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So my plan was to install lovely sliding glass doors that lead out to new concrete patio….and easier access to the back yard, because for some reason walking an extra 30 feet is too much! Our opening was approx 4 inches wider than the door frame on both sides to allow for new door framing space.  The height was approximately 12 inches taller than the door frame to allow for a new header.
Here she is all finished.  I purchased the curtains from Home Goods and added about 12 inches of grey silk to the bottom of each panel for added length.
The Chicago DIY brick oven kit is great for the do-it-yourselfer or custom install, the DIY Model comes in 2 sizes the 500 and 750 and has everything you need to build and install a custom brick pizza oven for residential use. The doors frames are manufactured in such a manner that they have what looks like residual casing tabs on the corners. I would run a kick board to the outside of the brick and stop the brick on top of the kick.
I also see where someone attched the ledger board up tight to the rim joist then cut the decking so it's tight to the wall, a big no no.
Your going to have to add some waterproofing on that wall and a great idea would be to add a piece of Vinyl lumber under that threshold all the way to the deck boards. Did you set the new door in a sill pan so it would prevent it from ever rotting out under it again?
Originally, under the old wooden doors, there was a piece of 2x8 PT for a kick that ran from the bottom of each door threshold, to the top of the decking.

I guess I'll defer to the pros on this forum as to what I should do for the door supports so I can get going again on this project. As far as you thinking it's not a good idea to use vinyl, it's not structural when used the way I suggest. Not sure what your thinking was in using PT plywood and not even setting it so it was under the threshold to support it. It looks like you used the plywood to shim out the doors nailing fin, but adding nothing to support the threshold were it over hangs. That plywood the sliders are attached to should be running way down below the decking with a weather barrier over the plywood and under the nail fin and the deck ledger should be attached to it (assuming there's anything structual there to attach actually the ledger too). I've done dozens of then and use SS trim head screws to attch it and never had one move or bow even many years later. We have been sharing closets with the kids, clothes stacked in plastic bins, and stuffed in drawers. The oven is very easy to install and you don't need to hire contractor's or buy additional expensive materials. It will help keep water out, will keep the threshold in place, keeps the siding from being damage when somone kicks dirt off there shoes. I noticed there is dripedge installed on top of the ledger and under the decking on all sides.

As mentioned above I was planning on putting a 2x8 PT under there, but based on your advice now will work with Azek or vinyl. And 2 x 4’s were installed on either side to create a frame for the door to be installed. We bought our house a year ago (San Antonio) and basically every surface needs some kind of work (bought a short sale). At the moment we are scraping popcorn ceilings but this project just moved to the top of the reno list. Our brick ovens provide 21 or 28 inches of cooking surface to create a one of a kind customized backyard wood fired pizza oven.
All of our ovens are made with high quality refractory materials, reinforced with steel fibers and manufactured in the USA! Call now to talk to one of our wood burning pizza oven specialists to see what brick pizza oven is best for you.

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