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The rise of smartphones and the cloud will render traditional desk-based computers all but obsolete within three years, claims Google Europe boss.
A senior Google executive believes the rise of smartphones will see the desktop PC all but obsolete within three years. Google Europe boss John Herlihy told delegates at the Digital Landscapes conference at University College Dublin that the move towards the cloud would see mobile devices capable of increasingly rapid and complex applications. He cited Japan as an example, claiming the majority of research there is now done on smartphones, not PCs. Herlihy's comments largely echo those made by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress last month, where he announced that the company was shifting to a “mobile first” strategy, having already built strong foundations through its Android mobile operating system and key role in the Open Handset Alliance.

According to Herlihy, part of Google's success was down to its willingness to try out new ideas, embracing those that worked and discarding those that didn't with “relentless brutality and execution”. He also revealed that fear of “the next Google” was one of the primary forces behind its seemingly relentless expansion. Share desktop computer Wallpaper gallery to the Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more social platforms.
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