamboo doors – small trim pieces were incorporated over the front of the inside shelves that would now be exposed through the glass. I fell upon your website while researching ideas for our own renovation (we live in San Diego, CA).
We are about to install an IKEA kitchen with a similar scale island and wondered about the supports you used to prop up the carrera (also what we’ve chosen).

The cabinet side panels and face frame were covered with natural bamboo veneer material after the existing material was thoroughly cleaned and sanded for maximum bonding with the new adhesives. It is very similar to what I have in mind already therefore so helpful to help me visualize our own kitchen. Final effects were incorporated in the form of solid bamboo mouldings underneath the counter on the living room side and throughout the kitchen over the upper cabinets. We will be using the new Brokhult (Sofielund) fronts with Ringhult (Abstrakt) sides as well as wrapping all the upper horizontal cabinet with it.
I want wood flooring with this IKEA kitchen and not many look good, but yours does – so please let me know!

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