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As always, the first step is to cut out all of your pieces according to the cutting layout (included in the PDF plan at the end). All of the trim pieces can then be cut and fit to the inside and outside of the top perimeter. With a stable platform for the top most frame to sit on I built the top frame and secured it with glue and brads. I added the base trim the same way as the top trim, filled all the nail holes, and started sanding.
You could just leave it painted if you want but I wanted to add a layer of protection on top of the paint. This client wanted a classy oak toy box for their daughter, but was concerned about the child safety aspect of the wooden lid. All rights reserved.All designs are copyright of Heather Cwynar and Camille Love Designs and cannot be reproduced without their express written consent.

For this toy box I only used a circular saw and a miter saw to cut my parts and a Kreg Jig and a brad nailer for assembly. Moving this homemade setup repeatedly was a bit of a pain in the rear but no where near as annoying as breathing in all that MDF dust.
Securing the two short sides to the front and back and then flipping the assembly to attach the back. If you would like to show your thanks please consider using the donate button at the bottom of this page.
So, still wanting to keep the project wood for esthetic reasons, I devised a safety latch that would prevent the lid from closing until the latch was released. After they had enough time to dry I sanded them and used my dust collection hose to better control the dust. In order to Facilitate easy movement of the box, especially if loaded with toys (or even their daughter!), I mounted large, easy glide casters on the bottom and large wooden handles for easy handling.

The original idea was to make a Dukes of Hazard toy box but I wasn’t feeling too confident on the numbers so I just left it orange and white.
The latch on the front serves both as a handle to open the lid as well as a hasp to allow the box to be locked.Their daughter loves it and is fond of wheeling it around. This allows the saw to reference off of a straight edge to create a perfectly straight cut every time. I didn’t have the option to cut outside so I rigged up a dust collection hose to mine to better control the airborne dust in my shop.
You could even use the circular saw to make all of your cross cuts on the trim pieces if you want to.

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