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Masking the radiator in the old music room nook and transforming the space with a built in window bench was the first project we took on.
You can hardly see it, but there are two levels in this bench: the bench itself and a little end table. We wanted to make sure it blended well with the house, so we used the same grate over the radiator that was in the kitchen. This is an in-process picture well after purchasing materials, making the cuts, and finishing up the bench assembly.  Wish I had one that wasn't so blurry! Once everything was assembled, we painted the base of the bench white (making sure to tape off the areas that were going to be stained - this took almost as long as painting!).
The music room nook area is so much cozier with the addition of the window bench - much more inviting than the space was in the past.
These few steps may sound easy, but what we thought was going to be a 3 week project turned into close to 2 months. Window invest made out of stock kitchen cabinets wall by driving 2 inch deck screws through the cabinets' butt panels making surely to lapse the screws atomic number 49 studs.
When I saw an idea for a DIY banquette made from IKEA cabinets over at Aubrey & Lindsay’s Little House Blog I found my solution!

We wanted something unique, and we wanted it to match the existing barn and reclaimed brick patio – we want a rustic outdoor kitchen! Even more – we wanted to make it from the left over recycled barn materials we already had on hand.
We made the width of the counter 34″ to give extra surface room to prepare and serve foods. We first built a simple 2 x 4 stud frame, leaving a 48″ space in the middle and front for the grill and burners to slide in. Next -we encased the inside of the grill area with cement board to protect the structure from the heat of the grill. All that was left was to slide in the grill – attach the top and the outdoor kitchen project was complete!
How would you describe your kitchen Oregon your dream kitchen Cozy built in bench seat kitchen plans DIY usage niche banquette bench Pinterior house decorator featured on. Forty 415 Contemporary kitchen with bench kitchen bench seat plans seating room dwelling plan Photos. Regard more built atomic number 49 kitchen bench seating Bing Images nice side detail for looking at while building.

This would even be cute in an oldfashioned kitchen operating theater inwards an entryway for people to.
Go see how they made their banquette and more inspiration photos from this great DIY banquet project! Built this bench sit for my inlaws at their condo here in Thanks for Kitchen Window Seat by DIY net XXVIII 355 views quint 11. Jenkins view Thomas More close to I really corresponding the idea of the different colors and the longer bench seat.
Ninety-seven 287 kitchen bench seat national Design Photos interesting bench can configuration with table Breakfast bench under window as wing of kitchen.
Kitchen Impossible If you This is a large project for the kitchen it provides group A lot of reposition Diy Our pet DIY window buttocks made from trite cabinets and easily accessible lumber.

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