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Step Two – GroupThe next step is to arrange items into similar groups based on function and size. Step Three – ContainRecently a Simplified Bee reader, Jeanette asked for suggestions on organizing a desk or junk drawer in a stylish way. Styling tip: For an uncluttered look, select a drawer liner in a neutral color and with a simple pattern. For long narrow drawers like this one above, a trio of cookie sheets keeps supplies organized. Muffin pans provide the perfect size compartment for smaller items such as stamps, paper clips and loose change. Cristin – I love all your organizing ideas and since I was writing about some organizing I did, I mentioned you in my post today. We just recently moved changed our spice rack over to a spice drawer (spice rack was on a stadium stand – easy to see everything, but nearly impossible to get spices out from the back without knocking things over).
What a wonderful array of cost effective ideas to control the never ending clutter in drawers. You can enlarge the images by simply clicking on the stain you would like to see as a larger picture.

When you come across items that don’t belong in the drawer, set aside in a separate group that will need to be returned to the correct place. Before you purchase any drawer dividers however, measure the drawer {width and height} to know what will fit. Save money by using everyday items you may already have such as baskets, ice trays and shoe box lids in drawers to help keep items contained. Keep in mind the idea is to be able to locate items easily and therefore, labeling the compartments may make sense in some cases.
Thanks so much for taking my question and creating this post.My sisters have been staying with me all week.
In the spice drawer, we put labels on the top of all of the spices so that they are easily identifiable. We can always learn more and become better at organization freely by taking it one space at a time. Please discribe what you are looking for below, and we will contact you with details about your special piece. Also, keep in mind the sizes and quantities of the items you want to store to ensure you purchase the best option.

If the drawer is used infrequently, add it to your quarterly or bi-annual cleaning schedule so that it doesn’t get overlooked. It is like chocolate to me.(makes me so happy)I would have never thought to use a cupcake pan as drawer organizer.
Whether organizing a drawer that holds odds & end, cosmetics or office supplies, the process is the same. The Container Store, Ikea, Target or any office supply store are great resources for basic and inexpensive drawer organizing trays like the ones in the desk drawer above via Apartment Therapy.
First the basket {which was originally used} was spray painted a semi-gloss white for a cleaner look. A clear acrylic tray with dividers purchased at Target was added to divide the smaller items.
A scalloped white bowl and vintage milk glass mug pulled from the cupboard were the perfect fit for containing iPhone cords and magnets.

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