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If you are having countertops in your kitchen and bathroom that seems old and dull in finish and you are thinking of replacing them then stop and think twice whether you can afford this right now or not? Ok… it is a redo worktops methodology where you can easily change the lamination of your countertops because now days all the stores of kitchen worktops in UK keeps wide range of lamination sheets ranging in different colours and designs. It was the era of 80’s and 90’s when you need to select the lamination pattern from just 4-5 choices but today in 2013 you have hundreds of options.
This entry was posted in Granite and tagged granite, granite care and maintenance, granite colours, granite polishing by admin. If you want a cheap project that will instantly give your room a facelift, this stenciled faux-tile fireplace tutorial is for you. In other news, if you follow us on facebook (if you don’t, you totally should) you know that I finally entered the year 2012 and have a new HTC OneX smartphone. Monica has been on Instagram for quite a while now, but if you don’t already follow her, add her to your list too! We’ll give you lots of sneak peeks at our current projects, as well as fun insights into our daily lives and what makes us tick. Not sure if you noticed, but we added a line at the top of the post with the name of the person writing the post. My role in this project was to prepare the doors, apply a latex bonding primer over the oil finish, apply  a coat of Ben Moore Regal Semi-Gloss as a base coat, and after the faux finish, apply  a coat of Zar oil polyurethane. Once your image is drawn onto the canvas, load your mini hot glue gun with a Mod Melt stick. When the glue gun is hot, begin tracing your image on the canvas with a thin line of Mod Melt.
From start to finish, this DIY canvas painting was a fun Saturday project that only took me a couple of hours, even with my learning curve. Both of my turtle-obsessed daughters are fighting over who gets to keep the finished DIY canvas painting in her room. If you are not in favour of lamination then you can also try stone veneer on your existing countertops. First of all decide the shade that you would like to apply on your counters and make sure it must compliment your entire pre-existing decor.
Start this by applying the good coat of primer on the countertops and then substantial amount of selected paint. Wao… this is one of the interesting idea through that you can easily change the overall appearance of your countertops.

In fact, it took me at least 6 hours of painting and stenciling, but it was so totally worth! Adjust the stencil sheet and check to make sure it’s level, then tape it in place with painters tape. Oh, this part is so hard, because as I was cutting my stencil, I was envisioning all the projects I could do with it go right down the drain.
This thing is amazing and I can’t wait to share with you how it has made my life soooo much easier, but for now I’m totally loving Instagram, and would be thrilled if you decided to follow me!
Even though the colors are so neutral, it makes a big statement =) I’ve just recently started with stencils (my first project was a carpet), but the selection of stencils available in Germany is nothing compared to those in the states.
Hope to be moving into a house soon and couldn’t wait to rip out the marble fireplace that my grandparents would love! The project was to take standard painted doors and create the look of crotch mahogany, hence the faux. Whether it is the impressive work of a Master illuminating the interior of a cathedral, or a simple piece of home decor, stained glass is always so beautiful to me. With the use of Mod Melts to mimic the look of soldering lines, I figured out a way of creating a stained glass look with a simple DIY canvas painting. Since it is supposed to replicate stained glass, add small lines to break up any large areas. It is important to have a variation of color when painting this DIY canvas painting project. She has been scrapbooking since 1997, the dreaded era of photos cropped with deco scissors. Then by using the rag or sponge you can create some good designs and pattern by dabbing them against the wet paint. Moreover it does not need any kind of creativity as in case of faux finish and easily available at the stores of kitchen worktops in UK. If you want to use a spray adhesive (which I didn’t), spray it on the back of the stencil and place it down evenly. But, it’s absolutely crucial to cut the stencil if you want clean, crisp lines all the way around. You’ll want to add some kind of protective finish, and I used Annie Sloan soft wax, which was formulated to work with chalk paint.
The preparation was detailed and lengthy, as years of caulking between the panels and stiles and rails had to be carefully cut out with a razor blade, which necessitated a lot of sanding to feather the created edges. After the image is outlined (by me) with Mod Melt, the girls can easily paint the canvas themselves!

If you are not kind of artistic person then you can purchase faux finish tool and manual from any local hardware store as it will guide you best. One of the major focal points for seasonal decor in our house is our fireplace and mantel, which I decided to give a little stenciled faux-tile makeover before bringing out my Fall stuff.
I recruited my hubs to do this part, since, let’s be honest, painting trim is not my strong suit and I’ll take help when I can get it! I highly recommend using the adhesive for this job, because it took me a loooong time to get clean lines without it. After dipping into the paint, dab it onto absorbant paper towels, or cardboard until it there is very little paint on the brush.
After all that hard work, you’ll want a force field surrounding this thing, but wax will have to do. The crotch grain occurs when a limb grows out from the trunk or the main trunk splits, and, like any natural product, results in various patterns.
She meticulously taped the beveled edge of each panel, which left the base coat exposed and provided excellent detail.
Once you select your image, lightly hand sketch or trace the image onto your canvas using a pencil. I used the silver, and it perfectly replicates the uneven soldering lines in stained glass pieces. Once it become dry that usually takes 6-8 hours then applies five to six coats of poly acrylic coats. I first painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint that I got from Shaunna who writes Perfectly Imperfect and sells AS paint , but before I did that, I wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove and dirt, dust and soot.
Both my stencil (Beehive Furniture Stencil)  and brush are from Royal Design Studio, and they are excellent quality, which makes the job go much smoother.
I originally posted this project a few weeks ago over at Infarrantly Creative, but have been dying to share it with you! Directly opposite of this door is the door to the formal living room, which is also done on both sides.

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