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The most popular brands for camper van, camping toilets and sanitation are Thetford, Dometic, Elsan and Fiamma (Fiamma Bi-Pot camping toilet pictured). Smaller camper and motor home conversions will most likely be fitted with something similar to the Fiamma Bi-Pot portable toilet that can be stored out of sight in a locker or under a seating area.
Good nick and I know everybody moans about converting a bus cos of the windows, but wanted to have a go. Hi i looking into converting my van into a camper can i do this my self or is it best tohave a pro to this ? If you are not confident with DIY then consider having a professional conversion done, but they can cost a lot of money. Do you know how it works in Australia for turning a van into a campervan from a legal point of view??

Personally, i would not bother with any of that, just set yourself up, and go and enjoy yourself.
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This type of toilet is shaped more like the conventional toilet fitted in your bathroom at home. Firstly, so that the waste matter is broken down properly and secondly to prevent nasty odours.
In Victoria, it's Vicroads, in New south wales it is the Roads and Traffic authority (RTA).

The waste tank for a motor home cassette toilet is located in a separate locker that can be accessed from outside the motor home; the cassette can be removed and emptied at the chemical point. Also, it is better to use a toilet tissue that the chemical toilet manufacturer recommends as conventional types that you buy from your local supermarket may clog the system - yuk!

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