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Chinese garden design is a thousands of years old, highly sophisticated art form that I don’t understand as good as nothing about. I am sure almost everybody knows the shape of the Chinese roofline work.or Chinese lattice work. And if you mosey down to LA Chinatown and read the historic markers that the city (?) put up one can not help but wondering where one should draw the line between being inspired by great artist on copying other people’s work.
In any case, a visit to the Chinese Garden a the Huntington Gardens is high recommended for any woodworker interested in exploring finely crafted outdoors structures. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Hooks and Lattice is a manufacturer and supplier of window boxes, flower boxes, exterior shutters, hanging baskets, planters and faux balconies. Again, you may want to discuss this with your plumber if you plan to elevate the entire garage floor.
The best collection of House Plans, Home Plans, Floor Plans and Home Designs from top architects and designers from HousePlans. Doll House Plans – Wooden doll house plans are what are used to create the The most relevant links we could find, placed here free. See also: Mario Salvadori, Romanesque versus Gothic Cathedrals was the first American architect to spread the Gothic gospel. House Plans and More has many types of additions perfect for your dream home including room additions, screened porches, sunrooms and 3-season rooms. This project included a complete renovation of the exterior of a contemporary home in Thousand Oaks, California.
Viewing the gates from the exterior you see the active door on the right, and the inactive door on the left. Eventually the project was converted to include an electronic strike, and a custom alteration was made to the latch so that it would work with the electronic strike. On the interior of the gate you will see the Moda handle, the deadbolt, and Marine Grade Stainless Steel cane bolt. NOTE: The Moda Latch is no longer available, but the Alta Latch is available and has much the same design. Because the double doors were the showpiece of the courtyard entry, the homeowners chose a different latch and lock for their side yard gate.
Interior View: The sapele double wooden entry gate with stainless gate latch, deadbolt, and cane bolt. This is an interior view of the double courtyard entry gate, with the brushed stainless steel cane bolt holding the fixed gate in place to the courtyard patio. A close up of the active gate on the left, showing a peek of the electronic strike through the cutout on the right.
An overhead view of the marine grade stainless steel cane bolt holding the inactive gate in place. A close up of the gate door open and showing the marine grade stainless steel heavy duty butt hinges. An interior view of the side gate with a Nero Contemporary Latch and above it the interior thumb-turn of the deadbolt.
We were excited to provide an Asian Inspired Gate Latch to Bejar Gate Company in San Diego for a project in gorgeous Rancho Santa Fe.
If you’re in San Diego County and looking for a gate builder, give Bejar Gate a call!
I came from a family of contractors my dad and his three brothers (Bless Brothers’ Incorporated). Just because it is an extremely strong wood does not mean that it is the best wood to use for a gate in terms of cost efficient construction. We don’t like to give away our hard long time secrets of exotic wood bonding, but instead rely on our credibility and reputation for accountability for standing behind our products if issues do arise.
The inspiration for the design was to try and bring the garage and fence together, which is usually easy on paper, but then again gates don’t warp and twist on paper! When you meet with potential clients and discuss pricing, do you discuss the pros and cons of a higher quality product over a cheaper alternative?
An interior view of contemporary gate built by Mike Bless of Lido Gates in Huntington Beach. Another nice thing about using stops is that they keep one from seeing through the edges of the gate for added privacy. The Contemporary Alta Stainless Steel Gate Latch with round deadbolt on a contemporary home in Huntington Beach Harbor.
Hardware plays a huge function in the gate not only for ease of operation but for an artistic curb appeal, as well as home value.
Also, if your home is on the market, a buyer will take into consideration the quality in which the entire house has been maintained and will see the quality of the gate and hardware as they first pass through to get to the inside of the home. I’m open to doing all kinds of custom woodwork—from landscape features, to cabinets and furniture. Like I said earlier, I love many styles of woodworking, there is so much wonderful tradition in nearly every culture, but if I have to pick one that I connect with most easily, I must say it is Japanese woodworking.
The other thing I did to bring in the Japanese feel, was add a Shoji-inspired look-through. I’ve always loved Japanese Shoji screens, and was delighted to design this small reflection of that art. I think gates are a very important feature that often get over-looked, and when that happens, a great opportunity to add an expressive dimension to your yard and house has been missed. When building a house, or designing a yard, I know there are so many decisions to be made, that a gate (just by the diminutive nature of the word) is often forgotten about, and then thrown together at the end of the project.
In your opinion, what role does gate hardware play in the function and appearance of a gate?
Gate hardware is absolutely crucial in both the functionality and the appearance of a gate. Introducing a first for our Paperblanks® collection – a cover inspired by a piece of antique cabinetry!

While visiting the Huntington Library in California we were completely enraptured with a striking ebony cabinet-on-stand. Learn more about this handsome new design, available in Grande, Ultra, Midi and Mini formats, by visiting our Exotic Marquetry series page! Sign up to be the first to know when our new app becomes available in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.
About Paperblanks®: At Paperblanks®, we believe that art should have a place in all aspects of life.
Just as expected, no glue, not nails, no pegs, no shortcuts but honest joinery!Here’s the bummer: the lattice work is dovetailed! He told us that all the woodwork was pre-cut in China and then shipped to LA where Chinese woodworker hand-assembled the structures. I must say, after seeing the Chinese joinery, what Green and Green produced looks rather crude and unfinished. I should go there tomorrow…Don’t they have a Sam Maloof exhibit there right now?
It has been used for hundreds of thousands of years for both fuel and as a construction material. If you think your garage couldn't possibly ever be the greatest room in your house, think again. A New England Woodworker shares free woodworking plans, ideas, and tips with amateur woodworkers. From bay windows to master bedrooms additions and Sun Rooms, make the most of your existing house with these proven and popular home addition plans.
The homeowners created an enclosed entry courtyard, and used the Moda Stainless Steel Contemporary Gate Latch.
The box on the left built into the stone column is housing the electrical for the electronic strike that the client used to automate the entry into his gates. You’ll notice that the contractor placed wood jambs against each of the stone columns, so that there was something secure for the gates to hang on to. This allows the client to buzz in any guests, while also creating a secure courtyard environment.
As a family business ourself, we love to learn about thriving companies that are family-owned.
The customer wanted a gate to complement her Asian themed home in the exclusive neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe, California.
They built the first 13-story concrete apartment building next to the beach in Redondo Beach, CA, along with many other complicated structural concrete projects starting in the 1960’s. I started installing doors and after years of installing doors, was asked many times by clients “where can I get a door that can be used as a gate? It is from Brazil and after marrying a Brazilian girl and doing over 20 trips to Brazil in the last 15 years, I have learned much about this wood. These gates are located at a house that is in Huntington Beach on the Huntington Harbor with a boat dock, so they are definitely getting the salt water marine environment, which calls for excellent stainless steel hardware like yours!
Just like the original front door of a 100-year-old farm house, we can expect a similar length of time for our gates since we are using a much better glue (2 part slow-dry boat building epoxy). Since I am fortunately very busy with contractors, architects, and homeowners who understand that and who are not willing to take a chance to deviate from that age old saying. Oftentimes you can at least double the price of your new gate project added to the selling price of your home. I have a shop on the ocean side of a rather lonely stretch of Hwy 1 between Santa Cruz and Half-Moon Bay in Northern California. I’m a bit of an omnivore when it comes to drawing inspiration, and I like trying new things. The garden prominently featured a beautifully trained Japanese maple, many well-groomed flowering plants, some well-placed stones, and mossy ground cover. It is highly conscious of its environment and functionality, and doesn’t waste energy or material on unnecessary flourishes, but then through brilliant joinery expresses patience for what counts—strength, integrity, and grace, resulting in an organic piece of work that feels like it grew right there. I brought the top and bottom rails in from the perimeter a bit and notched them into the stiles. To come up with the details of the sticking I played off of thirds and threes—a pleasing number for patterns.
The stiles and rails are kiln-dried clear redwood from a local mill that’s been in business in our area for over half a century called Big Creek Lumber. I would never go through all the effort of building a beautiful gate, and then throw some standard, buy-it-anywhere hardware on there. The original work was designed in 18th-century England using pieces of mother-of-pearl marquetry that were restored from an earlier piece, likely crafted in the East Indies during the previous century.
That’s why we follow the artist’s way in everything we do – creating, crafting and releasing designs we believe have the power to touch people. Cloud-lift rails at the wrong locations, the generous use of Buddhist fu symbols, this all looks like a copy of classical Chinese style elements. Lakefront house plans feature an open airy feel through its combination exterior paired with the wide inviting porches welcoming guests at the door. Free home design software is very useful for individuals who have dreams of programs allows users to design and create floor plans of houses easily.
Home addition plans, garage floor plans, home addition floor plans, garage floor plan, and shed plans are perfect for diy construction plans. The installer created a jamb against the stacked rock columns by bolting a wooden jamb into the column.
A jamb is essential when you are installing a gate to an uneven surface like rock or stone. Bejar Gate has been in business for 37 years and is the oldest and best known gate company in San Diego County. Back then to my surprise the major door manufacturers wanted nothing to do with a door that is getting rain and elements on all 6 edges. This is provided the homeowner does their part to maintain the gate, especially since it will be getting rain and many times full sunlight which are very hard on the product. Our shop sits atop a bluff over-looking the Pacific Ocean which can make it hard to work through sunset as the colors come blasting through our big shop doors, beckoning our attention towards the ocean.

I do have a cache of woodworking heroes that I draw from, but I hope to express a unique style in my work that reflects a combination of the time and place I live in, with an appreciation for the vast history and tradition of woodworking. Allowing the stiles to run long like that offers a bit more detail and interest, without adding anything unnecessary. The home-owners wanted the gate to be big enough to give them privacy, but did not want the gate to feel imposing like a fortress. With the advent of contemporary horizontal plank fencing and gates, the thickness has grown. It is from this combination of classic Western woodworking and ornate Eastern decoration that we created our Exotic Marquetry Mother-of-Pearl covers. Timber frame homes and house design companies and house plans also home builders serving California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alberta – CougarCreekTF. Home improvement house plans, blueprints, and floor plans for home design construction projects and home remodeling. This is your woodworking search result for free dollhouse plans woodworking plans and information at WoodworkersWorkshop. The arm of the cross Click on image for more about the terms that describe a Gothic cathedral. Many people want to add up additional rooms in their house so as to accommodate more people because of increase in the family or for accommodating guests. The homeowners included privacy glass in the doors to allow light through and to provide a sense of welcoming to guests. The lever on the left is a dummy lever, which provides symmetry visually, as well as something to hold onto for when you’re pushing both doors open. I think being born into the construction industry is most often helpful in getting your humble leg-work done at an early age.
I have seen Ipe wood used in many different applications done in Brazil and I always take notice of the techniques used when I am down there.
In the end it comes down to a functional need, an appropriate material, and what I think looks good—a need turns into an idea, an idea a drawing, and finally a drawing into a beautiful, tangible object. I also took off the corners of the interior sides of the stiles to improve the profile—give it more intention. The gate is tall, standing at 84 inches, but the look-through, while being above head level, still suggests a friendly invitation.
We have a stack of this, what we affectionately call tank wood, that we are slowly working our way through. So we set about engineering a modification to our stainless steel deadbolt that would allow it to work flawlessly with thicker gates and doors.
We have incorporated the original design even into the shape of the book’s flap, so that the resulting journal has all the benefits of a wrap closure without any distracting lines on the front cover. Design Homes & Development Company has been custom building homes in the South Dayton area since 1987. This spectacular wood product is the ultimate dream for young Barbie doll fanciers and collectors. Home Additions Our porch plans are perfect for seasonal entertaining and gracious outdoor dining.
The deadbolt extends 1″ out the edge of the gate, so you want to have enough of the deadbolt engaged in the post for it to be secure.
I took my first Wood Shop class in junior high school in Newport Beach and then three more years in high school.
Fortunately my shop was right next to an old man who was a shipwright and he gave me invaluable lessons about glues and their relation to certain woods, which is critical in a weathering environment.
We also like the stops to take the load of the gate closing as to not put that stress on the gate latch (if a gate latch is used). Notching the rails into the stiles was a bit more work, but I could not resist the effect, once again giving more interest to the design, while accentuating the strength of the joints. I don’t know why, but it seems that standards and expectations for run-of-the-mill gate hardware is low, low, low. DIY Garage Plans is one of the best garage and woodworking guides available in the market today.
Using pre-drawn homes plans is the most cost-effective way to professionally design a home. 300+ Plans with Estimated Costs for Bedrooms, Home Additions, Garages, Remodeling, Modular Homes, Second Story Additions. A gate is a dynamic wood product and needs to move, operate, expand, and contract all at the same time while having the hardware work properly with the wood’s movement.
I love seeing how stuff goes together…because of this, even at a glance, one intuitively feels that it is strong. I want a gate that works well—I want it to swing smoothly, support the gate with brawn to spare, and latch and unlatch with a satisfying, easy click.
We did a few searches on the internet for free large dog house plans, and the results gave us a few ideas about the design and construction we wanted.
Waterfront House Plans, The waterfront house brings to mind one of two ideals – either the getaway beach cottage, or the luxury lake house.
Midieval gothic architecture in britain, cathedrals Floor plan of an English Gothic Cathedral.
If it’s a new home addition for your new family addition or just the need for more space, our home addition plans are right up your alley.
There are so many cool options for gate hardware, and a nice set is really necessary to put the proverbial cherry on top of your gate project.
Let it be the thesis of your property—it’s your mission statement—your best foot forward, be bold. 1 and 2 story additions, Mother-in Law suites, Family room, Master Bedroom, 2×6 construction.

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