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Dig out record sleeves, newspapers, lace, old photos of pop idols, bookmarks or your marriage certificate – anything can be transformed into wallpaper. Do you have your own wallpaper idea or can't find the wallpaper motif you're looking for? Why not let us delete your ex-boyfriend instead of you having to tear him off all your photos? Mr Perswall is a Swedish company which manufactures and designs excellent quality wallpapers for personal walls since 2006.
This means that you can use almost anything at all to create a wall mural design. All you need, to print your own photo wallpaper, is an idea – then we'll help you give it an extra dimension.

Our studio can help you fill your wallpapers with everything from favourite quotes to your old love letters. Send your photos, postcards or collection to us and we'll insert them to create your very own, unique wallpaper. We can change the colours of an image in or our collection wallpapers to harmonise with your home decor. Why not intensify accent colours to match the decor or emphasise your favourite mouth by toning down the background?
Creating a black and white wallpaper pattern, like a sketch, looks effective and is fun – let your children colour it in!

We made this wallpaper in black and white and added an abstract frame to give the wallpaper a hand-painted look on the wall.

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