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We often turn to IKEA for cheap storage options, which makes their basic wardrobes a popular item in a lot of homes.
Jenny of Little Green Notebook painted her PAX a handsome gray and added crown molding to the top to make it look more like built-ins. IKEA played with the doors as well, adding colorful paper to BERGSBO doors, for a simple and happy decoration.
Mary Beth loved the look of the closets in the Viceroy Springs Hotel, and set out to recreate the look with some custom cut mirrors she adhered to the fronts. Meg added some lighting inside her PAX (along with molding at the top), courtesy of her engineer husband.
Atelier Ahern built these hot pink long wooden pulls for plain MDF wardrobes to make them look custom without spending a lot of money. Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day. If you have existing mahogany furniture that you want to match we recommend using Sapele veneer and then choosing the appropriate finish. Sapele veneer can be finished with oil, varnish (water or spirit based) or shellac (the main component in french polish).
If you want to match furniture you already have then the best approach is to apply a neutral finish to a sample of Sapele and see whether that’s ok as it is or whether you need to use a finish with a red dye or a brown dye. Bear in mind if your existing furniture is a real wood there is every chance the manufacturer has been heavy handed with the dye to ensure that they get the same colour across different batches of wood.
Shellac – Clear Shellac (sometimes known as Blonde) has been used although normally Garnet Shellac (dark brown) would be used for Sapele.
Water based varnish – A quick drying finish that tends to sit on top of the veneer rather than penetrate it. Oil builds quickly, is very easy to repair but can take a long time to dry and should be used with caution on the inside of cabinets (some people say it can go rancid). Shellac is very easy to apply (a coat every 30minutes) but needs many coats to build into a final result. Whether you apply a couple of coats with a paint brush or go full French Polishing the result is an easily marked finish (coffee cups will be a no no) but repairable. Learn how to build your own DIY pallet furniture, with hundreds of projects and pallet ideas! With the pallets we can build any type of furniture, at the same level that the ones we can find at the furniture stores, as you can see in these 2 examples, so get to work and begin to work on your projects, gradually you will refine and improve your technique to create cabinets like these ones. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The latest project is one that we’ve seen on HGTV and online (like here and here): to take premade bookshelves and cabinets and add molding and baseboards to make it look built-in.

We then cleared out the existing furniture in the space and took a few pictures of the empty (and clean!) space (while the kids were asleep… we did a lot of the project then). Chris also had to remove the existing baseboards so that we could have it all tie together. We also painted the backs of the Pax the same Misty Harbor color, repeating the process with the primer and the paint.
On the side closest to the front window (the one with curtains above), we had intended to put the wardrobe flush against the wall but forgot that we had planned to install window trim (including a window sill) around the front window. We ended up moving the Pax closet one inch away from the wall and installing a small piece of trim to cover the gap.
Here’s how things looked with the Pax doors installed but no baseboards or window trim around the upper window. Below is a photo of the finished built-ins with window trim around both windows and baseboards all finished. Thank you for all the little details of this project, that novices like me would never consider. I have been looking to build a low platform bed, and the ones in market are very costly (for e.g. I was wondering if you could tell me the measurements for the different thicknesses of panels are? Clever DIY projects and hacks pop up as people discover ways to upgrade the units to look more expensive and custom-built in their spaces.
Genuine mahogany from South America is not sustainable so generally is not used for modern furniture production.
After cutting on our beam saw we apply a 2mm thick Sapele veneer edgebanding to the cut edges. In addition it can be dyed before finishing to bring out either the brown or reddish characteristics of the wood. The shellac has darkened the wood although because shellac goes on so thin there is a long way to go before this builds into an acceptable finish. You can really go to town with it if you want and use shellac, wire wool, rottenstone abrasive, cotton wadding plus lots of time to do full French Polishing and achieve a rich glassy result.
A spirit based varnish penetrates the veneer leading to depth much greater than water based varnishes. It’s amazing the skill that has Matteo building furniture with pallets, from here we want to congratulate him for his work! Completely built with pallet planks, all obtained from the deconstruction of these, then polished and cut to build with them a piece of furniture like the one on the picture.
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We especially wanted to try this on the first floor because Shirley has a lot of books and there’s not a single closet on this floor. Everything was flat packed, so it was relatively easy to transport, though some of the boxes were quite heavy (125 lbs).
At first we considered covering them with fabric or wallpaper, but we noticed it would be difficult to get the shelf backs to fit if we changed the thickness significantly, because the backs have to slide into a small grove in the shelf sides. These things are quite large: 39” wide by 22” deep by 93” tall (luckily, we have 9 ft ceilings on our first floor). Chris also built a little raised platform out of 1×6 wood to raise the Pax to get the baseboards to fit under the doors. The trim would have jutted so far out that it would have interfered with opening the Pax closet door. Also notice that there is now window trim around the front window (on the right side of the picture). However a spirit varnish needs 8 hours drying time between coats whereas water based varnishes are recoatable in an hour. We started with the living room, in part because we wanted some place to put the vacuum cleaner.
In easily her handiest moment since painting the back of a shelf when she was 39 weeks pregnant, Shirley nailed the painted back to the Pax frame. Will the besta shelf be able to hold the load when falling flat and acting as a bed platform. And is it different to the thickness of the middle vertical panels and the bottom and top panels? Currently my living room is very cluttered because I just use whatever book shelf (just like your previous short bookshelves) I have.
The paint store guy made a big deal out of using the right primer to ensure that it would stick to the IKEA material.
Remember there will be 8 of them stacked in a 2×4 formation so as to give a long platform bed, on which even after placing my king size matttress there will be space on the sides. We already had a quart of the paint because we had been trying different colors to paint our kitchen cabinets.
The Besta shelves have little feet on the bottom that you can raise and lower using an Allen key in order to level the shelf (there’s a tiny hole on the bottom shelf so you can do it when the shelf is in place).

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