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Please note that for clarity this circuit has been drawn without showing power supplies to the CMOS 4011 and CMOS 4050 IC's. With a good cable and all wires connected then LED 1 will light at both cable ends, followed in sequence by LED 2 ,3, 4 etc to LED 8, the sequence then repeating.
The trick works as follows: a wand (with a magnet mounted in one end) must pass in a 1-2-3 sequence over reed switches S4 to S6 before the bulb LP1 will light. As infrared LED array came up with technology and state of the art electronic and optical components that will bring us the ultimate in day and night vision efficiency and high power infrared output.
This project is all about making accessories that was made from a various color of fading LEDs. This tutorial wont be the most practical recording setup you have ever used, but it is an interesting bit of science and a great DIY project. This project is made out of few junkbox parts and builds a useful constant current load for switch mode power supply, battery testing, and other applications. The idea of this project is to come up with a really neat desk lamp that provides a visualization of when the International Space Station is overhead. Will show open circuits, short circuits, reversals, earth faults, continuity and all with four IC's. The problem with testing each wire individually is that if you had 7 individually addressable LED's, then you would need an eight return or common wire. If a 4 wire cable is used, it must be connected to use the common return wire as described in the preceeding paragraph. The earth condition will only show up if the contact to earth is less than 1000 ohms, a better but more time consuming method foe earth faults is to use a meter on the Megaohms range. If the wand passes over reed switches S1, S2, or S3, the 1-2-3 sequence will be reset (that is, cancelled). It may cost inexpensive and cheap, but the awe factor of having this is surely a huge success. A dummy load is traditionally a big resistor you connect across the output of a power device when testing it. This lamp was built to illuminate as it serves as a signal whenever it s overhead as long as the station is more than 10 degrees above the horizon.

This tutorial will help us in how to put a cable to help you monitor how fast the spin of your fans. The pin eqivalence is as follows:- CP0 (clock pulse zero) is the Clock input, Pin 14 on the diagram above. The sequence would be LED 1,2,3,4 repeating with a delay as the 4 unused outputs are stepped through.
You could use a domestic earth but its not really practical, and also if the cable was shorting to earth anyway it would be no good anyway. If two wires are short circuit, example 3 and 4 then at the receiver the sequence would be 1, 2, 34, 43, 5, 6, 7, 8. A general purpose adhesive is suggested, so that the reed switches may later be moved if necessary. Our company established our business division in 2008 and set up a production base in Longgang, Shenzhen, in which independent R&D was initiated.
The solution had me thinking for a while, but since this is a logic circuit, there are only two conditions, logic high or zero. Glue the back of the device to the front so that it looks like your device, with a back and front. This provides sufficient current boost for long cables and the transmitter and receiver LED's.
As the 4017 outputs are either high or low, any output can provide a common return path for a LED.
Here's an example, the probe is connected to an earth at the transmitter, the cable is very faulty, wire 1 is OK, 2 is earthing, 3 and 5 are reversed 4 is OK, 6 is open circuit and 7 and 8 are short circuit. With two years' unremitting efforts and hard work, we have sold our products to customers in Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Indonesia and many other Southeast Asian countries. So LED's 1 - 3 use the 4th output of the 4017, which will be zero, and the 4th LED is wired with reverse polarity. The prototype box was built using balsa wood.The wand may be waved back and forth in various motions over the box, on condition that it finally passes in the correct 1-2-3 sequence over S4 to S6 (at which point LP1 will light). This should thoroughly confuse any onlooker and make it virtually impossible for another person to repeat the correct motions with the same wand.

Our education series robots are designed for providing scientific and systematic teaching equipment and supporting materials for children and adolescents aged between 3 and 16.
Three AND logic gates of a 4081 CMOS IC are employed, with gates IC1a to IC1c being configured as a standard cascaded latch circuit. Through assembling the robots, teenagers can gain scientific knowledge in such fields as structural analysis, physics, engineering, electronics, programming, and automatic control.
The common wire in can be taken from any output terminal from the 4017, but the same rule would still apply. The process not only promotes their intellectual development but also enhances their practical innovative, analytical and problem solving abilities and social skills in an all-around manner. The output at pin 10 will only switch to logic high when reed switches S4 to S6 are closed in sequence. Our competition series robots have become the dedicated equipment for International Robot Olympiad and other overseas and domestic robot competitions. Meanwhile, our electric educational toy series robots with shapes of various animals and toys bring great fun to both parents and children with sound control, light control, touch control, remote-control and other functions, effective in improving children's EQ and ability of expression.
In addition, our company also has enterprise outreach series robots (dancing robots) which are shown in exhibitions, VIP receptions, banquets and other events to successfully establish a brand-new corporate image by increasing vitality and arousing interest.
Our company has an energetic, enthusiastic and innovative team composed of members from different parts of the world. They bring their talent and inspiration to various sectors, such as mechanical design, IT and electronic equipment, etc. Emerging in 21st century, educational robot has become the latest craze all over the world, and more and more children are fascinated by learning with robots.

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