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Microsoft’s Application Virtualisation (App-V) is one of Microsoft key application deployment solutions for the future which allows organizations to deployment packaged software to user endpoints without actually installing the software on the device itself. Microsoft hopes App-V 5.0, will also give more importance to the consistency of virtual application access. The Shared Content store in the new Microsoft App-V is one of the interesting tools that allow the users to make use of the disk resources on their machines more effectively. It also provides a choice for the users to select the application to stream as well as keeping local according to their specific requirements.
Businesses of all sizes are turning to virtualization as an effective way to automate their workflow, cut costs, consolidate space, reduce energy consumption and improve on business and IT practices, including business continuity, agility, security, compliance and disaster recovery. As data centers are becoming even more highly virtualized, organizations are finding that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can provide a wide range of additional benefits, both for the IT department and for the business. For IT, VDI can increase control and security, reduce complexity, ease management and improve business continuity.
For the business, VDI can improve agility, compliance management, flexibility, and responsiveness to customers, partners and employees. Read the white paper report on additional benefits of implementing VDI in to your business environment.
Learn how VMware Fusion Pro takes virtualization on the Mac to the next level with features for advanced users, developers and IT administrators. Fusion Pro’s leading edge features help you tackle complex tasks on your Mac by letting you run applications on a breadth of operating systems, including Windows, Linux and more, at the same time on the same Mac without rebooting. With the ability to allocate multiple processor cores, gigabytes of main memory or graphics memory to each virtual machine, Fusion Pro maximizes your Mac’s resources to run the most demanding applications in a virtual environment.
If you're running demanding multiprocessing applications in a VM on a Mac Pro, you don't need benchmarks to tell you that VMware Fusion…is going to best tap that added hardware. Fusion Pro takes virtualization on the Mac to the next level with professional features designed to help users save precious time and effort for a variety of tasks. Use Fusion Pro to connect to VMware vCloud Air, the public cloud service by VMware, to securely manage and download cloud workloads, or run an entire cloud environment directly on your Mac, all from within VMware Fusion 8 Pro.
Fusion Pro gives technical professionals powerful control over how to set up and interact with virtual machines.
VMware's robust IT-oriented security features make it the best choice if data security is a concern.
With the ability to assign 64GB of memory, 16 virtual processors and 2GB of graphics memory per virtual machine, Fusion Pro delivers leading edge features for running Windows on a Mac. Software developers rely on Fusion Pro to streamline the development and debugging of Windows or Linux applications in multiple environments on their Mac.

Quality assurance teams use Fusion Pro to efficiently and economically test applications on a complex matrix of operating systems, application platforms and browsers—all while doing away with repetitive configuration tasks.
Any organisation that needs to run legacy Windows software on Apple Macs should consider Fusion 6 Professional. Windows 8 is in the works from Microsoft, and it looks like it will be available to the public this fall. Traditionally, employees use PCs at their desks to access their company's servers and systems. For those who may be familiar with Terminal Services, Virtual Desktops provide more granularity, allowing different users to utilize different resources. Virtual Desktops are also a great method for providing remote access to your servers from any device.
Microsoft's solution to virtualizing servers is Hyper-V, which is included with Windows 2008 Server. Hyper-V's "hypervisor" manages the sharing of physical resources between each machine instance. 3rd-party browser plugins like Adobe Flash and Sun Java, which are prone to security holes when not properly updated on a regular basis. Touchdown may be worthy of a free 30 day trial if you do a lot with corporate (Exchange) email on your device. Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 that runs specifically on ARM-based tablets and other mobile devices. Some applications demand high levels integration for example, if an organisation wants to integrate two kinds of software applications together in order to accomplish their task then it demands the integration capability. These applications are created in such a way that to work exactly like a traditionally installed application on a local machine. This is created with the web based management interface which is based on Silverlight that can help the users to manage their applications without any installation procedures. This tool is designed in such a way that to be efficient and simple to use for the customers in the VDI environment. This tool will be helpful for the IT to manage and utilise Configuration Manager as like they do in their conventional systems.
With added support for the latest modern operating systems like Windows 10, advanced users, developers, QA and IT admins rely on Fusion Pro every day for high performance, reliability and leading edge features to run Windows and Linux on a Mac.
Fusion Pro makes it easy to evaluate new operating systems and test software applications, patches or reference architectures in an isolated and safe environment that is also compatible with VMware vSphere. Added cloud support for VMware vCloud Air and VMware vSphere allows you to bring the power of the enterprise hybrid cloud to your Mac.

Leverage the cloud to share virtual machines with anyone in your organization for tests, analysis or demonstrations.
Choose from a wide variety of options when installing, protecting, connecting, sharing and viewing virtual machines to save valuable time.
And, with innovative tools such as linked clones, virtual network editor with IPv6 support, and connectivity to vSphere or vCloud Air clouds, Fusion Pro is the perfect tool for advanced users on the Mac.
QA teams can even pull images down from vCloud Air or vSphere to perform testing with a consistent platform. With unmatched operating system support, performance and reliability, Fusion Pro is the ideal solution for businesses that want to run Windows on Macs. Ever since the release of the little-known Windows 1.0, Microsoft's operating systems were always based primarily on mouse and keyboard input. To address this issue, Microsoft App-V 5.0 provides more interesting changes that successfully solve this issue. These new features in the Microsoft App-V should certainly impress advanced customers and encourage them utilise the virtual application platform successfully and easily. Fusion 8 Pro even integrates with VMware vCloud Air, the cloud service by VMware, bringing even more cloud management capabilities to the Mac desktop. With the ability to create linked clones to save disk space, set up custom IPv4 and IPv6 networking configurations with the network editor or connect to vSphere to create, run, upload or download a virtual machine, Fusion Pro is the ultimate tool for today’s technical professionals. You can even create virtual machines that are encrypted, require a change of password or expire at a predefined date and time. With Fusion Pro, you can deploy standardized desktops to your employees, run business critical applications that are only available in Windows, or continue to run Windows XP applications in a virtual environment on modern hardware.
Management is an important concern when it comes to creating a virtualised application platform. No other Mac desktop virtualization software offers the performance, reliability, and leading edge features of Fusion 8 Pro.
Download virtual machines from VMware vSphere and turn them into local Fusion Pro virtual machines or upload local virtual machines to vSphere directly from Fusion Pro. Leverage the Snapshot feature to preserve the state of a virtual machine so you can return to it at any time. By utilising Virtual Application Connection groups, Microsoft App-V 5.0 enables users to integrate two different applications in order to finish their task according to their requirements.

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