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I bought the David Barron Dovetail Guide last summer when I ordered a couple other things from David. I tried it out to get the hang of it on some scrap and then moved right into cutting the dovetails on my Tommy Mac Tool Chest.
Before I bought this guide I tried out the LV guide which I found painful to use with its screw attachment which required a pile of fiddling to make every cut. I cannot emphasize enough how easy this makes cutting dovetails, combined with a nice set of chisels anyone can makes nice dovetailed projects.
I was looking on his website and didn’t see any place that you can order one of the guides. Because of shipping variations and I think the size of his operation, you can email him and he will confirm the total via email. He also makes a dovetail alignment board which makes it easier to transfer the lines from tails to pins (or vice versa if you are so inclined) .

Also I purchased a small ebony palm smoothing plane from David which is a beautiful tool to use and look at. As I mentioned in the review, the Veritas dovetail guide is a challenge to use, getting it positioned for a cut takes some work.
I have to make one of those alignment boards since David won’t ship the one he makes, it can really help with ensuring the pieces are at 90 degrees when doing layout which is a challenge with long narrow pieces like drawer bits.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. The fact that this was my first dovetail project ever in carcase construction is a testament to how easy this guide its to get used to. The DB guide has a sandpaper type back that holds it in place while cutting and a strong rare earth magnet to hold the saw. This was shown in an issue of Furniture and Cabinetmaker with instructions on how to build one.

As long as you pay attention to alignment and are meticulous in cleaning out the waste material this makes easy work of cutting dovetails. You can use a dovetail saw,but David recommends a Japanese saw which cuts a very thin kerf and is effortless in even the hardest of woods, I tried both and agree that the Japanese saw is the way to go. I made some drawers (draws to you) today, and all you need is a small mark on the side piece, drop the guide in place and start cutting, could not be much easier.

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