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A Closer look at the Kohjinsha SR8: Worlds smallest netbook with an integrated DVD-RW Drive. Here is my near completed Hoverboard display that I started working on over a year ago and just finally got around to get working right.A  The board actually uses magnets to achieve levitation just like in the Back to the Future movies.
It seems that a Japanese coder has released USB Windows drivers for the Playstation 3a€™s Dualshock3 controllers. Fresh off the boat from Japan is the Kohjinsha SR8 7in netbook, the worlda€™s smallest netbook with an integrated DVD writer!
UPDATED: It seems the iPhone Linux Team has made enough progress to successfully load an older version of Debian Linux on to the iPhone. After pretty much breaking my new Acer Aspire One last week (from carless soldering while trying to install a touch screen) it is only typical that just today a solderless version has been released on ebay.
Herea€™s some info for anyone who wants to add a little more fun and functionality to their boring old TI graphing calculator. Tables containing long field data or long object data, such as multimedia objects, exist in one or many long tablespaces. Temporary tablespaces are used by the database manager during SQL operations for holding transient data such as immediate tables during sort operations, reorganizing tables, creating indexes, and joining tables. Allan Tham works as a DB2 Content Manager Technical Presales Support for Business Partners.
CREATE DATABASE commandDB2 Instance Name - The name of the DB2 Instance ownerNODE0000 - The partition number of the database. Applications Manager DB2 Server Monitoring capability helps database administrators (DBAs) monitor the availability and performance of production databases.
The database monitoring tool provides a web client that helps you to visualize the network of DB2 Servers.

This document describes methods to limit database permission in DB2 for IBM Cognos Planning 8. The first time you sign in to developerWorks, a profile is created for you, so you need to choose a display name. Keep up with the best and latest technical info to help you tackle your development challenges.
My inspiration came from an instillation piece I saw a couple years ago by an artist named Nils Guadagnin who was able to achieve the same effect. The women sat together up at the end closest to the windows, next to the head chair.alter tablespace autoextend on oracle 10ghow to find temp tablespace usage oracle 10goracle create temporary tablespace 9ioracle tablespace locally managed vs dictionary managedoracle uniform extent sizegrant unlimited tablespace to tablespace to useroracle database xe create tablespacesysaux full 10goracle tablespace autoextend queryresize oracle tablespace 10gGooglea€™s mobile OS a€?Androida€? has been making appearances on quite a few devices lately. Right now, if I went out and hunted down McCanoc and hung him from a tree, I'd be as much in the 'wrong as he is.postgresql create permission deniedbuffer busy waits undooracle move lobtemp is 99 fulloracle create temp 11goracle rename 9icreate tablespace db2 v9tablespace 32k block sizeModder John Maushammer, who was best known for his creation of the Pong watch, has added another amazing time piece to his collection.
The initial creation of a database requires some work on how the initial tablespaces need to be set up. By default, a tablespace called USERSPACE1 is created when the CREATE DATABASE command is executed.
This type of tablespace is not created during the database creation step, so it must be created by the DBA if users will take advantage of DECLARED temporary tables. There are many additional parameters than can be used to tune performance, but the 3 main ones are PAGESIZE, EXTENTSIZE and Containers.
The create tablespace wizard is particularly useful for setting up new tablespaces and temporary user tablespaces.
Saving the generated SQL at the end of the command generation is useful, especially in situations where you need to recreate the database for some reason.
It is an agentless database monitoring software that provides out-of-the-box performance metrics for ensuring the IBM DB2 database server runs efficiently.

It provides in-depth monitoring data that helps you make educated decisions about usage patterns, plan capacity and alert you of impending problems.
Your display name must be unique in the developerWorks community and should not be your email address for privacy reasons. I used an electromagnetic kit that has a laser stabilization technology in it to get the magnets to hover in place.
Once the database has been defined, additional tablespaces can be added to the system to hold other tables, indexes, temporary space, and long objects. These commands are done infrequently so using the wizard eliminates a lot of the guesswork when typing in the CREATE TABLESPACE command. The Root Cause analysis window helps the operations team to troubleshoot performance problems quickly. It can be dropped after another temporary tablespace is created (one must always be in existence), and it can be called any legal tablespace name. Additionally the grouping capability helps you to group your databases based on the business process supported and helps the operations team to prioritize alerts as they are received. By default, both USERSPACE1 and SYSCATSPACE are created as SMSs, but can be defined as DMSs in the CREATE DATABASE command. While it is optional to use the USERSPACE1 tablespace (it is always created but may be dropped), it is mandatory to use SYSCATSPACE as the name of the tablespace holding the system catalog tables. The maximum size of a regular tablespace (including index data) depends on the page size (4, 8, 16, and 32K) used by the tablespace.

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