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A look at any manufacturer’s website will quickly show you that there are several different wood species available.
As always, speak with the manufacturer for the final details and then discover the final results with the right wood. If you're looking for the perfect piece of furniture for your bathroom, then it's worth considering what types of wood would be perfect to complete your look. This fantastic round up of some of the most popular wood types out there isn't a computer generated image taken from a brochure or a highly polished show piece, it's the real deal.
The problem is, these real wood finishes might not be what you get from your actual manufacturer. In the bathroom world today, the most popular type of wood finish available for furniture is walnut; but it's often not actually walnut that you end up with!
In fact, the wood type shown here is a dark American walnut, as in reality walnut is much lighter than this. Put simply, if you ask for Walnut, if you're lucky you might get Rosewood, but most probably it won't be either. Recent developments in PVC and laminate finishes mean there's logic to the mass market argument "why pay for Walnut, when a stained wood looks the same". Luckily, most people aren't too bothered that their nice new Walnut unit is actually a much cheaper stained wood (whether that's because they're blissfully unaware or just after the end look remains open to debate). If you're looking for a real wood finish, then our personal favourite from this great collection would have to be either the Yew, or an aged take on the Oak (driftwood is very in right now!).

Either would look great in a bathroom, although our choices may be less about colour and more about visualising the effect a prominent grain can have on the undertones of your bathroom design.
If you're stuck for ideas on what unit to combine any of these types of wood with, why not take a look at this great dual vanity unit? Our bathroom blog is full of bathroom ideas, interior design tips and the inspirational styles that influence our unique designs. Keep up with all our latest designer deals and offerings from our free designer bathroom newsletter! Whether you intend to replace the entire living room floor or just the steps on your staircase, you need to be certain of your choices. I love how each type of wood has unique characteristics, patterns and, of course, different colours. Even within the wood species you can pick from, there are different cuts that will showcase variances in grain and color.
You should start with the grade of wood you want as it will visually reflect a certain style. Vicky from Asher Jasper created these Hardwood Building Blocks to not only give children a natural toy to learn from but to teach what makes wood different from colour to smell to texture.
No matter what the plan may be, you will want the decisions you make to reflect positively on your home interior.
High quality wood grades mean that the wood has very little in color variance and even wood grain, as well as few imperfections such as knots.

As quality slowly moves toward rustic, more knots will appear as will color and grain variations.
When you choose something that doesn’t work, the results can be jarring, so it is important that you get the right wood so the job can get done the first time.
I wouldn’t mind a set myself to keep as wood colour swatches and general examples of beautiful design!
If you want something clean, smooth, and even when it comes to the overall look and color, then you will want a higher grade. If you would be more than happy to have a more natural look with dark knots appearing throughout, then rustic is the style for you. Lighter colored wood species will match beautifully with these, and the sunlight will bounce off the floor to help light up the room even more. Oftentimes the current design of your home will help steer you in the right direction of wood grade. On the opposite end, if you have a darker room with richly colored furniture, a darker wood species can be perfect to set the tone.

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