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She has 3 pictures the AZ temple, a Picture of Pres Monson and one of Christ, BUT I do believe the picture of Christ is Copyrighted so you really should not copy it. Either way are doing these plaques at our Fabulous Friday this year,with the first 2 pictures but we wanted a few other options so I made up a few more! Also, I was not sure what size the wood was, I am thinking looking at it that they are made for a 4 x 6 image, at Hobby Lobby they have a wooden plaque with a routed edge for only 99 cents. Also there are a images on this site that could work, YW handouts with quotes, VT handouts etc, so make sure you you look around. You could just go to my download area, and look through that way, it might be the best way.

I the images I offer have a high enough resolution (3720 x 2520) for a larger then 4 x 6 print, BUT they are sized for 4 x 6 print, so they will need to be trimed up a bit if you are printing in a 5 x 7 size. If you find something that is copyrighted or you know who came up with the idea, please let me know and I will give the proper credit or take it off. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!
Hey guys!I am in the middle of redoing my little guy’s room, as many of you may know. Was on the hobby lobby website… could you tell me what size (inches) in height those letters are?

I am curious about the Vaseline trick and what the chipped look is BridgetIt was the perfect addition to the room!

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