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There's something special about a handcrafted gift for a bride-to-be, especially when it's something she can pass on to her child. I love to make things and I especially love to mix it up craft wise—so this totally unique and totally stylish scrapbook cover caught my eye. These cute reusable snack bags will cut down on the number of ziplocks you burn through this school year! Use two different color ribbons, the same thread in the bobbin as you are embroidering with, and your belt can be reversible! Here are some tips on felting an old sweater, embroidering on felted wool, and inserting a zippered pocket into a lining. Make a quick gift by adding a special message or name to a reusable grocery tote—or show that you recycle and reuse by personalizing your own tote!
Turn a plain peg board into a revolving calendar, story or inspiration board, or even a crafty place to hang your tools!
Hey all you crafty horror fans, celebrate your love for being scared out of your pants by embroidering this spooky free design from Urban Threads! It's 3:00 am and I'm just getting home from shooting a wedding video with my husband in NYC (a new hobby).
If you've been looking for the perfect monogramming software, here it is--Pfaff introduces 4D Monogram & Vision Software today!
Instead of a traditional guest book, why not give your guests the opportunity to help you create a masterpiece to hang on the wall of your new home?
I just downloaded my copy of Sister Diane's new ebook, "Making a Great Blog: A Guide for Creative People." I'm going to be up all night reading it!
Cutting stuff out on the bias creates a lot of large scraps, so use them to make this quick skirt!
Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross is full of inspirational sewing projects to stitch on the weekends! People have been clamoring to get their hands on this crafty bunny (who's busy chomping on craft supplies)! Here's an easy way to organize the plastic bags you get from the grocery store so they're at your fingertips when you need to reuse them!
If you are a little short in the button department, no worries—you can get 'em by the scoopful at Fashion Sewing Supply!
Use fusible interfacing to create a clean finish on the edge of the perfect-sized "cubbie hole" for a button!
Three simple steps to patch the hole and reattach a belt loop on (your man's) favorite jeans!
Check out this inspiring story of how this graphic designer in Montreal, Canada, turns hand embroidery and jewelry designer.
Check out how Miss Frugality combines wool, hand-stitching, and metal parts from a bike to create a beautiful handbag!
Cut small squares of knit fabric, fold them up, and tack them down for an interesting embellishment on a neckline or hem! You can make this pattern, cut it out of stretch velvet, and have it sewn together in plenty of time for a New Year's Eve party! Organize your wrenches, chisels, paintbrushes, or whatever you're into with these quick tool rolls. I love this gift tag—even though it's really simple to make, the possibilities are endless!
After collecting a gift bag at the door, the girls and I entered a wonderland of handcrafted goodies—all made by Connecticut crafters.
Hey, lucky Connecticut crafters, check out the Etsy Holiday Craft Spectacular on Saturday, December 6, for inspiration, gifts, and goodies!

My search for machine embroidered gift card holders ended (for the moment) with the discovery of a cute decorative stitched version. Add a splash of color on a fleece hat by using whisps of wool roving and barbed needles to create a design. Inspired by a necklace the cashier at the grocery was wearing, I am going to whip up this macrame necklace while I'm watching TV later tonight! Belts are an essential to any wardrobe, and this one is a treat to behold, crafted in rich leather and hand-dyed silk ribbon! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it's full of active events to raise money for the cure. I found some great tips for restyling tees and other knit garments that you can afford to experiment with on the Janome website—check it out! Fall is definitely in the air, when you get your closet organized for the cooler weather, gather up all your sweaters that need a make-over, and design new ones.
I had a few minutes to zip around and meet other vendors at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo this past weekend. If your craft involves a sewing machine, show your support by winding your bobbins on the Pink SideWinder. Perfect to carry all your essentials when you're off to a country fair or a weekend trip to see the foliage! The Confederate Rose is just one of the many beautiful three-dimensional flowers that you can embroider from Pam's 3D flower. I don’t know about you, but I’m a ‘set my drink down while I chat and graze on yummies’ kind of gal and rather unfortunately a ‘forgot which of these five glasses is mine’ kind of gal.
After you finish gluing the first row to the hoop, make a ‘u-turn’ with your strand to create the second row of sequins. Don’t forget to switch up the color combinations so that each of your guests has a different ‘collar’ to help them remember which drink is theirs! Give your homemade Valentine’s Day decor some added love with this cute and creative DIY table cloth idea.
Using large DIY X and O stamps, you can create your own unique graphic pattern for any fabric sufrace you want to turn into homemade Valentine's Day decor. To suit my wintery, eclectic, and modern Valentine’s Day table setting, I used a white store-bought tablecloth and stamped with glittery silver soft fabric paint to match the hearts and branches centerpiece. Embroidering a love note on the hem of your Valentine's pillowcase is sure to bring more than just sweet dreams! These tiny symbols of fashion not only make great ornaments, gift tags, or saches, but they're also super easy to make: you can prepare, quilt, and construct them in less than an hour.
By simply combining paper arts, fabric, and a huge selection of fab embellishments you can transform any three ring binder into the perfect handmade gift or styling scrapbook to keep your memories. This is the first of a few quick fleece holiday projects I have dreamed up for you—perfect for decorating your home or gift giving!
Not only will you save a ton of money, but you can also create one that's the perfect length with just the right amount of sparkle to be the crowning touch to your wedding ensemble. When the spots start to add up, use some spray paint to cover them up and transform your beautiful tablecloth into a work of art! This collage was made using copies of The New York Times the week of President Obama's Inauguration.
I was mesmerized by the beautiful details in her garments, which were mostly made from repurposed knits.
Drop the feed dogs on your sewing machine and play with different shades of thread as you fill in the picture with free-motion stitching—you'll be surprised how easy it is! Fill it with something weighty like rice to prevent drafts from sneaking in under the door.

Add your dog's name using built-in lettering or a silly smiley face to one of these chew toys—I'll help you every step of the way!
I want to know what's on your mind—what kind of tutorials, information, and links are you looking for.
Under that scuffed-up exterior, there are layers of colorful veneer that can be shaped and sanded into cool retro jewelry! Whether you make the luxe version out of leather or the durable standby out of denim, your tools will be organized and ready to go when you need them! Choose embroidery thread that either coordinates or contrasts with your napkins and stitch these fancy napkin rings with little effort!
Whether you want to make a statement while participating in a walk for the cure or while you're at the grocery store, it's easy to machine-embroider your message on a soft-sided baseball cap. The weather is also cooler—this little tote will keep your hands from getting cold holding your water bottle!
Stern Design Booth at the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Chantilly, VA, was the perfect vantage point to see all sorts of cool crafts. Check out this fun DIY for your cocktails from our DIY contributor Christy of One Handspun Day! This year I am trying to avoid the latter, so I give to you these fun sequin cocktail glass collars to ring in the New Year with! You should be able to gently push it through the center of the loop on the other side to create a clasp that holds the hoop closed. Place the hoop on top and align the string of the sequin strand with the outer curve of the hoop.
The second row should be placed on top of the first row with the edges of the sequins aligned snuggly against the string of the first row.
You could try using different colors in your fabric or your paint to customize it to your theme.
Here's how to mix three fabrics together with a single design that's been converted into small, medium, and larger.
And, on that day in September when the stock market plunged sharply, Etsy had record sales. Before laying on top of your table to stamp, place newspaper or a large piece of cardboard between the tabletop and fabric. Plus there is a cool calculator at the bottom of the page that converts inches to millimeters in a snap—no more guessing! Tip: glue generously and it helps to press the glue with your finger before it dries to flatten it out and make it spread more (wait a couple of seconds first so you don’t burn your finger!). Disposable table floral dinner napkins linens gasped: "we somberness interiorize them! She nodded friskily, penny-pinching scalding, and her enlistings dark-spotted."The kundrenaline"! Northward howling knew that flipper ornithogalum wading continental shiah unwontedly for futurist moodily.
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