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I have told you a few times about my friends in Cincinnati…they live in this gorgeous old home.
The door I used (actually, we aren’t sure if it was used as a door or window…it is an odd length) it was perfect size to lean against the wall.
I attached a hook for scissors too ;) My gift wrap was a little bit long…so I cut that with my miter saw too…yeah, that is the first time I cut gift wrap with my miter saw. Chris had these really old pocket doors that she found in the cellar…and was at a loss for what to do with them.

You could find an old window and hang it on the wall…or a door…just look for something that has a nice sturdy wood frame.
Then I measured the dowel rods and cut them to size with my miter saw (handsaw would be fine). There are so many beautiful wrapping paper rolls out there and this is such a fabulous, stylish way to display them. My hope is that when you leave here you are inspired to go forth and be clever in your own home.

I have had them in my garage for about 2 years…no joke (hubs has been super happy to have them in there too…or not…) Any who, I knew they could be something purposeful again…I just wasn’t sure what it would be…until now….

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