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You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. There are simply too many threads on the issue of sliding door rattles, its probable causes and tons of frustration even with dealer service. 8- Now back to the drawing board: how to apply a cushion material thick enough for a perfect fit! 9- Of all 3 spots where the sliding door rubber stops can contact the door frame, all I needed was a piece of Fuel Hose in the MIDDLE position. I still haven't gone for the test ride but I'll have something when I get home from work tonight.. The reason I like fuel hose is that: it is hollow inside so it can absorb the door closure and back-and-forth movement. I happen to be a distributor of gaskets and seals for enclosures, and I came across a particular gasket profile that worked perfectly. I was initially concerned that the thickness of this gasket would be too much (CNN's original success came from a 13mm fuel hose), but this actually worked pretty good. I used three 1" sections on the frame at the front of the door (high, medium and low positions), and one 1" piece at the back of the sliding door (actually on the door). I came across this post on getting into the door panel via another thread to replace the door actuator problem that I have. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Toothpicks can be surprisingly handy when it comes to woodworking and fixing small household problems like stripped screw holes and scratched furniture. Des panneaux en mousse pour isolation phonique dans un magasin de bricolage, mousse qui sert a isoler du bruit.

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Panneau acoustique pour les murs, mousse acoustique auto-adhesive pour la porte, et un plancher modulaire pourquoi pas. DIY: B6 A4 (2002) door latch 'door open' sensor fix - Audi Forum - Audi Forums for the A4, S4, TT, A3, A6 and more! The keyhole is connected via a funny bendable wire thing that pressure-sits itself into the latch.
On the little sensor module, there is a push-pin style button that is depressed when the door is open, or not when the door is closed (may be vice versa, can't recall exactly). It works great - That being said, I would not have gone at this if I had known how difficult it was.
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I left the 2nd row seat in place, you can remove it for easier access (you don't have to, just an option). Then use your fist to snap it in place (make sure the retainers line up with the holes first!). So one of the major culprits: the sliding door is allowed to move back and forth 1mm or so. The UPPER and LOWER areas, I left the felt pads there (I applied them at those locations a year ago). Then it occurred to me Honda engineers probably know the symptoms but do not know the disease. The reason I like "Butyl Rope": it is cheap, about $10 for a 15-foot roll at local auto glass shop. They can also be used as a quick fix for a hard-to-close door that has to be forced or slammed shut.Most of the time, a stubborn door just needs its hinges adjusted, either because the door is too heavy for the frame or not positioned properly.

If the toothpicks are too long, break them so they're long enough to reach the back of the holes. Le week end je reste chez mes parents qui sont "snophobes", ils me font des crises alors que ma piaule est a l'autre bout de la maison, je joue au quart du volume de mon ampli qui est un 50w hybride. Le seul mur separant du reste de la maison est un gros mur de 1m d'epaisseur recouvert de placo sur rails. Registration is free, fast and simple, Join Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums today! So they recommended a whole bunch of procedures: shim this, shim that, Shin-Etsu Grease etc. If it was on a scale, 1 being easy (like replacing your oil) and 10 being a motor swap, this fix was an 8.
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This affects not only your ears and sanity, but also the ability to use the key-fob to lock the doors AND affects the use of the alarm system. I replaced mine with a hack-sawed off head-end of a picture hanging nail, covered it with thin hard plasic.

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