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Did that space actually grow larger and taller with the addition of shelves or is it just me?
Well…the pantry was actually complete December 1st, 2012 (remember I showed a sneak peek in the Christmas home tour?)…but since I’m just sharing the reveal now and still tweaking…let’s call it the first awesome DIYShowOff project to kick off DIY in 2014!
The space is bigger than a hallway but six (6!) doorways make it too awkward to be a room. Where is all started: The idea to one day call this area a pantry formed three years ago after drooling over this awesome pantry by Emerson Made on Design Sponge. The shelves were designed to fit the wall to ceiling and floor space perfectly and to accommodate our microwave as well as dried goods and baskets. This entry was posted in Decorating, DIY furniture, pantry, renovation, Roeshel's Projects and tagged Before & After, DIY, FarmHouse, industrial, Organization, Pantry, room makeover, shelving, storage by Roeshel. Welcome to CurveMakers, Creators of the Original andOnly patented do-it-yourself kits for interior archways! For remodeling, or building new, CurveMakers Archways are a great way to add value to your home! When we removed a pantry closet in our kitchen to move the refrigerator (more on that here), it decreased valuable storage space.

There are doorways opening to the kitchen, dining room, living room, old cellar stairwell, enclosed porch (original front door) and half bathroom.
I’m still messing with getting it all organized but I loooove how this once awkward unused space is now functional and pretty! Not a cheap DIY but still more affordable than purchasing two manufactured floor to ceiling shelving units. I just finished looking at steel ones at Home Depot online and can not afford them, plus I like the idea of making it my own for my small pantry that has an inner pantry that I have to get to inside of the first pantry. Can’t wait for more of the DIY details on the shelving – it has such a fabulous look!! We have a similar situation in our living room but do not want to do anything permanent as we just do not know how much longer we will be in this house.
It will make you stronger and give more definition to your muscles, make your heart stronger, but not make you big and bulky. Currently I have a cute hanging light I would love to put up but hated the idea of the cord running down the wall but with this idea I could just run the cord through the conduit. Another benefit of having more muscle is that you can burn more calories even when you are not exercising.There is no reason why you should not add weight lifting to your home workouts or gym workout routine.

I just purchased those same lights from Lowes, only I got the light that is three in one unit.
Ever since previous owners enclosed the front porch and re-routed the front door, this poor former entryway has been feeling forgotten.
Haven’t put it up yet, but it’s so nice to catch a glimpse of what they will look like!
I considered painting it while to match the ceiling but then decided to highlight it with oil-rubbed-bronze for an industrial style to go with the shelving.
This is out of the park fabulous and I can’t wait to see the rest of the details and the tutorials!

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