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A wooden corner desk is a perfect item that an office must have especially if you have a small office. Wooden home office furniture is also a great way to hold up your computer and other supporting gadgets like a printer, a scanner, and speakers. Many people choose wood as the material for the furniture they use including a wooden corner desk units. Warren Timbers, a solid Oregon furniture manufacturing company situated in Koringberg, Western Cape area. We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of solid wood furniture to suit all needs using only the finest quality oregon pine, oak, blackwood, railway sleepers and pine. If there is anything we can be of help with on your enquiry or for a no obligation quote please CONTACT US with your enquiries. Christine, the owner, came to me with an incredible vision for how she wanted her space to look. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Placing at the corner, this desk will save space so your office will still have more space to hold other things. Usually this kind of desk is in the shape of L desk since it is placed on the corner of the wall. Nowadays, you can find wood tables in many designs and styles including a wooden corner table in many furniture stores. The items of solid oregon furniture you will view on this site are representative of the custom made furniture we manufacture. Our clients include home owners, restaurants and guesthouses in the Koringberg, Malmesbury, Worchester, West Coast and Cape Town areas.
All in all, there was a reception desk, six octagonal accent tables, two countertops, three wall shelves, and a bathroom sign made from solid walnut. A wooden corner desk with hutch is also functional since it usually comes with some drawers, shelves and even racks for CDs.
The price ranges from cheap prices until the expensive ones including the model and types of woods.

The work looks even better in person, so make an appointment at La Tira and see for yourself! With storage coming with the desk, this wood corner desk also helps you to minimize the clutter, You can simply put small things like pen, papers, CDs, etc in the drawer and CD racks. In one side you can use the wooden corner desk to do computing tasks, and you can do another activity on another side. For more long-lasting use, you can choose a wooden corner desk made of mahogany, cherry, or oak. A great idea is to place this desk near a window so whenever you sit on the desk you can see a beautiful view. Buying this kind of table is like investing your money in a piece of functional furniture for your home and office.

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