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Windows 7 (not necessarily, but Vista’s behavior with all this I don’t know & XP is too old. This is a full fledged System Information gadget & probably the best looking out there when it comes to gadgets, why?
This is the gadget that comes bundled with Windows 7, unlike the one in Vista, this one does work & shows my city’s weather. Note: If you’re using iTunes on Windows, Rainmeter will crash when you try to extend your desktop.
The Clock worked perfectly fine before, but now there’s a slight problem with the display?
Reading as a hobby is an answer to only make me sound cool (and this can be attributed to the academic books that I have been subjected to).

I cover Indian IT for ZDNet, write about technology for Techie Buzz and irregularly do a podcast called Microsoft Talk.
As almost all of the wallpapers are available in up to 1920x1200, it's pretty easy to make a non-widescreen version out of it. If you've come here in search of replacement capacitors or repair services, please use the links above. My home system has the old time tavern scene from the credit screen of Diablo1, has been that for the last 15+ years. By the way, even though I added the faces and all that, I'm not sure who took the pic, so credit for that goes to whoever that may be. And when I say customize I mean not just change wallpaper & the theme (I’ve been doing that a lot).

I cant seen to get the Rainmeter task bar or the notes bar (right hand side of screen) to disappear.
As far as pictures go, I have a quite a few from the internet that I use as wallpapers and many of my own photography as well. BTW, Sorry for the gay title but I spent more than an hour after finishing the whole guide to think but couldn’t find anything better.
The original script was found on lifehacker, but then this one had a lot of issues, properties kept overlapping & I didn’t like the color.

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