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If you’ve had your eye on the outdoor living industry at all, you’ve no doubt seen a pergola or two in some shape or form. But, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of Home and Garden magazines, television shows, blogs, and newspaper articles featuring a wide array of pergolas in different styles, types, materials, and uses; you’re not alone!
Pergolas were once used as simply an extended arbor for vining all kinds of plants, flowers, and vines. While pergolas are at the height of fashion, they do not in any way box you in to cookie cutter designs like many passing style trends that can only be executed one way. But, if you’re looking to create a pergola of your own, it’s important that it be a true reflection of your style and personality. About Design EvolutionsWe are a building design company specializing in stock house plans and custom home design services. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
If you are designing a home from scratch, then you will need to keep the outside space in mind.
Design the room itself so that it is an extension of the world outside – the bath or showers are portals that bring the outside world in. If you like the idea of an outside bedroom, but don’t have the nerve or inclination to go all the way, you can use a few of these tips to create the effect without actually having it. The modern glass tile swimming pool showcases a perimeter overflow feature, a unique water window, fiber optic lights, and a host of luxury pool amenities.
Recently in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association held their annual award show. The Upper Saddle River perimeter overflow swimming pool is 420 square-feet; the design is accompanied by a 64-square-foot spa across the yard. In addition to the unique, modern style, the homeowner requested certain specialty features for safety. The Upper Saddle River pool and landscape design presented some challenges, especially with regards to space. Celebrating over 24 years in business, 9-time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design distinguishes themselves from all other swimming pool & landscaping companies with their extensive experience. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We will be adding more garden design tips and advice over the coming months, so please do keep coming back to check for updates! Traditional cottage gardens are a wonderful informal mixture of plants that produce vibrant colour, beautiful textures and make you feel as if it is Spring and Summer all year round.
Pergolas, or a large arbor with enough room under it for a living space, is latest and most popular garden structure used for defining or redefining outdoor living areas. Both trends are very powerful design statements that are intended to make you feel at one with nature, and thus naturally relaxed.

Game lodges offered rooms with outdoor bathroom facilities, not standing separate, but merged into the room itself. You will need access to water and plumbing, as well as ample room – having an outside bathroom is useless if it is cramped.
At the dinner, the 2012 NESPA Awards of Excellence were given out to the Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey pool builders who demonstrated excellence in the design and construction of superb luxury pools across the tri-state area this year. Around the pool, a glass fence maintains the clean look and preserves open space in the rather limited area between the pool and the house.
The perimeter overflow descends upon the outdoor living room fit with a stunning outdoor fireplace.The clean, modern pool achieves a resort feel with the multiple lounge areas.
At Classical Landscapes, we are experts in Garden Design and as well as offering practical advice to help you care for your garden, we can also provide guidance on planting, colour schemes and using different textures to create an outside space that is in harmony with your lifestyle and addresses you and your family’s practical needs.
But, you may have noticed that many pergolas are going bare with no plans of growing vines soon. They feature a complete step-by-step customization process and a live project adviser to guide you through the entire development, from design to installation!
There is a genuine attempt to remind the home owner that they are the master of their domain, and having a bathroom in this style is guaranteed to make you feel like the king of the world around you.
More often than not, the shower or bath itself is located in an alcove that is exposed to the elements. One of the outstanding luxury pools awarded at the New Jersey show was a perimeter overflow pool and spa located in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Bridging the gap between the two aquatic features is a sleek outdoor living space with a modern, linear outdoor fireplace.
This glass also fosters safety by adding another barrier between the kids and the swimming pool. As a recognized national leader in custom residential & commercial landscaping, masonry, swimming pools and water features, the NJ firm has been offering complete estate transformations since 2001.
I suppose that as women’s fashion seems to be losing more and more “coverage”  with each passing year, so too do pergolas want to show some more skin. Plus, you can create a sitting area, dining area, pool area, or well; any kind of area underneath it!
Vinyl pergolas need absolutely no maintenance, but don’t really lend the rustic feel of a Red Cedar or Pine pergola. The space is finished in natural materials like wood, slate or granite, and should offer a view of the world outside. Also, you should take into consideration privacy issues, and design some kind of cover that protects the client from prying eyes that can ruin their intimate bathing experiences. The pool and spa, designed and built by Mahwah NJ’s Cipriano Landscape Design, was awarded for its perimeter overflow feature and unique automatic pool cover system, one the first pools to incorporate both of these features. In addition to a striking modern design with sleek materials, the swimming pool has a host of fine amenities.

For another additional barrier, the pool and spa were fitted with auto-covers that preserve heat, reduce maintenance, and promote safety. The location of the pool, spa, and outdoor living area maximized the potential of the space and still allowed for room around the yard for the kids to play in the grass. With a design office headed by 15-year-veteran, Certified Landscape Architect William Moore, the Cipriano team has won 65 awards of excellence since 2006 including the Northeast Pool & Spa Association’s 2007 Best in Competition Award. But, remember, a pergola sticking to its roots and covered in plants is certainly a fashionable structure!
Pine pergolas can be painted if you’re looking to truly personalize your design with expert artistic skills, while a stained red cedar pergola will have a natural luster that will wow you everyday. Bathing on a balcony that is open to the world but still private is really quite an experience. Go for a pebble or slate finish in your shower, that offers a truly outdoor feel, and invest in a wide shower head – you will feel like you are showering in the rain, plus you will save water at the same time. Fiber optic lighting can be found along the top of the glass tile wall and the top of the fireplace. The perimeter overflow pool made engineering for the auto-cover quite challenging; custom brackets and hardware were designed in order to open and close the pool like a traditional cover.
All in all, the award-winning Upper Saddle River, NJ pool design achieved excellence through sleek materials, a unique design, and safe, luxury features specific to the needs and tastes of the homeowner.
Cipriano is also a Certified Building Professional (CBP) by the Association of Pool & Spa Professional (APSP) since 2008, one of only five custom pool builders in Bergen County to have earned the certification. The outdoor fireplace and other landscape lighting accent key features and give depth and warmth to the space.The award-winning NJ backyard design exhibits all the luxuries one can imagine. Colored LED lighting spices up the perimeter overflow pool and spa with colors that illuminate the whole setting.
In the glass tile wall, a small window features a sheer water feature, dubbed appropriately as a water window, looking right into the small outdoor kitchen set on a custom concrete patio made to look like wood planks.
The pool’s finishing touch is complete automation of pumps and heaters using a wireless system compatible with the iPhone.
The automatic cover was especially challenging, requiring special engineering to fit it to the perimeter overflow swimming pool.
Lastly, the pool patio is a random length limestone that maintains the very modern, linear design of the yard.

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