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Built by Adolph Otte, this Dutch Gabrel style dairy barn was constructed in 1935 for Anthony W. A concrete manifestation of Cornell’s commitment to food science and animal husbandry, the Teaching Dairy Barn has a symbolic value too, says Scott Erdy, a principal of Erdy McHenry Architecture, the Philadelphia-based firm that designed the structure.
A DeLaval milking unit, which automatically removes the device from the udder when milk flow drops below 1.5 pounds per minute.
The milking parlor, where students Allison Vander Plaats and Matt Fortin prep cows for service.
The terms “Ivy League” and “farm” sound like odd companions, but Cornell’s relationship with farms, cows and soil runs deep. Unsullied by pigeons and starlings, the 185 Holsteins currently enrolled in the barn enjoy several superior amenities.
The most obvious perks, to non-bovine sensibilities, are the electronic back-scratching devices. Students, like farmers, do not habitually make pets of cows — doing so would inevitably lead to heartbreak.
Farms must remember that  pre-review  requires the submission of  plans in advance of April 28th to allow ample time for review and revisions. At least, that would seem to be the case as you watch Carolyn Kokko, a Cornell University graduate student, cheerfully driving a Bobcat utility tractor and using its scoop attachment to muck out lanes between rows of cow stalls in the school’s new Teaching Dairy Barn. The smart unit identifi es cows by their ID number, and can keep track of how much milk the cow produces on average.

At the point where the cow stalls meet the “milking parlor,” the structure angles slightly to the northwest to conform to the topography, giving the barn further modernist panache. The school — located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, outside the city of Ithaca — was founded in 1865 as a state-sponsored land-grant college.
These consist of large, rounded nylon brushheads — which look like one end of a personal shoe-buffer — mounted on an armature.
Anne Borkowski — like Kokko, a graduate student of veterinary medicine — moves easily among the cows. Funds donated by Commonwealth Dairy to the VT Housing and Conservation Board will support the grants program. The twin planes of the sweeping, ribbed-metal roof have a dramatic offset — a space filled by clerestory windows (above eye level) facing the southern exposure. Inside, laminated plywood trusses that support the roof have been engineered to follow the lines of the ceiling. Government support carried with it a mandate to make agricultural studies a key part of the curriculum.
When a cow roams over to the machines, the brushes automatically engage and rub the animal’s back and flanks. When the animal is attached to a milking machine, a computer registers the cow’s identity and notes whether or not she is producing her standard amount of milk. The barn is “oriented so that the open walls catch the prevailing winds and maximize ventilation,” Erdy says.

The design prevents birds — which are vectors for disease and can also consume huge amounts of feed — from finding places to perch, as they would among the rafters in a traditional “webbed” truss barn. The university was built on farmland donated by Ezra Cornell (who also endowed the school), and milk produced on campus has long nourished Phi Beta Kappa brains. The areas between the stalls are roomier than in most barns, and the cows are never tied in place. Far from being dumb, “the cows figured the back-scratchers out for themselves,” says Guard. She’s kind of old, and follows me around,” she says, arriving at the stall where cow #1066 lies. Farm applicants will be required to submit a business plan with their application for the grant and UVM Extension Farm Viability will be available to provide pre-review of  business plans before they are  submitted with  applications. 1 priority,” says Chuck Guard, a professor of veterinary medicine who oversees the facility, which opened in the autumn of 2012. The cows give so much milk they are milked three times daily, with half the milk staying on campus when school is in session and the rest going to a regional dairy co-op.

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