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Windows Azure as a cloud-hosted PLM platform, as envisioned and demonstrated by Microsoft's Don Richardson at Siemens PLM Connection 2010.
Stepping up to the podium at Siemens PLM Connection 2010, Don Richardson from Microsoft‘s Platform and Solutions Group knew he was tackling a controversial topic. Having pushed the limit of mechanical CAD modeling with Synchronous Technology (current in its second incarnation), NX now dives into freeform surfacing and solid modeling.
Freeform sculpting is a necessity for stylized product designers like Black Diamond Equipment, a climbing and skiing supply manufacturer and a presenter at the conference.
Kenneth Wong has been a regular contributor to the CAD industry press since 2000, first an an editor, later as a columnist and freelance writer for various publications. Well all I can say is that while talking about the ipads being dropped from the 38th floor he shows us the cloud being dropped at a no doubt well correographed event where it does not work reliably from the cable to the box.
Glad to see a demonstration that fails in front of all those Siemens execs and software users. Kenneth, as of yet I have not heard anyone from Siemens talking about migrating to the cloud. Personally speaking I am looking for a big wooden stake to put in the heart of this bad thing and make it go away.
It was nice to meet you at the PLM Connection, hope next time we take more time to discuss.
In my experience, live demonstrations are sort of like weddings — you can plan ahead and hope for the best, but something unexpected almost always take place.
Siemens, like everyone else, is certainly looking into cloud computing to see how it can be used, but I have not heard any official statements on strategy or seen any company road maps.
A few years ago, everything those interested in bringing PHP to the desktop had had was the now long abandoned GTK PHP. You’re running IT in a company with highly computer illiterate people, and the only way to force them into using a good browser for your company app is to embed it into the app you deliver.
You want to avoid paying hosting costs for your own personal application, and you like to carry it with you on a USB stick.
You don’t need low level OS API access – you just want to make a browser based game, or a helper app, or something similarly simple.
These scenarios might look like grasping at straws, and indeed, I really can’t think of a REAL, practical reason to want to do it that doesn’t have a viable alternative. Another big con is that on Windows, a command prompt is launched first, and then the “app”. What’s more, you can only run one nightrain app by default, because it actually launches a server on port 8000 and then makes the headless browser that opens “secretly” visit localhost:8000. By far the biggest drawback of the app is that it uses WX widgets to power the headless browser, and on Windows, this seems to come down to IE7.
You install wxPHP as a separate program, which then gives you support for execution of .wxphp files by simply doubleclicking on them. This means your applications are mere files, and you can distribute them everywhere with ease.
The installation comes with several examples, including one which initializes WebView and loads the wxPHP website in a wx frame.
If you’re serious about PHP desktop development, wxPHP is by far the better option when compared to Nightrain, even though Nightrain lets you write good old HTML for GUI.
One of the biggest advantages of wx here is the fact that once installed, all .wxphp files can be run at the click of the mouse.
Once installed as per the Getting Started guide, and once we have the TideSDK Developer app (a helper application which will guide us in bundling our application into a distributable package), we can get started developing.
Applications resources are used in conjunction with a WebKit client and a familiar and extensive API. Generally, TideSDK uses HTML, CSS and JS to render applications, but it supports scripted languages like Python, Ruby and PHP as well.

Note that using the script modules for scripting languages will incur significant performance penalties on the installation and runtime of your app(s).
Interestingly, TideSDK features an object bridge which lets you, when using PHP in your apps, convert data seamlessly from JS to PHP and back. The PHP development workflow is severely underdocumented and highly susceptible to bugs, but almost impossible to debug. While the reasons for building PHP apps for the desktop vary from use case to use case and often aren’t easy to justify, I believe it’s good to know the option is there, should you ever need it. The famous developer of products for gamers, Razer, has created a device called Switchblade.
The dynamic tactile keyboard and ultra-sensitive multi-touch screen replaced the traditional keyboard and physical computer mouse. HTC is focused on providing timely software updates for HTC Sensea„? innovation, Windows Phone releases, and major Google Androida„? releases. 2015 Desktop FDM 3D Printer for Sale, View 3d printer for sale, Anyprint Product Details from Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd.
In NX7, Synchronous Technology’s geometric-relationship recognition (known as Live Rules) remains in place, so you can choose to apply symmetrical edits or suspend the rules.
As organic shapes become a typical feature in consumer products, more CAD software makers will be pressured to add such deformation tools.
The freeform modeling functions slated for NX7 are not expected to appear in Solid Edge, the company’s mid-range CAD program in the Velocity Series.
During his nine-year tenure, he has closely followed the migration from 2D to 3D, the growth of PLM (product lifecycle management), and the impact of globalization on manufacturing. How can anyone take these repeated demonstrations of the cloud seriously when so many show stopper problems are there and can’t be resolved. Correct me if I am wrong but a good portion of the reasoning for PLM is cad file management where files are auto updated to the latest revision so all are on the same page with the best data. Did you hear anything from Siemens people about this idea while you were there or was this just a Microsoft we want to sell you stuff topic.
This video is much too broad and much too edited down for me to decide if this is really a significant advance in surfacing technology. Why not opt for something that can actually tie into the low level APIs of the operating system, like Adobe AIR? You just plug it in, run it, and your app is there – using the same SQLite DB from before. It’s a packager written in Python that uses PHP’s internal server to host your app, thus avoiding Apache and Nginx and minimizing configuration shenanigans. The command windows must stay open if you want to use the app, and this might be more than a little confusing to the technically illiterate people of scenario 2) above.
If you want to launch several different nightrain apps, you need to change the port in settings.ini. Changing it seems possible, by means of WXPython as mentioned in the issue linked above, but hasn’t yet been attempted. One thing to note is that with wxPHP you aren’t developing websites as you would on the web. The API is privileged, providing filesystem access that allows you to read and manage files.
The engine behind the rendering is WebKit which means it’ll be somewhat slow to start, but it’ll support the latest web technologies. On the other hand, it comes bundled with the Mongoose server and can thus execute parallel requests. If so, please, please let me know why and which tech you’ve used – I would absolutely love to have you write about your experiences.
A lot of fascinating things are taking place every day around the globe and we welcome you to this world.

In an effort to bring transparency to this process, we will be marking the steps of preparation and our progress, by device and carrier.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. In the prototype setup demonstrated by Richardson, Siemens’ Teamcenter is deployed on Microsoft SQL Server, connected to users via SharePoint, and connected to ERP data housed in Microsoft Dynamics. In theory, this setup allows you to give different recipients access to separate portions of the assembly file. The control-point deformation method used in NX is similar to how you might build shapes in Autodesk Alias and other freeform modelers. His writings have appeared in Cadalyst, Computer Graphics World, and Manufacturing Business Technology, among others. If it is really and truly a significant advance (say compared to Rhino)in surfacing technology a much more detailed video done in real time badly needs to be done and published on say You Tube. But if implemented correctly, with appropriate backups and security measures, it can be as reliable as an internal network.
In fact, in small- and mid-size firms with understaffed IT departments, you’ll find that their intranet is not as reliable as the Internet.
If you need to sync online, you send the whole DB export to Dropbox or some such service at the click of a button, thus making sure you’re literally the only one who can access your “web app” even without your computer. However, this also means some more advanced aspects are unavailable, and you can only really use it for very rudimentary apps.
This also means that simply visiting localhost:8000 in your host machine’s browser will show you the same app. It’s very simple to make the app send the SQLite data upstream to a server you use for a centralized database anyway, so using only SQLite on the system where the app is running is somewhat logical. One can only hope the browser object will be updated to something more usable some time soon – until then, and until all the other critical drawbacks are fixed, I can’t even begin to imagine a use for Nightrain.
In other words, you don’t develop offline websites, but string together various wx widgets.
For technically illiterate people, that’s a godsend – you can easily distribute the app inside your company via a simple email, and the update procedure is as simple as overwriting a file. To echo something on screen, you would need to call $document->write() rather than echo. As such, the library has a bit of a learning curve, and you’ll be lacking the HTML5 features you might be used to, or the simplicity of web development.
Network API allows to create clients and servers or to interface with HTTP at a much lower level.
Its Windows-exclusivity disqualifies it from this list of multi-platform solutions, though. As fast as the webs capacity expands for throughput it is consumed and immediately we are back to unreliable data through put and latency problems. Any more details you could provide on the new surfacing in NX 7.5 would greatly help me and some of the decisions I need to make.
There is some Proof of Concept of the internal PHP server running and serving requests, but that’s experimental and complex, and once again exposes the localhost, just like Nightrain.
Everything goes, as long as we avoid having to bundle a server with the whole shebang, right?

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