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DeskSpace significantly increases your desktop space, allowing you to work and play on multiple desktops.
WinReducer EX-70 bundles a variety of tweaks that enable you to fully customize the installer package of Windows 7 so as to alter both its functionality and looks. The application enables you to explore the options and configuration of a genuine Windows 7 ISO file, remove the features you don't need and keep the ones you like and then generate a new disk image or a bootable USB device. There are numerous options that you can modify, such as removing applications that are installed by default with Windows (such as Windows Media Player, the Telnet client and so on), deleting drivers, fronts, languages, context or start menu items, taskbar options and other functions you might consider unnecessary.
Moreover, it enables you to disable or remove certain services, integrate new drivers and updates into the installer, change user and system folders or add new registry entries to the deployment kit. Aside from functionality tweaks, WinReducer EX-70 also comes with options for changing the looks of the operating system.
The application is intended for experienced users only, since it requires prior knowledge of Windows functions so as to avoid incompatibilities.
An on-screen keyboard can be quite useful for many reasons, among which avoiding keyloggers and being able to view the keys you’re pressing without having to look down at your hands at all times.
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard is a nice app that was designed to help you with any of these issues.
As mentioned, the virtual keyboard can serve many purposes and it’s sure to be quite helpful, regardless of the reason you need it.
When you press keys such as Ctrl, Alt or Shift, the virtual keyboard displays icons on the buttons that have a valid shortcut, such as Copy, Paste and Cut for Control or uppercase letters for Shift. The app can run at system startup and the virtual keyboard can even be displayed on the logon screen. New “Changes the position of the active window” and “Changes the size of the active window” options have been added. New ability to change icon for the on-screen keyboard in the system tray, the toolbar, the floating window, and floating icon.
New “Transparent background” options for the Floating Window and the Floating Icon have been added. TortoiseHg is a repository explorer for Mercurial, enabling you to easily maintain and manage historical file versions. It installs as a Windows shell extension, providing quick and convenient access to options for creating new repositories, adding new files to existing ones, performing synchronizations, view a file's history, create clones, remove files from the repository or rename them. The main purpose of this application is to allow the management of files and directories over time.
The TortoiseHg Workbench is the application that enables you to browse multiple local repositories, perform data searches, make commits, load and view all the file revisions.
The Workbench enables you to work with Mercurial commands and view the results in the logging area. TortoiseHg automatically records any change you make to a file or a folder that is also found in the repository.

Here, you can find links to My Computer, Paint, Windows Media Center, Notepad, Calculator and more. Furthermore, you get new explorer buttons, new icons and wallpapers and a changed login screen and loading animation. Most features of this software can be customized, starting with the color theme, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. However, while installing this software, make sure you keep an eye out for any third party apps it wants to install on your computer, such as browser toolbars.
Your system shouldn’t get slowed down too much when you add this skin pack, as its resources use is low.
Actual Transparent Window is a very easy to use application that's supposed to not only bring eye candy transparency effects into your Windows operating system, but also boost productivity and improve your workflow. What it actually does is give you the possibility to add transparency to any window on your screen, either with the help of a dedicated button in the titlebar or by using keyboard shortcuts.
Although we've seen similar software solutions in the past, Actual Transparent Window stands out from the rest of the crowd. The settings menu is one of the most important sides of the app because it lets you change basically everything about the way the program works. You can thus make windows transparent automatically, at startup, while moving, while inactive or upon hovering the mouse over them.
On the other hand, you can modify any window manually, with the help of a titlebar button, via the window menu item or by means of a simple double click on the title bar. Actual Transparent Window worked flawlessly during our test and everything went smoothly on our testing machines. All things considered, it's safe to sat that this application is indeed among the top choices in its software category. Configuration: List of specific Window Settings has been removed from the Window Settings navigation tree. With DeskSpace you can organize your programs and icons on multiple 3D desktops, and quickly switch between these desktops using the mouse and keyboard. With its help, experienced users can save time by creating a personalized installer that removes unneeded features and modifies other functions according to their requirements. You can protect important files and applications embedded in the ISO file, in order to prevent modifications that could alter their functioning. If you want to customize a Windows 8 or a Windows 8.1 ISO, you can download WinReducer EX-80 or try WinReducer EX-81.
Since some of these modifications could result in making the ISO unstable, it is advisable that you install Windows in a virtual environment before deploying it on a real computer.
The program has a simple interface that should be very easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. For instance, it’s possible to change the theme style for the virtual keyboard, to display a certain background picture, to adjust its transparency and to pick a font style and size.

Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have any troubles while installing or customizing the utility, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.
With its help, you can easily view the content of multiple repositories, sync data and perform basic management tasks.
It supports overlay handlers for easier identification of newly added and unversioned files. It enables you to review the modifications that a file suffered and retrieve a previous version from the repository in case you need to. Thanks to its intuitive, tab-based interface, navigation through the structure of a repository is an easy task and so is managing and organizing all the file change sets. It can be used for storing data concerning all the modifications that a folder or file has suffered and quickly recover previous versions or, on the contrary, update your working directory to a selected revision. It is a useful tool that allows Mercurial users to implement a robust file versioning system on their PC. The taskbar gets slimmed down and moved to the upper side of the screen, while the bottom edge of the desktop gets a dockbar with shortcuts to various areas of the system and programs. However, the position of the dock can be changed to whichever side of the screen you want by accessing the settings. All users should find something to like, especially since the app lets you customize most aspects. It comes with an impressive feature lineup, but also with an easy to use interface that is aimed at beginners and experienced users alike. There are two transparency modes, automatic and manual, but also a dedicated tool to set up exclusions and thus avoid adding that visual feature to some user defined windows. Actual Transparent Window also provides special tools to help you pick the transparency level for each of these options. Easy to use and with a good feature pack, Actual Transparent Window deserves a try, especially since it is well suited for all users.
It’s possible to press the buttons with the help of the mouse or type on the physical device and watch as the buttons become pressed on the virtual one as well.
The ease of use and the perks brought forth by the Ubuntu Skin Pack makes this software a good choice for all users. DeskSpace gives you separate desktops for each of your day-to-day tasks, and lets you to quickly and easily switch between desktops and the applications on them.

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