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Last Christmas, I was thinking and thinking trying to figure out what to get for Brinley for Christmas. Back Fabric: You want a fabric to hand down in the back of the hole so the puppeteer can be hidden. Overhanging Fabric: I also used some fabric to hang from the top and at the bottom of the opening. You will need a tension rod that is large enough to go in the doorway you want to use this in. You will also need two dowels--one for the middle just below the opening and one for the bottom.
Fold the flap from the hole you made so that it is hanging down on the back of the theatre. Fold under each short edge, pres, and sew in place so there is no longer a raw edge on the end. When McKenna was born, I wasn't sure exactly when I was going to start sleep training with her.
Screen shot of the timeline I made for you Even when you have several children, it is easy to forget when to expect certain milestones.

A really difficult time to navigate is the time when your baby starts to wake in the night around 5-6 AM. The striped piece I used to make the frame is cotton drapery fabric, and the drapes are silk that I found a great sale on.
I knew this was something I could make, but you can often find things for about the same price already made. I purchased one yard--I do wish I had purchased more so the bottom hanging section could be bigger. I serged and was just going to fold it over and sew it with the serged side exposed, but my perfectionist self decided the back would be seen enough that I did a double roll to hem it. To make the casing, I serged the bottom, then folded it under two inches and sewed it in place. My curtains have a bit of space between the inner ends so that they don't cover up so much of the opening.
You want it to cover up the top of the curtains and just skim the top of the opening of the hole. It may help to make yourself a paper pattern (taped together) of your theater to be sure your dimensions suit your needs.

I love to see what others are making, so please feel free to include a links and share your site with us!!!
I didn't have any on hand and wanted this to be as inexpensive as possible, so I made it look fancy by adding a ruffle to the bottom of each curtain. If you are making curtains for the front, they will cover up most of the edges for this hole.
You will have to decide if you want more of the opening showing or if you want the curtains to cover the hole completely. To get both, you could apply some velcro to the curtain to help fasten it shut when they are down.

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