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If anybody is interested in picking up some of the Buckhorn straight-walled disc storage bins, we're taking names right now for a group buy. These are might tempting and interesting, but in the wrong part of the country and bump for ya.
Even though 100 bins haven't been pre-ordered, we were able to negotiate the discounted rate so these should be around $18 each.
I know I am a little bit late to get in on the order lol, but did you happen to order any extras of these? Ok, everybody has probably seen This Disc Golf Cart, except a few, in that case click the link to view it.
Any carpenter or engineering help to get this thing rolling will be much appreciated and documented later in this thread. The best carts I've seen have been either a golf pull cart with milk crate attached, or a jogging stroller. To answer your question about storing discs, I don't think having them at a vertical angle will be a problem at all.
VADISCgolfer wrote:I want to know how to build a pull-cart using basic carpentry skills.Should I use a plywood base to screw and zip-tie to? For the quantity of materials for a one-off of something like this, you'll not only get a similar price but a more durable design buying a golf cart base, and you won't have to track down decent wheels.

No, wait a second, if the cart had three wheels, nothing would have to rest on the ground besides them, right?
At the top of the bag, also known as a kangaroo style bag, it has a cuff that slides onto the Plexiglas. I had three of these bins for my son's discs but needed more to accommodate discs that were still stored in boxes. The only issue I might have is not having a drink holder, but I'll just buy a water bottle with a carabiner. Well, I don't want to wait a long time before my reply, but just feeling the material, knowing what it is, and having a lifetime warranty from Spiderwire, I will say it will hold up. They're 24x11x10 and they would be around $20.32 each (includes freight) if we get 50-99 of them or around $18 for 100+. For what I've found out, getting a ball-golf push cart is much cheaper and more along my lines. And maybe I could make a smaller (surface area) frame that rests on the ground instead of a third wheel. That holds the top of the bag and it has a nylon strap that wraps around the plexiglas to secure the bottom. Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy.

Although the nicest cart I have seen lately is a stick golf three wheeled push cart that the guy mounted his Carolina to. Also a good size to put on in the trunk of your car so you can keep extra discs with you without worrying about them getting warped when it's hot out. Enjoy this stylish addition to any patio or outdoor space while minimizing your sun exposure. I fear if your construction, whether out of wood or PVC will be heavy and hard to get around elevation changes, e.g stairs. Umbrella comes with attractive starburst-design resin umbrella base in bronze finish that is sure to secure your umbrella to your deck or patio. Oh, the cost of mine was 15 for the cart, 40 for the bag, and I splurged on the bladder 40, so under 100.

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