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The Kitchen Island Design published at Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 was a beautiful and amazing design. Because we love to share everything about dwelling design, interior decor, furniture, and also architecture design idea. When watch at the image of Kitchen Island Design typically we can categorized the design as Architecture , independently as house design enthusiast I was so amazed. As time goes by, not only are kitchens getting bigger, but kitchen islands are also becoming extremely popular. It is necessary for you to first ensure that your kitchen has ample space to allow for the installation of a kitchen island. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Maintenance of all those kitchen must be done regularly to keep its cleanliness and appeal.
I will be more than happy if my kitchen was patterned to one of the modern & contemporary kitchen Island designs. The wine rack below the counter top caught my attention as how it was designed to save space. Upon seeing all of the photos, the designs are superb but I noticed a flaw that is common to most of them, I think that they are not safe if you have children in the house.
I must admit that one of my favorite parts in our house is the kitchen, you know, cooking has been my passion ever since I was young. After visiting your blog, I have found your blog has a great collection of latest kitchen designs. These trendy retro design Zassenhaus digital kitchen scales are great for baking with their add and weigh tare feature - read more about this below. Right click on the image to download selecting save image as, then you will select a title.
Regardless of the size of the kitchen, you always seem to need more work and storage space, not to mention the fact that everyone wants a nice kitchen, which can increase the overall value of his home.A wise solution is Kitchen Island. This space should be no less than 42-inches between the island and other objects found within the immediate space. If its major purpose is to serve as a breakfast area, then stools as well as a cantilevered top will be needed. Although it could be a big job, it can also be an innovative and ingenious way to give you more useful space and create a friendly spot for your family to collect. For residents of this ultra-modern loft, it is clear that the kitchen is the top priority; it is the core area around which the rest of the layout (also be the designers of GraftLab) revolves. I love the place, the food and the mood it possesses, I even recommended it to some of my friends, and I dream to have an interior just like what the restaurant have. What I love about that house is the kitchen area where there are so many different designs you can choose from.
For a wine lover like me, I might design or purchase a counter top that can stack my wine collection. Think about what you've always wanted in a kitchen area and how to apply your strategy within your cost range. Your kitchen is where you entertain, cultivate relationships and friendships as well as nourish their bodies.In New Zealand, the kitchen has fast become the centre for your home entertainment. You can also find similar design ideas and topic like Kitchen island designs ideas for your modern kitchen plans pictures by browsing the categories on the right or looking at additional home interior design pictures below. Kitchen Island is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen and to create extra storage and counter space.Vintage Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas, Antique Kitchen Light Fixtures (video)However, in order to create an island in your kitchen, a few conditions must be fulfilled.
This includes the fact that they provide additional working space, storage, area to set some appliances and extra seating. This will help to ensure that there will be enough movement space after the island has been installed. Let’s say — if the kitchen island design is to be mainly used for preparing gourmet meals, then you would need to include a countertop with a height of 36-inches. If the main function of the island is meal preparation, then you may be required to install a small sink which should exceed 9-inches in depth to avoid splashing.
Shelves and counters are also sliced out of the main volume, making it seem almost as if the space was hewn from a solid block of wood.A small bathroom toilet space is also carved into the core kitchen box, accessed from the opposite site of the main cooking and food preparation spaces and hidden nicely in a cove that is almost invisible when closed (its door being made of the same sheets of plywood veneer that cover the rest of the zone).
I like the second to the last design the most, I just like its illumination, the placement of every single pieces is just perfect.
Consider talking to with an experienced company in your area to get a better idea on cost and options in your cost bracket. One of the most important conditions is the size of your kitchen.A Kitchen Island is inappropriate in a small kitchen. It is important to also note that an island should never exceed 4 meters in width as it will allow you to comfortably access the mid-section of the countertop. You should also select a finishing that will blend well with the rest of the decor in your kitchen. However, before making your selection, it is important for you to make use of the following tips which will assist you to create and furnish your additional space. However, you have to be careful while deciding on the design, as the entire appearance of the living area will change for this reason addition.
Call 0800 33 66 77 or request a quote by clicking here Normal 0 false false false EN-NZ X-NONE X-NONE Assessing your kitchens needsBefore any kitchen project can begin, you have to decide what you want, what you can actually have, and what works best for you. Kitchen Island FeaturesHow you intend to use the Kitchen Island will have a great impact on the cost.Maybe you need an extra sink. A waterfall island by having an extended top can also be a choice.Bar Top IslandHow about combining your personal bar using the kitchen island. Bar top kitchen islands may be used to place your wine bottles and stemware combined with the food served.
But, for guidance, look to professionals who’ll ask you a lot of questions prior to giving you a lot of advice. Kitchen Island SizeThe shape and size of the island will have also, a huge impact on the cost of your project.A large area, granite countertop will be pretty expensive. Some islands include cabinets for storing all of the bar accessories, and also provide enough working space. You may also place a wine rack around the island top for your guests.Island DesignsThis is one of the best options for maximum usage of resources. Cost of MaterialsCost of materials makes the total price vary greatly.If you take in consideration only the composition of the countertop.
Such an island allows sufficient amount of leg space and ease to take a seat and have food. What do you dislike?Have a look at kitchen designs on the internet or start saving photos, product catalogs, and clippings that can help your hired professionals understand your taste and needs. Check out Web sites that offer kitchen and design products, and if there’s a kitchen design centre near you, spend time window-shopping. For those who have limited resources, then you can make use of a farm table or any other type of table as a breakfast bar. If you arm yourself with this information ahead of time, you’ll have a better relationship with your professionals and a better chance of getting just what you want. Cost of Appliances and FixturesIt is natural that the price of appliances and fixtures to influence the total cost of your Kitchen Island. A homely and inviting look is imparted to the kitchen.L-shaped IslandL Shaped Kitchen Island DesignThe L-shaped island is definitely an extension of your kitchen cabinet. Find inspiring decorating ideas, from tufted headboards designs to custom window treatments, to help you redesign your bedroom.6.
So start by visiting several kitchen design or manufacture companies and get an idea of what you can afford on your predetermined budget.Establish the essentials.
If you have to decide, you’re better off spending your money on a great design service rather than on upgraded expensive appliances or materials. If you invest up front in a kitchen design that gets the floor plan and essential elements right, you can always upgrade to luxury appliances later. If equipped with proper sitting arrangements, this design will give you great ambiance for the regular coffee breaks too. Keep these percentages for unexpected costs such as material delivery delay, damaged materials and maybe, change of design.7. If you are revamping the kitchen, this design can cost you the least and give the kitchen an elegant look as well. It is a much costlier challenge to relocate the island and change the wiring later than it is to merely change the oven. At the same time, you should buy the best products your budget can afford, especially if you have no plans for moving in the next 10 years.Look at how you really live. If you and your partner love to cook and entertain, don’t settle for one oven, one sink, and no place to sit.
Also, there are designs available which have sufficient height to cover your sink and the kitchen area. This option is great if you have frequent visitors, while there is plenty of space available for serving food. If your kids are at the do-it-yourself age, go for a roomy, top-of-the-line microwave installed near the fridge. If you come home from work late but still like to cook seriously, you may want to have a microwave installed near the stove for quick defrosting before cooking.Your architect, kitchen designer, or other professional should ask you tons of questions about how you live as well as what you like. Your job is to answer candidly; their job is to translate your lifestyle needs into product and design solutions.

This is cheaper and easier than renovation but won’t address major problems, such as lack of light, space, and connection to other rooms. If your kitchen basically suits you as it is, but you’d like a bit more efficiency or a fresher, more stylish appearance, decorative changes may be what you need.
At its most ambitious, a facelift may include replacing some appliances, benchtops, and flooring with stylish upgrades. Or it may include simply be painting the walls and window treatments and adding fresh accessories.
Whenever you are rebuilding or renovating a room there are always hundreds of small expenses you never considered when your were in the planning stage. While these costs are often unavoidable, there are ways to keep the price down.Take your time at the beginning to make sure each decision reflects your taste and meets your needs. You’ll want to live with and love your kitchen for a long time!Your budget will have a lot to say about materials used in your new kitchen, but so will common sense.
Now, divide this list into A) things you need and B) things you want but could live without for now. If you can steam off wallpaper, remove old moldings, and carry away rubbish yourself, you won’t have to pay someone else to do it.What kinds of labour can you perform yourself? Be careful about tearing out walls on your own (make sure they are not structural and you know where wiring, pipes, and such are located). The money you save on labour can pay for some of those luxurious material upgrades you crave! Compare the cost of real marble and granite to look-alike laminates or silestone, and you may decide on the synthetic for the rest of your benchtops. More than once have we encountered someone order a marble benchtop only to find on delivery it cant fit through the front door or access an apartment stairwell.If natural solid stone is way out of your price range, look for similar solid-surfacing brands that are less expensive.
Beautiful, artistic, and costly, hand-painted tiles may be too expensive to use throughout but just right as borders and accents. Choose a compatible plain tile for most of the installation, and save the custom pieces for eye-level areas such as the backsplash or a border around a window. Vinyl is easy to keep looking new, but you may be surprised by how close to the natural materials these floors look. You can visit most DIY stores to see the a basic range or for specialist thick laminates of specific types of woods, there are multiple importers in Auckland. Many cabinets come in such a wide array of stock sizes and shapes, they assure a virtually custom fit.
Use flat pack cabinets wherever you can, and have matching, custom pieces fabricated to fill in odd spaces.
If your budget says pine but your heart says mahogany, you may prefer to wood stain the kitchen cabinets to disguise the more prominent grains of the lower-cost woods. While saving money on labour is central, there are some jobs that you will need a professional to do.Kitchen design and manufacture professionalsDesigning your own kitchen will save you money but the headaches it may cause might not be worth the extra money. A professional kitchen designer who does this for a living can significantly simplify the process.The most important step in a successful kitchen design project is selecting the right people to work on the job. You may want the specific expertise and creativity of a kitchen designer or an interior designer with a lot of kitchen design experience.
Your experts and their teams will be in your home and around your family for the life of the project.
So make sure they really deserve your trust!Check the BasicsWhen you meet with your prospective professionals, be sure you have an basic affinity with them. You will want to make sure that the plumbers really are register, the electrician is actually certified and that the LBP builder (If doing restricted work) is not using his mates building number. Every aspect of the project should be included — from the location and number of outlets to the size of doorways and windows. The exact same cabinets, appliances, and surfacing materials can look entirely different in someone else’s home than in yours. Flat pack cabinets can be given a unique look with virtually unlimited specialty finishes and a change of handles and hardware. Benchtop materials already come in a great array of types and choices, but they can be customized even further with special routing or inset bands of another colour or material. So even if your kitchen is small and conventional, it’s not hopeless!Manufacturers and designers have seen it all, and the end result is that you can have all the features you want and need, even in a tiny kitchen.
Smart, space-saving products are available for the owner of the apartments, units, or townhouses. Take advantage of beautiful windows with an eye-catching benchtop that runs the length of the window wall. If you love to entertain and are lucky enough to have plenty of space, consider setting your room up to include two large kitchen areas; one with a full-size range, a double fridge, 2 ovens, and a double sink, and the other with an ice-maker, a wine chiller, a second sink, a mini-fridge, and a microwave, plus a pantry and storage.
Pretty much anything you dream up can be executed with the help of a brilliant design team. The biggest factor influencing what type of kitchen you come up with will be the shape of the room itselfConsiderations for Kitchen SizesEven though the picture of the dream kitchen you have in your head is a certain size, the actual space you have in your house might not be compatible with your ideal. As with any home project, you have to balance practicality with your desires.Picking out clever new appliances and stylish new cabinets is fun, but first you and your kitchen professional will need to figure out where those new items will be located. For effective savings, experts say working within existing structural walls and plumbing lines.
If your kitchen is tiny, try to take some space from an connecting pantry or closet, or even a few feet from the next room. For an eat-in kitchen alternative, include a slender breakfast bar with overhanging counters that allow the stools to be tucked out of the way. Most Auckland homes have midsize kitchens, which, with a small amount of clever kitchen design, can function like large ones.
In both old & new homes, opening the kitchen up to an adjoining room creates an effect that gives the spacious feeling of an expanded kitchen.
Other design strategies can make your midsize kitchen seem even bigger and better is to try to have maximum-length unbroken runs of bench space.By taking advantage of smart, in-drawer storage solutions recommended for small kitchens, you may be able to save enough space for a big-kitchen option like a second sink or a pantry. When decorating, keep colours light and patterns simple to maximize visual spaciousness, but if the kitchen opens into an adjoining room, repeat some elements in both rooms for continuity.
Space for entertaining whilst cooking, doing homework, enjoying hobbies, watching TV, and more are all part of many people’s wish lists, and that translates into larger rooms.
In older Auckland homes, space for a big kitchen often comes from building an addition or building an extension. A comfortable breakfast bar, an informal dining area, and a small lounging area are other options.
A big kitchen also allows more latitude in decoration and design, including contrasting cabinet and wall colours, dramatic decorative effects, so you can have it your way.
The work triangle is the functional center of every kitchen.Studies have shown that in the most efficient kitchens, the areas of most use focus on a work triangle that add up to at least 3 meters but no more than 5 meters. Ultimately, your kitchen’s basic shape and size will influence the type of work triangle that fits best. Regardless of the shape of the room, most kitchens are organized around one of several basic kitchen layouts, each with its own type of triangle.
Room traffic does not cross into the triangle, and, since this design uses only two walls, the triangle is long and fairly narrow, allowing for a more open layout. Whatever your plan, the sink should take central position if at all possible, as it’s used more often than either the refrigerator or the stove.
If you locate the sink on the same wall as the stove, with the main work area in the middle, you won’t drip water on the floor when you go from the sink to the cooktop.
When placing the fridge, make sure the single-door model, when open, faces into the work triangle, not out of it. It’s especially important to have enough space (an absolute minimum width of 18 inches, and preferably 24 to 36 inches) right next to the cooktop, range, and oven, and on at least the opening side of the microwave and fridge. This shape puts two points of the triangle on one wall and the third point on the opposite wall (most often the sink and the stove are placed on the same wall, with the fridge opposite). The length of the room will determine how much space there will be for cabinets and work surfaces.Corridor kitchens are often used where there is no other pathway to the next room and the traffic flows right through the work triangle. While this configuration is a step-saving solution, for safety as well as efficiency this setup should be avoided if at all possible, as should any design that allows household traffic to break into the triangle. It foregoes the step-saving convenience the triangle affords, as the user needs to walk farther from one end of the kitchen to the other, especially if there is to be adequate countertop space.
If wiring can be added in the floor, the island can be stationed near the refrigerator and can hold the microwave and other small appliances.A tiered island allows for some simple types of food prep on the lower, kitchen side and a snack counter on the higher side, facing into the adjoining room.
It also can be tucked conveniently behind closed doors in a wall alcove, so it’s great for second kitchens in recreation rooms, studios, or even master suites. Eat In Kitchen designKitchen StyleMany New Zealanders prefer the informal, casual style of an eat-in kitchen.
Finally, there is the traditional table in or next to the kitchen.The formal, separate dining room has passed in and out of fashion for years, but the option of eating in the kitchen has always held appeal.
The informal, efficient design of an eat-in kitchen is ideal for today’s casual, fast-paced kiwi lifestyle.
Depending on the size of your kitchen, you have a number of choices for creating an eat-in kitchen.
Today’s smart design solutions and products that ensure any option you choose will fit right in and look great.
A breakfast bar’s informality and slim profile lends itself naturally to a casual, contemporary scheme, but if your kitchen is traditional, using the same materials for the counter and bar will tie it in perfectly. If the breakfast bar or island houses only a small sink, there’s usually plenty of room to seat a number of diners on the same level as the work surface. If you have a bit more available space or want a more traditional, cozy look, you might consider adding a lounging or breakfast area with built-in seating.

A bay window alcove, with a serving area with pull-up chairs on the other side of the table, is charming if you can manage it. You can create a welcoming air with plump bench or stool cushions that carry your colour scheme. Its also a great area to relax while your reducing sauces, or want to keep an eye on the kids while they are doing homework.No matter how small your kitchen is or how rushed your schedule, there is almost always a way to work a little lounging into the equation.
The table may be freestanding or may be an extension, with one end anchored to the wall or to a run of cabinets. The coziest breakfast nook setup features benches that are parallel, with the table between.For a more relaxed, open layout, the benches may be placed perpendicular to one another, with the table spanning the open side. A breakfast nook can be a comfortable solution where space is scant, because benches require much less floor space than chairs. Benches are safer than counter stools for young children, and, because the table is a conventional height, it is accessible to wheelchair users. For large kitchens, or those that feature a natural alcove, dining tables that seat anywhere from four to 12 people are a good option.
You can have fun picking out chairs that complement your own personal taste, from traditional wood farmhouse types to classic modern glass-and-metal. Another option you may consider is having an island or table made of the same material as your cabinets or countertops.A round table is a friendly choice and is safer for an active family or in a smaller space. In the dining area of your kitchen, away from the stove, you can define a welcoming space with more elaborate curtains or draperies than you would use at a window in the work area. For continuity’s sake, match or coordinate your eating-area window treatments with those in the work area.
Coordinate window treatments and tabletop textile colours with seating cushions for an inviting, total look. Kitchen Islands A kitchen island can be a cheap and attractive way to expand your counter space.
They are also great for entertaining serveries.Kitchen IslandsA kitchen island can vastly expand the design potential and convenience of just about any kitchen.
Among the earliest islands were farm tables that gave cooks extra work surfaces and doubled as informal dining stations. Today, a homeowner has the option of islands made of the same materials as the base cabinets and countertop for an integral look.In this scenario, any freestanding piece of furniture with at least one part standing at about counter height can function as an island. Most homeowners prefer a piece that offers hidden cabinets, open shelves, or a combination of the two in addition to another work surface. In a more high-tech kitchen, lower storage may also include a host of refinements such as wine racks and refrigerated drawers.In many kitchens, the island is used as an extra workstation, adding to the usefulness of the work triangle or corridor kitchen.
In others, it’s used as a low, casual divider defining the perimeter of the kitchen where it meets the lounge or dining area. In either case, if you add in-floor wiring, plumbing, and gas lines, the possibilities for an island’s usefulness are endless. Just about any appliance can be located in an island if the plumbing and electrical wiring are planned in. A wine rack, a gourmet wine chiller, an under-cabinet refrigerator, and an ice-maker on the lounge side are very nice options.On the kitchen side, add a second dishwasher, a microwave, or even an under-cabinet wall oven.
In a small or medium-size kitchen, one of the most popular uses of an island is as a place to house the sink. The option of facing toward the family room is so attractive that a kitchen island sink has replaced the classic under-the-window sink in many homes. When combined with easy access to the microwave and the fridge, this setup creates a secondary work triangle.Your needs and tastes will help govern what kind of island you should have.
In a smaller space, you’ll get maximum storage, convenience, and a neat appearance if you specify cabinets on both sides of the kitchen island so that dishes can be stashed or removed from either side. For a stylish, freestanding look that’s especially at home in traditional settings, specify an island with table legs and a low shelf for open display and storage. The common kitchen principle of extending every countertop at least an inch beyond the cabinets to prevent dribbling spills down cabinet fronts especially applies to islands. A sink can be stationed either on the same level as the eating counter or on a waist-high work counter with the dining surface on a higher plane. When the appliance you want to house in the island is a cooktop, however, safety dictates that the cooktop be on a lower plane, with the snack counter at least 60mm higher. Specify heat-resistant material for the countertops adjoining the cooktop and at least 2 feet of counter for landing space on both sides, and provide for at least 100mm of heat-resistant backsplash.An island opposite the fridge is a logical place for the microwave.
It’s still within the work triangle, which makes sense because most of what goes in the microwave comes from the fridge. Wall ovens are often located outside the work triangle since they’re not used as much as a cooktop, and anything you bake or roast will stay in the oven for at least 15 minutes. Another island might serve solely as a snack bar, perhaps with a small TV perched at one end on a swivel bracket.
If this island defines the perimeter of the kitchen, choose your island base, top, and counter stools to coordinate with the decorative scheme of the adjoining room.The kitchen is not only a room that you use every single day, it also takes much more abuse that most of the other rooms in your house.
Hopefully now you know how to make the kitchen that is right for you.Why not give us a call and tell us your ideas and see how we can build your dream kitchen.
Normally, the decision to build a new home rests on more than just the need for a new kitchen. But the decision to build from scratch often provides the most leeway for creating the kitchen configuration you want.
But in new kitchen construction, you can trade off build costs between the kitchen and other rooms for maximum flexibility. We trust that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our level of expertise and also our care for you as a highly valued customer. Obstructing the Kitchen TriangleSpecialists refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator as the kitchen triangle, the area of greatest activity that requires careful planning and unobstructed access.
Sometimes, however, because of the placement of the pipes, kitchens are designed with the sinks in a poor location. Not only that, but items often concealed behind kitchen cabinets can be oddly shaped and require a lot of space, such as food processors or stand mixers. Always install cabinets over the refrigerator; not utilizing this area is a waste of storage space for large or seasonal kitchen items. Considering all the kitchen activities that require a countertop, as well as appliances that are permanently located there, you want to fit as much open horizontal surface area in a kitchen as possible. It’s not only a matter of design and atmosphere, but also safety when it comes to handling sharp knives and other kitchen tools. For your kitchen, evaluate the work areas and focus on providing each spot with the light it needs.
Consider adding lighting directly above all the main work areas.Use pendant lights or a series of mini-pendants to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Pendants look great above kitchen sinks, while a series of mini-pendants work well over breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Install under-cabinet lighting to ensure that the counters have sufficient lighting for common kitchen tasks.Collect this idea5. Forgoing a BacksplashWhen budgeting or designing a new kitchen or remodel, the backsplash sometimes slips to the end of the list. It is much easier to clean grease off a backsplash made of tile, metal or plastic than paint or wallpaper.Collect this idea6. Choosing the Wrong Kitchen IslandWhen it comes to kitchen islands, we generally think of additional storage, preparation and serving space in the kitchen. Choosing the wrong island or placing it in the wrong spot can be a disaster, especially in a work area that can get overly cluttered.Islands that obstruct the flow of traffic to and from the sink, refrigerator, stove and primary workstations will create bottlenecks. An island should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet deep, but it also must have room for people to move and work around it.
Ignoring Your RecyclingAs recycling has become more prevalent, dealing with trash in kitchen design has gone beyond sticking a bin under the sink. Be prepared to manage your trash efficiently — incorporate sorting bins for recylables into your kitchen design.Collect this idea9. Going Too TrendyAlthough it’s not necessarily a mistake, the latest kitchen trends and high-end equipment may not be the best choices. Trendy colors and designs have a short half-life, and you may never see a return on your large investments in the latest kitchenware. Not Using ProfessionalsTaking on a kitchen design project to save money is a common mistake; it can actually waste more money, time and energy.
Professional designers have the latest ideas and information, and they can help you identify your needs and translate them into an efficient plan that fits your taste and budget. You don’t want to interrupt the traingle, but given the choice of the triangle or this kitchen, I can make do without the triangle.Jerry WilsonYeh! If these mistakes are avoided when remodeling your kitchen, I think the kitchen will be well remodeled without having any mistake that will make it non worthy.Kristen DockeryThanks for the great information and tips in this article about design and decorating tips not to make in your home. My husband and I are in the process of building a new home and this was a perfect time to come across this article so that I make sure not to make these mistakes. Do you have any other tips or advice about what to avoid when designing a home?Rose HendersonI don’t see how anyone could thing they could do an entire kitchen renovation on their own. They can be dangerous and cause major problems if not handled properly.MFergusonLove kitchen #1, could someone please tell me what the color of the cabinets are, and what color thegranite is.
My husband and I are renovating our kitchen and we have a decent amount of space to work with.

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