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With how quickly technology evolves in this day and age, it's only natural that people replace their computers every couple years—even sooner.
Keyboard Earring DisplayHow could a keyboard be reused in such a way that someone hasn't done it already a thousand times over? Computer Key BagWhile there isn't a tutorial for this, I felt like I needed to include it because of how creative it is. Steampunk KeyboardI have saved the best (and naturally most difficult) way to upcycle your old keyboard for last. I Need a More Specific Step-Step Instruction on How to Use BeEF to Get Facebook Credentials. Get DIY Home Computer Chair Idea with Pillows to Help Cozy Work or Study picture with proportions 1024 × 1537 pixels for your computer background or just click on the pic above to look all pics of "DIY Home Computer Chair Idea with Pillows to Help Cozy Work or Study" by surfing through the thumbnails to view the complete pic's of "Ergonomic and Modern Home Computer Chairs Design". Any content, trademark's, or other material that might be found on this website that is not this site property remains the copyright of its respective owner's. If you've worked in the IT industry, then you're probably familiar with the need to set up lots of computers at the same time. Tyson thought ahead and came to some solid conclusions about the space he needed in his office. 28 x L10-7 - These are used to connect most of the legs to the horizontal members of the desk frame. 6 x L26-7 - These are used in the middle legs of each of the desks to connect the horizontal pipes.
13 x L84-7 - These aluminum plugs were used on the bottom of each leg to make the desk move smoothly on the carpet.

The desk is somewhat modular in nature and uses basically the same construction on all three sections. He painted the pipe himself and came up with a great looking contrast between the black pipe and the bright color of the aluminum fittings.
It seems that right when you get a new desktop, there's always a faster model with more features released the following week.What do you do with all of those leftover computers? And there's many awesome things that you can make out of old computer parts, especially keyboards. That's way too much, so just grab yourself an old bag or purse, some computer keys, and a hot glue gun and you're in business! The fine folks over at Steampunk Workshop have an amazing and detailed tutorial on how to turn an old, boring keyboard into a sweet, steampunk one. As the director of IT, Tyson uses the massive workspace to stage devices for setup and troubleshooting.
Traditional threaded fittings are very cool but weren't ultimately the look I was going for. If you're putting your desk on to a hard wood or cement floor I recommend using the 133-7 plug which is plastic. To keep the inside of the desk completely clear from obstructions, the two side desks attach directly to the main desktop. They came with a Durakryl coating that really showed their color beautifully, but I was after a different look.
Our in-house team can help you design and specify the parts you need for your next pipe-based project.

Computer waste is a serious plight on the environment, causing landfills buildup that can take a loooong time to break down. You could even use a keyboard as a nifty seed starter if you wanted.Do you have any better ideas?
Well this is what Tyson Smith did: He built himself an epic U-shaped butcher block work bench.
Threading pipe onto a fitting sounds easy enough, but when you have to get everything lined up perfectly in a larger structure it can be a real beast.
I sanded for hours on end to get the old coating off and then applied some charcoal oil based stain. Using a very basic frame and some casters, he drilled holes in the butcher block to create a complimentary rolling shelf for the corner of his office. Ryan MacFarland from Zieak tore apart his old computer keyboard and made a wallet out of the circuit sheet! Kee Klamp fittings are more costly than standard threaded fittings, but so much easier to use. The other reason was that traditional threaded fittings would have taken a much larger effort with having to thread each pipe. Simply slide the fitting to the desired location and clamp it into place using a hex wrench.

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