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High end sofas with choice of style and material as well as Name brand mattresses, Home Decor items, Lamps, & Accessories.
Knock on Wood Furniture is your one-location only, handcrafted solid wood furniture super store. Wood Land Unfinished Furniture’s custom-made entertainment centers are designed to neatly organize all of your home entertainment equipment in an attractive piece of the finest quality furniture. When creating your unique piece of furniture, you have complete say in its design, wood choice, and its look, stain, and finish. Our MissionOur mission is to craft long lasting furnishings that are one of a kind and can remain in a family for generations.
Glenn Furniture manufactures and sells custom wood furniture, wood crafts, wood carvings, Teak outdoor furniture, boats, pergola, gazebos, doors, windows, shutters, modular housing and much more. Have you ever cooked a 5 star meal for that super important guest only to have the after dinner conversation or lack of give everyone indigestion.
Whether you are a bank executive or just sitting up a home office we have a design for you.
If you desire something unusual and special, then cruise our galleries (both sold and available) to see what our inspiration, philosophy, and creative thought has produced.
We believe our pieces can function at an art level because they address issues, explore concepts and express thoughts. At home, I did some calculations and determined the piece weighed over 272 kg (600 pounds)! After a week at the Milan Furniture Fair looking at beautiful ultramodern pieces, I was equally impressed with the furniture from the 1700s. All the furniture seemed to be gilded, carved, lacquered in colors, with trompe l’oeil painting or all of the above.
Birch bark is a material that has been used by people on several continents since prehistoric times. The table would be stunning in an entry or as a display table for another piece of artwork.
I named this table after Pierre Gaultier de Varennes, sieur de La Verendrye, a Canadian explorer who ventured farther west than any previous European explorer had.
This is an outstanding example of handcrafted wooden furniture made from reclaimed wood by INAKA. As Consumer Choice Award winning business, we offer wide selection of furniture items, professional delivery service, as well as custom furniture design and manufacturing. No matter what your budget, space, and component requirements are, Wood Land Unfinished Furniture works with you through every stage of the design, crafting, and finishing process.
Glenn builds kitchen cabinets, office furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom vanities, living room furniture, dining furniture, home furnishings for indoor and outdoor. Our custom carved dining room furniture will fill the mind and eyes with awe while your food satisfies the body. We have taken the ideas of the past and present and combined with our clients own unique interest to bring that luxury to anyone whom wants it.

We are ready to help you design any special type of shelf or storage for your own unique kitchen operation. Our solid wood bathroom vanities can be custom fit to the size of space you have available.
Our designers will take your space and turn it into a place to help you feel like the richest person in the world. With our unique carvings you can add wood carved panels to an existing home or incorporate our custom hand made decor into your new home. Our artisans can sculpture you a unique statue to stand in front of your home or add conversation to your living area..
Original hand carved wood sculptures, custom woodcarvings, relief's and hand carved wood signs. We both enjoy the challenge and reward of translating your interests and lifestyle into a commissioned piece that reflects you. The sides are lightened by catenary arches distinctive of Moghul architecture and refer back to the shape of the pillars.
This unique handmade wooden chess table with its matching pieces would be an outstanding highlight in any room and an asset to any home.
We cut a 1.2 meter (4 foot) length from its trunk, but Reg and I could not even lever it onto the trailer.
I am happy to report that the table, although still quite heavy, can now be taken apart and moved by one person. However, the museum staff was a bit disconcerted to see me on the floor examining the underside of furniture to see how the 18th century artisans built their masterpieces!
The overall lines of the Renaissance and Baroque furniture inspired this much simpler version in elm.
They planted several maples around the turn of the 20th century in hopes of realizing sugar production from them.
This unique contemporary handcrafted studio wood table with glass top would be a highly desirable asset to any home. We also provide professional guidance as to the appearance you wish to create, whether it is an antiquing or distressing effect, an antique wax look, or some other specialty finish.
With plenty of storage room and drawers that are equipped with slides this is a true eye catcher that also is very functional. Great rustic look for the den or where ever you have the need for that one a kind custom rustic look. Handles are real deer antler. Please contact me if you wish to have one built to your specs.
Glenn Furniture is owned and managed by world renowned artist and furniture designer, Glenn Madden. When you cannot find exactly what you need in a store box then let us help you where size does matter. Our hand carved decor will make you feel like never leaving your bathroom custom made for you..

We can do doors, wall carvings library panels and other architectural elements to make home a true castle. High quality custom designed handmade wood furniture is a reflection of the owner as well as of the artist. We had to go and find someone with a front end loader to lift it into the trailer so we could transport it to my sawyer to be cut.
Low enough for a coffee table, high enough for extra seating at the foot of your bed the Manitoba maple wood with a natural finish lightens the appearance of the wide boards used for the base.
The care with which it must be acquired and processed makes it as valuable as full-grain leather. I counted 284 rings on the trunk, so I like to think that Pierre had touched it, along with all his dreams. When the family started to specialize in crop production, the trees were forgotten until a subsequent buyer wanted to clear more land, and started bulldozing them down and burning them. From training assistance to instructional videos, our experts are available to help you in every phase of your project. My custom cedar tables and chairs have been in bars and restaurants for many year and I’m happy to say they have performed very well. This cedar one of a kind conversational rocking horse would look great on your deck and is truly a one of a kind custom working rocking horse.
Each piece is assembled of the highest quality and designed best to reflect your own personal character.
The stools can also be used as side tables, but are sturdy enough to stand upon and declare your victory! Being so tall, it appears that the legs are skewed, but in fact they are perpendicular to the top.
Almost 400 birch bark parallelograms were formed into hexagons which appear as cubes to achieve the effect.
He didn’t find it, but I like to think that perhaps he stopped and camped near this oak, tying his food to it and starting the bend that resulted in the U-shaped trunk. A Glenn designer will assist you to design your own furniture for your home decorating needs from modern contemporary to rustic designs.
Dyed birch bark makes up the background and top of the table with the bark tessellations left their natural color.
Please contact me for more information on any size custom one of a kind cedar rocking horse.

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