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August 8, 2014 By Radhika Leave a Comment Productivity and a comfortable work atmosphere are directly correlated with productivity of a person getting influenced highly by comfort factor. The office desk seen below is a very comfortable DIY office work table that has been composed of two wooden file cabinets and a corner desk. The corner desk seen below looks very functional with baskets purchased from Ikea that serve well for storing files and other office items.
The person who designed this awesome desk has to be given accolades for its sheer creativity. Your home office mustn’t look shabby and the best way to make it stylish and comfortable is to design it with DIY pallet furniture including chairs and desks. One can do a total makeover of his office at home by making use of old doors that one can get free or at dirt cheap rates from any shop or construction site. The home office in the image looks more like a hostel room of a funky dude where the wall in front of the work area is plastered with a collage consisting of various pictures and themes. If your home based office is limited in space and you want it to look spacious, you can buy this awesome double wooden desk that comes in white color with double sides, each of which can be used by more than one person at the same time. If you are someone who has been working in an industrial set up and wish to have the same decor back home at your home office, here is presenting you this DIY home office desk that is made of a durable wooden top coupled with industrial piped legs. If your desk area seems a little too congested, you can mount it up with stand up desks such as the ones seen below. This DIY white desk offers space for keeping a personal computer and whole lot of other accessories.
One can easily use this computer table as a work area as it is anchored with a durable wooden desk that is made of raw wood. This idea suits such work areas that have space issues as the desk, made of light wood is floating and is supported by iron legs.
How would you feel working in an environment that was surreal and looked elegant for you to put in your best?
Your home office can now look stunning with this awesome piece, a desk made of recycled wood. One can do lots of innovations in his or her home office if one needs to feel energized and positive all the time. There are so many wonderful ways one can transform or bring innovative changes to his home office. Corner desks such as this one saves space and can hold a lot of things required for doing office work.
Enter your email address to subscribe to InteriorExteriorIdeas and receive notifications of new posts by email. Stroovi is Your #1 Resources of Interior Design Ideas for Living Room , Bedroom, Kitchen Design and the entire home - The Number #1 Directory of Interior Design Inspiration, Landscaping and Gardening Ideas!. DIY Home Office Desk From An Old Door - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. A question I had on the unit: Do you ever have a need to sit at the desk, and if so, how do you do that?
Thanks for the info – I was just looking at the Kallax products and wondering if they would work for this still.
Since the Expedit has been discontinued in favor of the Kallax by Ikea, is this still doable? Instead of altering the table for height purposes, perhaps you could construct a standing platform that is acceptable for your height.
I was having issues coming up with my 44″ height, but found these adjustable ergonomic keyboards. I wonder if you could remove the middle support from the back bookshelf to have a wider area for when you are sitting…I think I like this idea better. This allows me to work standing up or simply turn to the right and sit down with a colleague across from each other. Regarding the too-tall aspect, what if instead of the front 5×1 expedit, you put a lack shelf on top of some capita legs? I’m glad that the poster above and I are both thinking about how great this layout will be for MIDI keyboards! The Steel Connection Solutions contains information on the BeamClamp, BoxBolt and Grating Clip products. Sign up for StreamDIY newsletter and we’ll send you DIY tips, tutorials and inspiration straight to your inbox! And there’s no better way to take charge of your work space than by crafting your own desk. If you are someone who works from home and wish to increase your output, you must renovate your home office that appears relaxing as well as multifunctional.
The wooden top has been fixed separately and is available from any shop that sells spare wooden parts.

The picture below shows how a small area can be made to look stunning by installing pallet wooden computer desk and matching chair. Yes, the map desk as we can call it looks quite jazzy with maps decoupaged on the borders as well as on the drawers of the desk. The frame wood corner desk as seen here has been made of framing wood and all one needs to put this thing together are a few screws and bolts.
In the image is a simple desk from Ikea that is minimalist in design with no glamorous accessories to spruce it up. The look is totally industrial and offers a comfortable area to work, not to forget the style factor involved.
There are four stand up desks made of wooden stools that can be used for keeping laptops and other office material as in the image. The picture below shows how the owners have transformed a few of the crates to be used as a desk for home office. The wall in front of the desk is fitted with open shelves to offer additional storage solutions.
Well, this is one work area that would increase your productivity manifolds as the decor is simply soothing with white home office desk that is broad enough to accommodate your laptop, plus it has a drawer section installed on top of it that offers storage. The look of the desk is smooth and one can get it made from old recycled wooden pieces that are no longer in use.
Seen below is a beautiful DIY mint colored chocolate chip desk in wood that is adorning the office area. Seen in the image is a library desk that is made of a whole set of old and recycled books that are stacked compactly and topped with separate custom cut glass covers.
In the image is an L shaped corner desk made of light wood with many drawers for storing files and paper work. Hopefully, you can gather complete information and guides about Diy 2 Person Desk and 2 Person Desk: Solutions for Designing and Decorating Your Home Office, which might be interested to give more benefits for your own property.
You may find 2 Person Desk: Solutions for Designing and Decorating Your Home Office guidelines and read the latest news of Diy 2 Person Desk in this page. This partially constructed shelf should only include three pieces: two short sides and one long side. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". There is some overhang and you have to decide whether you want it in front or in back, or split the difference- I situated the overhang entirely towards the back, which allows some space at the bottom between the wall and the Kallax shelves forming the base for power cords to run (since I’m putting my computer underneath the desk, that helps).
I’ve made pretty much the same desk based on this one, but with some extra shelves at the side (that were previously on the wall) and with more of the front 5 * 1 unit for extra strength. Question… I am wondering if I could get away with leaving BOTH 5×1 partially constructed and screwing the long desktop section lower down, the side sections would poke up a few inches but my pencils will never roll off the sides Anyone who has build this think this would cause it to be too unstable? The photo was taken from a really high angle that makes it look normal sized, but it is not! I did use a brace, but I used it to bolt the two pieces that form the top of the desk together.
A home office must have such furniture that need lesser space and is smart in appearance too.
The two cabinets have been fixed on either ends and serve the purpose of storing all kinds of office items.
These can further be polished and coated with glass tops or other accessories to make these look sophisticated. The top is made of white material whose beauty comes alive when maps are decoupaged by designers. The owner just transformed the look by painting it with white and blue, while the top was fitted with a glass cover.
These crates, after joining them can serve the purpose of storing files, stationary and a host of other things like a printer or even a laptop.
The designer has fitted a drawer cabinet in dark wood under the desk to provide for more storage.
The open shelves too are made of the same textured wood and are supported by sleek iron legs.One can put this area to maximum usage and prevent any cluttering. All of these offer great space for working and also offer solutions to store a wide number of items that need to be arranged near your work place. You may download the Diy 2 Person Desk images above by right click within the images to get the high resolution version. It definitely should have a good desk and if you don’t wanna spend a lot of money you could make it.
You tell us the size of your desktop, the height of the frame, and a few other options and we send you all the fittings and pipe you need to build a modern table base that can be used with any desktop or table top.
However, these days, one has to spend through his nose when buying home office furniture like desks (today’s topic that would be covered in this post) that are made available easily, but at huge prices. If you wish, you can polish or plaster the desk with shiny covering, or can just leave it raw.

Such furniture helps you to solve any clutter problems and help you keep your work area neat. The best part about using such furniture is that these are durable and are very comfortable to be used for everyday office work.
The other issue though is that the desk is a bit on the high side- about 46″ I think. He has included step by step instructions for his desk on his web site - click here to see the project. If you are planning to create a comfortable work area in your home, it is best to invest some time and a little money on creating these desks yourselves. Are you willing to update your work surface but would prefer not to have to use a hammer and nails?
I had picked up a Lack shelf while at the store in anticipation of having to do something for the monitor, but instead crossed it through the bottom, back shelf openings in the base Kallax units and put my computer on that- it gets the computer up off the carpet. Grab a roll of washi tape or a can of paint and put your stamp on a desk that already stands sturdy and strong. Keep reading for more DIY inspiration…Build Your DIY DeskOur first batch of DIY desks are not for the faint of heart. In fact, while these projects are a bit involved, they are very well worth the time and effort! We begin with a DIY Framing Wood Corner Desk, crafted from framing wood (its namesake), mending plates, screws, hairpin legs, and a few other tools and necessities. In fact, fans of A Beautiful Mess should know that the desk was built by Trey, the hubby of blogger Emma.DIY corner deskThis DIY Mint Chocolate Chip Desk from Infinity Ampersand uses bookshelves as legs! Even more helpful than the tutorial is the blogger’s honesty about little roadblocks she hit along the way.
And anyone who has ever done a DIY project can certainly relate to that!DIY desk with bookshelf legsSometimes we can all use a little help… Which is why IKEA desks are a great place to start!
In this DIY tutorial from Little Green Notebook, we see how two IKEA table tops and three metal legs create the perfect two-seater desk. In fact, many DIY enthusiasts who love crafting things from scratch prefer to add finishing touches via paint when it comes to furnishings.
If fact, the project uses an IKEA desk as the starting point, then adds a little magic with white spray paint (for the legs), as well as hot pink spray paint for a dip-dyed look.
With the Faux Butcher Block Desk, an intricately striped top is created with the help of painter’s tape and a variety of stains.
In fact, the parts used in this project come from IKEA (including the radiant storage baskets that cleverly conceal supplies).
Bobvila has compiled a list of DIY standing desk projects so you choose from the best of them. If you try this at home, make sure you enlist the help of an expert to ensure the piece is steady. In other words, these DIY desks will help you make the most of your room without sacrificing important features such as surface space. The Minimalist Desk below was built from scratch using a door panel and some wood pieces. For a full tutorial, check out Instructables.DIY door panel deskFor a similar desk, check out the piece below, constructed from an old door and painted a crisp white. The Decoupaged Map IKEA Desk below was created with the help of the IKEA Micke desk (another IKEAhackers project). However, decoupage map magic could easily transform any desk that needs a face lift.DIY decoupaged map for home office deskFor a simple, elegant statement that provides room for storage, check out the Parson Tower Desk. Build it yourself with the help of the full tutorial at Ana White.Parsons-style modern DIY deskThe next creation is quite original! The tapered legs have a Mid-Century modern effect, while the neutrality of the supplies makes this piece ideal for a variety of decpr styles. See the full tutorial at FMFY.DIY hairpin leg deskOr eliminate the need for desk legs altogether! Created by Maggie Pattillo, the DIY Floating Workspace uses oak boards and brackets for a compact modern effect. By incorporating a bookshelf as a handy divider, a desk becomes a small work space for two. [from Better Homes and Gardens via Apartment Therapy]DIY double wooden deskAs you can see, a wide variety of DIY desk projects are at the ready for those who want to be adventurous in home office design.
From the smallest wall-mounted surface to the largest L-shaped corner desk with maximum storage, a range of ideas are ripe for the picking. Since many hours can be spent at a home desk, make sure the piece you choose is as practical as it is pretty.

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