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In addition, very often, the Dining room is also used for other activities like a Children’s play area or place for study and homework, Reading, Writing, Entertainment, Board Games, Sewing, Watching TV and  Ironing clothes. Adequate clearances should be provided around the dining table to allow for the efficient and comfortable use of the Dining room. It is preferable to have the doors of constant use placed so that the traffic between them will not interfere with the furniture groups. There should be convenient access to the windows and doors, and furniture should not block the windows.
The TV position should be fixed such that it is not opposite a window, as the TV screen will reflect the light from the window.
When the width of the Dining room has to be less, one cannot keep the sideboard alongside the dining table, along the width of the room,  but it has to be kept at the end of the room. When the width can be more, then one can have the sideboard alongside the dining table  along the width of the room. The Dining room is the space where the family sits together to have a meal and where guests are entertained. Creating a wonderful summery feeling all year rounda€¦ this is the Anatalya Pedestal Table from McGuire Designs. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Shabby NestIf you click on the green "more info" link below the photo, it will take you to another page that has a link to the online source for this table. The Shabby NestIf you click on the green 'more info' link below the photo, it will take you to another page that has a link to the online source for this item. It’s a gathering place for friends and family to share jokes and stories over a delicious meal or a few refreshing drinks. This activity involves Setting the table, Serving the food, Eating, Cleaning up after meals, Storing cutlery and crockery. The size of a dining table depends on the number of place settings which is based on the number of family members and the number of guests who are entertained. In some cases, greater clearances are required to accommodate the needs of elderly people with wheelchairs etc.
The Location of a Dining room depends on factors like  proximity to the Living room, the Kitchen, wash basin, other rooms,  etc. I’m going to re-model my dining room and looking for some facts and ideas about this matter. A dining room table is the one place in which your guests generally end up spending the most time, and it plays an enormous role in every holiday event you host. As a thumb of rule, you can have a dining table to seat 2 persons more than the number of people in your family. Information is everything, so to insure that you have made the best decision about buying the perfect modern dining table, you have to know exactly what you want and then search for it.
Because it is such a vital piece of furniture, you should take time to consider the best designs before you choose.Rectangular Dining TablesRustic rectangular dining tableThis is the most traditional type of dining room table, and it’s also the most popular. For example, in a 4 person house, you can have a 6 seater table, in a 6 person house, a table for 8 persons can be used and so on. There are so many amazing designs out there and that make the choice even more difficult.Collect this idea 1. The rectangular table is usually a minimum of 36 inches wide and is the best design for hosting large groups of people. The 7100 Dining DeskThe first dining table in our list is the expandable dining table from Draenert. This type of table design is also the best choice for long, narrow dining room areas or large eat in galley kitchen. This is a multi functional piece of furniture that pulls apart from the middle, making room for a metal stroller that you can use to bring the food from the kitchen or hold the champagne and a versatile area that can accommodate a cutlery box, the serving dish or a chopping board.
Made from natural stone or MDF-veneer, the 7100 Dining Desk is perfect for a  modern dining room.Collect this idea2. The Ping-Pong Dining TableThe Ping-Pong Dining Table was designed by Singaporean designer Hunn Wai. It has the official dimensions of a ping-pong table, complete with a beautiful flower arrangement that also serves as a net for the game.
It’s a great choice for rooms that are square in shape, and can provide a more intimate dining experience with everyone in closer proximity than with a rectangular table. The Tavolo Dining TableThis next table comes from Italian interior design and furniture firm Arredamenti Diotti.

Combining modern design with classic style, the Tavolo Dining Table has a wooden black or white lacquered structure, covered with in black or white tempered glass. Modern and undulating lines make the dining table an impressive mix of inner classic with outer modernity.Collect this idea4. The Cervino Dining TableResting on marble legs, the Cervino Dining Table can be found at Italian furniture developers Cattelan Italia. Beautiful shades of grey captured in the marble legs and surface make this dining table a majestic choice. Finishes made from metal offer the piece of furniture the modern touch it needs to be suited for a contemporary home.Collect this idea5. The Action Dining TableThis dining table named Action is a versatile satin steel covered table that can accommodate up to 10 people thanks to its extendible glass top.
A charming design and the possibility of choosing between a wide range of available  finishes makes the Action Dining table a strong candidate for your dining room. The 3751 Dining Table from SelvaPart of the Tzsar collection, this next table comes from Italian furniture company Selva. Having a transparent surface accentuates the beautiful curved stand underneath.Collect this idea7. The Artu Dining TableCreated by Colico Design, the imposing glass surface dining table named Artu is a splendid piece of furniture that impresses through its simple and elegant form and modern finishes. You can choose from a solid silver finish, gold or black, three choices that will put you in difficulty only because they all look so great.Collect this idea8.
The Blade Dining TableCattelan Italia`s Blade Dining table is the first round table from our list that caught our attention. The surface rests on four legs that are available in natural beech or walnut, cherry wood, wenge, silver or black stained beech base.Collect this idea9. The Brera Dining tableYet another one of Cattelan Italia`s creations surprises with the clean cut lines and timeless beauty. This one, named Brera, is an extendible dining table that combines wood, metal and glass for an amazing outcome.
The Colors Dining TableA beautiful and coloured dining table will always have you smiling during lunch or dinner.
Bright finishes make this Colors Dining Table from MDF Italia stand out in a stylish interior. Frame in gloss lacquered aluminium, the table is available in many colours: orange, black, red, light grey, green, yellow or white. Built-in tops made from tempered glass are lacquered in the same colours as the base for a fantastic finished look.Collect this idea11.
The Big Sur Dining TableThe Big Sur Dining Table from Crate & Barrel seems to be able to bring a small piece of nature and a calming effect in the dining room. The contemporary combination of rustic natural wood and bold, apparently heavy shape is the perfect mix for those who wish to have an imposing looking dining table in their home.Collect this idea12. Covered by a transparent  safety glass, the table has faux crocodile skin-covered legs that add a bit of wild style to your dining experience. But if crocodile leather is not your style, it`s good to know that the table also comes with a white or black lacquered metal base.Collect this idea13. Think about how it would look in your dining room, supporting the best food and the most elegant wine.Collect this idea14.
The Drop Dining TableThis exquisite dining table was featured here on Freshome and we liked it so much that we chose to show it again in this list of 30 modern dining tables. Amazing design and beautiful insertions make the Drop Dining Table one of the best choices for a modern home.
Laser cut patterns adorn the legs of the table, making it stand out and be the victim of jealousy from your guests.
The ET 1500 Dining TableThis table was not given an impressive name, but its shape tells the story of a high-end dining table.  This is a generously sized dining table with ample space for all the guests, created and designed by Hulsta. The extensible wood surface rests on a foot column that ingeniously hides the extension leaving behind a small door on the side for the time the table is not used to its full potential.Collect this idea16.
So you can see why this table was a candidate for the James Dyson Award.Collect this idea17. The Goccia Dining table with integrated faucetThe Goccia kitchen faucet from Gessi is integrated into a modern dining table, making life easier through intelligent design. Redefining the traditional use of space, this table with an integrated faucet is perfect for small places, where multi-functional items are very important.Collect this idea18. Made from wenge stained cherry wood and covered with a transparent glass top surface, the Icarus Dining Table was designed by M.

The Deco Dining TableGorgeous and elegant, the Deco Dining Table speaks about design and luxury through its amazing appearance. Legs made from turned steel support a perfect glass top surface, making this table a regal choice for the dining room. Designer Gino Carollo must have thought about a fairytale while creating this beautiful piece of furniture that can be found at Bonaldo.Collect this idea20. The Deco Console TableVersatility is the most important feature of this table: it can easily transform from an elegant console table into a dining table with room for six guests. The lacquered wood frame comes in black and white finishes and the carved legs bring a contemporary touch to the design.
The Extandable Frame Dining TableAnother incredible table from Italian furniture manufacturer Ozzio, the Extendable Frame Dining Table is the perfect urban dining table. It extends from a small, stylish dining table to an elegant table setting that can accommodate up to 10 guests.
The Mille Dining TableThis beautiful contemporary dining table from Bonaldo rests on chrome-plated legs, which makes it look sleek and inviting. The clear glass top is a modern touch that also works like a luxurious surface on which the best food is served. If you want to impress your dinner guests, this table will do the trick.Collect this idea23.
The Rubens and Isotta Dining TableWith an inspired name, this next dining table from Italian furniture manufacturer Diotti is a design transition between the classic and elegant shape of vintage furniture and the contemporary lines of a modern dining centerpiece. Available in a glossy ebony colour or a white glossy finish, the Rubens and Isotta Dining Table will surely attract admiration.Collect this idea24. This amazing solid wood piece of furniture from Hudson Furniture has a handmade cast bronze base which makes it an impressive addition to the dining room. The semi-finished walnut top keeps the heavy lines of the design at the maximum, making the dining table strong and astonishing.Collect this idea25. The La Grande Dining TableElegant and slightly feminine, the La Grande Dining Table from MDF Italia caught the very best of sleek design in its form.
The Vita Dining TableDesigner Thos Moser wanted this table to be an amazing design that would create the perfect dining experience. Having an eight-foot-long cherry veneer tabletop and a bent laminated base, the Vita Dining Table expresses the designer`s wish to build a perfectly balanced product. It expands with the help of a hidden scissor-like portion to make room for more guests, so that everyone can enjoy the food on the table in comfort.Collect this idea27. The Vanessa Dining TableChoosing to mix wood and glass was the perfect design choice for the Vanessa Dining Table from French furniture manufacturers Protis.
This table tells a story of modern design with exuberant forms that decorates a dining room all by its self.
The Kingdom Dining TableA mirror base supports the beautiful solid wood surface of the Kingdom Dining Table. Round design insertions in the two wide legs help the mirrored finish to maintain the glamorous and luxurious overall look. The Samburu Dining TableThis next dining table design from Porada was conceptualized by designers M. The four legs are made from walnut and the softly undulating shape can be seen through the clear glass surface. It does not need a fancy name, because its round shape and twisted base are a perfect statement of modern design that need no introduction. Available in white or black, the S Table comes in various subtle finishes, like the smoked glass surface for the black version. Just take a look at the producer`s site, MDF Italia.Collect this ideaWe hope you enjoyed our inspiring list of 30 Modern Dining Tables. We know how hard it is to find the perfect pieces of furniture for the most important place in the world: your home.
Choosing between different shapes, combinations of materials and sizes can be rewarding once you find that perfect table. Until then, have fun browsing wonderful designs and please share with us your favourite items.

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