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I have some decent stacked images and long exposures with it, but it is heavy and now I have a Celestron Advanced GT mount.
However, there will always be some vibration in the images, but for $54 cost, it may be worth it.
Orion XT8i, AR102 To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 5 or greater. It certainly makes me proud to be able to build a dob star tracker with my own two hands and shoot photos with it.
Did you know that your ordinary DSLR camera has the power to detect planets orbiting other stars?
IEEE Spectrum writer David Schneider says that the basic idea is to use your DSLR to look for stars that temporarily become less bright as its planet passes in between us and the star.
In order to capture suitable photographs for this type of detection, you’ll need a camera mount that can compensate for the rotation of the Earth so you capture sharp photos instead of star trails. Using his DSLR, a 300mm Nikon lens, and the barn door tracker, Schneider pointed his camera at a star called HD 189733, which has a known exoplanet that orbits the star once every 2.2 days.
Edelkrone's tag line is simply "reinvent," and that's exactly what the company is doing with their new StandPLUS: they're reinventing the tripod. News broke back in February that Russian camera manufacturer Zenit was going to come back and take on Leica in the luxury camera market. When photographer Steve Arklay discovered his photo on someone else's Instagram account, posted without credit or permission, he didn't send a takedown request. Highly controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news a lot, but today he's making photography news.

Many of us started photography quite innocently— with small compact point-and-shoots, a smartphone, or a disposable film camera.
In the wake of the tragic earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador this weekend, the folks at Slate wanted to better drive home the destructive, terrifying power of a high magnitude earthquake. Loss and desperation, love and respect, bravery and triumph, these are the themes that COOPH is exploring in their newest video, and they're doing it by reviewing some of the most powerful photographs ever captured.
A man in Sutton, Alaska was shot and killed over the weekend when he accidentally stepped into someone's line of fire to capture photos of video of other people shooting guns at a local makeshift shooting range. Mother and talented photographer Niki Boon has chosen to raise her kids totally tech free: no Netflix, no iPads, just 10 acres of coast-side property in New Zealand to explore.
Here's an amazing short film titled "The Old New World" by photographer and animator Alexey Zakharov of Moscow, Russia. Many photographers want to give large format a shot, but carrying a massive 4x5 camera around with you isn't always practical or realistic. Seeing and photographing the Aurora Borealis is pretty high on many a photographer's wish list, but if you don't live in the arctic circle (or don't have the budget to get there), then capturing this amazing display may have to wait a while. Amateur photographer Carola Becker spent last Autumn photographing hundreds of leaves as they turned from green, to gold, to red, to brown.
Want to see what kind of work goes into turning a masterful photograph into an iconic print? When you think "towering architecture photography," the only chewing gum on your mind is probably the piece you might step on while trying to frame your shot from the sidewalk.
Or rather, they're throwing the tripod out altogether in favor of a different sort of camera holder.

And in this video, he shares some tips that will help you capture some of that iconic style in your photos as well. Instead, he started a dialogue with the photo thief, trying to buy a print of his own photograph. The main advantage was that we didn’t need to think about all the technical settings when we made images—rather, we focused on capturing the “decisive moment”, the framing and composition as well as the emotional content within the frame. They did it by stabilizing shaky amateur footage of a home in Japan trying to survive the 7.3 magnitude Kumamoto quake.
Fortunately for those people, the folks of Wanderlust Cameras have hit Kickstarter with a new invention: the Travelwide 4x5.
In the meantime, let the folks at Phlearn show you how to fake the Northern Lights using Photoshop. Pablo Inirio, the master darkroom printer who works at Magnum Photos' New York headquarters, has personally worked on some of the cooperative's best-known images.
All that’s required is a DSLR, a telephoto lens, and a special contraption that helps your camera track stars. When Huawei announced the P9 smartphone and its Leica-branded dual-cam, neither company was being very straightforward about what Leica's role actually was in designing the optics.
A number of his marked-up darkroom prints have appeared online, revealing the enormous amount of attention Inirio gives photos in the darkroom.

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