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Disney Infinity 2.0 is the sequel to lasts years Disney Infinity that looks to address the short comings of its predecessor and expand on the things that made the original game charming. Disney Infinity 2.0 will have 3 different Play Sets in total with each of them promising a 6-8 hour campaign. Power Discs are game pieces that you can place on your Infinity base that give you extra abilities, items, and customization options.
Toy Boxes can be shared across all platforms but more ambitious Toy Boxes made on PS4 and Xbox One will only be able to be shared between those two platforms. A spreadsheet can be seen when this post is quoted, post your GAF username and your trades there. The first game was quite good, so hopefully this one will expand upon that and be noticeably better.
I'm sure I'll enjoy playing through it next week and favourably review it, unless it takes a major backwards turn.
I don't really buy into the figure collecting, though, and usually just play the base games. I haven't paid attention to these toy-based games yet, but as a huge Marvel nerd this is very tempting.
Typically I would go all out on these and just buy everything, but I'm gonna hold off for some sort of BOGO sale to pick up the rest of the figures and Spider-Man set. Fans of Disney Infinity 2.0 have been rubbing a magic lamp since E3 in hopes of classic Disney characters in lieu of an onslaught of superheroes, including Play Sets for The Avengers, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. The 2.0 edition of the game adds characters and play sets from Marvel properties as well as bringing in more traditional Disney characters. Along with The Avengers Play Set that comes with the Starter Pack there will also be Play Sets based on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and The Guardians of the Galaxy.

2.0 will have over 80 power discs that will be sold in blind bags as either a Marvel pack or a Disney pack. Toy Boxes in 2.0 are promised to be much bigger than those you were able to make in the original and new features like doors will allow you to combine up to 10 different toy boxes.
If you want you could purchase only one of the two starter packs and have access to the Toy Box mode and make or download as much content as you would like. I'll probably wait for that, haven't heard amazing things about the new playsets and I'm mostly interested in the Disney stuff. The Marvel Play-Sets are really great to have and have potential to be a lot of fun and the Toy Box being more open and easier to use will lead to really amazing levels to play one :D. I got the Rocket figurine today on a whim (they were flying off shelves, haha) and I saw the code, but I thought it was for some kind of F2P-esque mobile app.
Hopefully they'll allow to buy an unlock all key so there's no need to play the playsets to unlock everything. Picking up the starter set, Guardians Playset, Captain America, Groot, Drax, and Rocket on Tuesday. Black Friday would be your best bet for a cheap starter pack anytime soon but if it follows the pricing of the first game you should be able to get the starter for 30 bucks by this time next year.
I never did buy the original Disney Infinity as I was waiting for a next-gen instalment with better performance (Toy Story 3 runs like dog shit in splitscreen on PS3). They mark the second reveal since E3 for the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes game that has absolutely nothing to do with superheroes, with the other being Stitch and Tinker Bell.
There’s still no sign of a Disney Originals Play Set, but at least the roster of classic Disney characters is starting to expand.
Jasmine gets the signature Aladdin movie magic carpet along with the ability to summon the worst the desert has to offer upon her foes.

Disney Infinity 2.0 makes its way to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U on September 23.
Constructing Toy Boxes in 2.0 will also be easier as they are now introducing tools to help players build their toy boxes.
A shame this isn't backwards compatible with the Play Sets in that game as they look a thousand times better than the one in this. All Marvel discs will be available at launch and all Disney Discs will be available in November.
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