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Masking the radiator in the old music room nook and transforming the space with a built in window bench was the first project we took on.
You can hardly see it, but there are two levels in this bench: the bench itself and a little end table. We wanted to make sure it blended well with the house, so we used the same grate over the radiator that was in the kitchen. This is an in-process picture well after purchasing materials, making the cuts, and finishing up the bench assembly.  Wish I had one that wasn't so blurry!
Once everything was assembled, we painted the base of the bench white (making sure to tape off the areas that were going to be stained - this took almost as long as painting!).
The music room nook area is so much cozier with the addition of the window bench - much more inviting than the space was in the past.

These few steps may sound easy, but what we thought was going to be a 3 week project turned into close to 2 months. But then, Grunt Labor (being the powerful force he is) made this great DIY built-in bathroom shelving to go above my toilet. We made sure to hit studs where the small strips went and used finish nails to put the boards on top of the strips. Then, we just added molding to the front of the shelves with finish nails and gave it a nice coat of white paint. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!
We just took small pieces of wood strips, attached them to the wall, and put MDF on top of the strips.

We did have some scrap wood laying around, but it shouldn’t cost you much more than that. We just did something similar in our girls’ bathroom in an odd little alcove behind a door. We had enough room to do 10 inches deep, but just went 8, so I think you could do either one! We used the K4 for years and recently upgraded to the K5 and WOW… So many little upgrades that save a ton of time and make it even easier to use.

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