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I didn't have the Bentley manual, just the pictures posted below to go along with, and I managed fine, so it's not needed if you follow this guide.
The driver's side window was brought down so that about 4-5" of glass remained visible. To remove the door panel I started toward the top inside corner near the window speaker (right-hand-side of the photo), again using the plastic trim tools. The power cable to the windows has press-point and rotating lever to get it unhooked from the panel (see photo).
Once the glass was out, I removed the two 10 mm nuts holding the outside window regulator guide to clear some space.
The door lock was removed by removing the small circular cover on the side of the door and removing the 4 mm Allen bolt. With the door lock out you can can reach up from the inside of the door and unclip the wires from the actuator.
To unhook the exterior door handle cable from the actuator reach from the inside of the door and grab the white plastic end and pull it out of its slot in the actuator. Once you take the defective actuator out, you'll be confident enough to remember the steps to put everything back together.
Can't phone dealer til tomorrow and I am totally at a loss to know if I am making a mistake or is this is a faulty piece. Anyhow, I could get the actuator out without messing with the window or the door lock thingie on the outside of the door. It took about 5 minutes of cussing to get it out, but eventually I found a way to slide it out. If you unscrew that guidance in the bottom so you can push it inwards, and just loosen it at the top, you'll get the actuator out through the lower section. As for disconnecting the window, I just unscrewed the actuatuor and with my hand, I could disconnect the rubber spongy thing attached to the window. Cheers and thanks to the Op, since I probably just would have let Bmw fix it if I hadn't found this DIY. Spent almost 4 hours on it this evening cos I didnt read Krono's post and wasted most of the time trying to pry the clips with all sorts of makeshift plastic trim tools I made from plastic spatulas and nylon aquarium cleaning blades. Also it was too tricky to just loosen the window guide-rails and push it in, the extra space created simply was not enough to get a hand in to disconnect the wires and cables connecting the actuator. I am having trouble replacing the plastic cover for the speaker on the inside of the mirror base. Do you think that you can remove the mirror (removing the tweeter) without having to take the door panel apart? Thanks, this just helped me sort out a leak on my passenger door as the inner panel had come away at the lower edge. BMW probably charges in the hundreds for this removal and mirror replacement, but I was able to do it in in less than an hour!
Thank you soooo much for the pictures and the trouble you took to place the markings were the plastic clips go. Word of warning, when you buy the new mirror right before you are about to screw in the (3) bolts that hold the side view mirror to the car, you will notice that the holes in the mirror base are NOT threaded! Pull door panel back enough to access speaker electrical connector, then disconnect by pulling straight off.

Disconnect power window switch electrical connector by pressing release tab and opening lever. Followup from the Pelican Staff: Not sure, the vehicle had a face lift midway through, the door may be different. Comments: MY e90 passenger door is locked and is not being unlocked both electrical and manual by the handle from the inside and outside.
Comments: Forgive my ignorance, I didn't think there would be a significant difference between doors of the same body style E90.
Followup from the Pelican Staff: Yes, remove the fasteners, then lever the panel off using a trim panel tool.
Followup from the Pelican Staff: Remove the door panel, then remove the handle and swap it out.
Comments: My e90 door was damaged and was replaced Since then the vapour barrier continue to leak and I have changed the barrier and sealed it 15 times or so but it continue to leak Is there any special type of sealant or is there a missing seal . Comments: I have a door button e90 that does not open or close with the remote - it does move the tiniest bit though. Followup from the Pelican Staff: If it is one door and all the others work, the problem is likely the latch. Followup from the Pelican Staff: The plastic has to be removed, then you resintall new handle with special screws. Followup from the Pelican Staff: You may have damaged wiring to the airbag components of the seat belt buckle.
Followup from the Pelican Staff: The door panel being removed does not require the airbag to be touched. Followup from the Pelican Staff: You can either pull the cable end by hand or reattach the handle to open it. Followup from the Pelican Staff: If the door is double locked and will not open from the inside or outside you are going to have to remove the door panel to access the door latch.
I just used the plastic trim tools behind the glass to pry the clip out enough to pull the glass up. The second point of attachment should come off the actuator lever at the same time (see photo of cable end).
Also shown is the actuator and door lock, showing the point at which the door lock enters the actuator. The only issue I had was with with improper installation of the exterior door handle cable to the actuator (mentioned earlier). If you lower the window to 4" showing, the hole in the glass lines up with the oval hole in the black metal guide, allowing you to push any old screwdriver through both and push the white plastic clip out of the hole while you push up slightly on the lower edge of the window to release it.
Yesterday, Got the new actuator inside the door and was trying to bolt it in place but I could not do it.
Best of it all, you always have the spare actuator available to you can see where to put stuff. I couldn't squeeze the actuator pass the window regulator without unclipping the glass either.
Do you think it is possible to keep the rear speakers in or on the doors with the panel removed?
I like to start at lower corner, Then work my way around door panel, releasing all other clips.

First check that the lock rod isn't jammed, if it moves freely up and down, the issue is likely the latch. You can try cleaning and lubricating the latch before replacing it. Can you describe to me how to clean and lubricate the latch please ? If you want to replace only the right door pull carrier and its trim piece of course do you have to remove the door panel? If you have to service the airbag system, disconnect the battery and wait 15 minutes before working on the system. I searched for how to remove the rear door panel I found a post that said to shut off the car completely. Join us in our BMW E90 Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts.
The wires are tied to plastic plugs that are pressed into supporting holes on the actuator. Be sure to get both of slotted attachment points back on properly on the new actuator and confirm that the exterior handle works before closing things up. The dealer just told me it's a 'self-threading' bolt, so I have just made the threads now with the lock on the bench and am about to replace it. So if I remove the rear door panel which should be similar to the front door, do you think the speakers need to be disconnected or can they stay on the door? In this tech article, I will go over the steps involved in removing the door panel on your E90. Once door panel clips have been disconnected, pull top of door panel straight off window seal clips. Once all electrical connectors are disconnected and detached from door panel, remove door panel from vehicle. Once the panel was removed over the unlocking button, the wires were unplugged, and the Bowden cable was unhooked (see photos). I suggest having extra door panel clips on hand before removing, as they can break when removing. No amount of locking or unlocking via FOB, dash, or keys seems to help. Panel cannot be removed with the door closed.
When unlocked with remote or unlock button on dashboard, button rattles up and down and stays down. Please can you post the level of difficulty in doing this repair our selves, cost to include tools and parts needed.
The type of tool helps greatly when working with a stuck door and minimal access to the panel. Be very careful when removing the vapor barrier, it tears easily and if it is reinstalled with a tear, an interior water leak can develop.There are a few differences in removing the driver and passenger door panels.

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