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Anyway, you’ve been asking how I built them, what my wall color is, what items I grabbed from Pottery Barn to decorate…and more. Since I don’t own a saw (hope to buy one soon!), I had the helpful lumber guy do all the cuts for me.
Now that I had my cuts ready for assembly, I started by making the shelf bases for the wall. My long level is 4′ long, so it worked perfectly for drawing a level line in pencil…and that line would be covered with my shelf base so there was no need to erase it! Once the shelf bases were up, I headed back out to the garage to assemble the 4 shelf tops.
Most of it is new from Pottery Barn or older items I’ve had on hand from both Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. With the shelves being on the darker side, I tried to mix in some fresh (although faux) elements like the 3 topiaries on the top shelf, the vase full of sand and beach shells, and another small decor bowl full of faux moss.
Our previous home had a lot of browns and dark tones so in this house I wanted to brighten it up. Hard to believe how far this room has come since it was painted…only 1 year ago this month! This left four pilot holes in the wall for the dowels, which was the fastener we decided to use to secure the shelves to the wall. Before marking and cutting the dowels, Colby double checked to make sure that the dowels were level. After pushing the shelf onto the dowels, lining up the holes, our DIY floating shelf was complete. If you do a lot of do it yourself projects, you’ll probably have many of the needed items on hand.
You won’t be needing any special tools for this project, just basic things any do it yourselfer would have. Completed a very easy DIY project this week and couldn’t wait to share the end result AND exactly how I made them.
It took a while because there was about 70+ cuts, and it did cost me a little money (about $20), but it was worth it to have them cut the wood. Your shelf placement will depend on how tall your wall is and your own preference, but I wanted my shelves to be about 12″ apart.

I shopped around the house a little bit and then gladly treated myself to a few new things from Pottery Barn. A description like this isn’t normally my gig, but I wanted to help those of you that had been asking a lot of questions on social media. Floating shelving units are a great way to improve the look and feel of a room, while also providing a convenient location to showcase your favorite belongings. Sand paper, wood filler, and paint are all common household items that many people already have. You’ll need a hand or power saw, tape measure, drill, hammer, stud finder, level, and paint brush. Of course the next step is to paint and sand the plywood so it looks nice when we’re finished. Just slip on the plywood to the frame, and you’ve just built your very own floating shelves. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! I had to break up my project into 2 days, but if you are kid-free and looking for a fun day project, this is the one for you!
There are many retailers which offer readymade kits, but if you’re willing to put in a little effort, building your own is both inexpensive and easy to do. If you have those items, great, you will only need to purchase a little bit of lumber and some mounting hardware. Once you find the spots, mark the spots to drill and use the level to put the frame on evenly.
The cost of the project should have been about $30 if all you needed to purchase was the lumber. And of course a special shout out to my Shanty girls, Whitney and Ashley, for the build plans and inspiration.
You may have something else that already works well enough or you have a different brand you prefer.
Unless you need to buy items like wood glue, brad nails, or big gun equipment you don’t already own. With just a few hours of invested time, and about $50, you can create, paint, and mount your very own floating shelves.

You’re going to need 5 pieces in the middle that are used to support the frame, and they should be cut to a length of 5 ?”.
Lastly, take a piece of 69” pine and secure it between the two pieces of plywood, making the front of the shelf.
If you needed the paint and nails, it should still have only cost around $50; not bad considering what purchasing a kit would have cost! If you would like to start smaller, check out Whitney’s version for 3 shelves right here.
I’ve been starring at this space since we moved into our new home 4 months ago and finally decided how to fill the spaceand did it for about $120!!! Allison SmithMy man is home this week and has taken note of these shelves which I show him on a consistent basis.
Love this site, they have inspired many additions to our first home Kerri Berhold Schullwhere did you get your stuff on the shelves? Jamie RouclouxI love these shelves but I’m in a rent house and would probably want to take them with me eventually. My husband and I are mimicking this look in our house and it seems like a big space in between the shelves in person, but looks just right in your picture! I actually sat on the bottom one :)) Jill Elizabeth FrenchHow many inches from the floor did you start your bottom shelf? I have lots of books Karl BrowneI would NOT advise using floating shelves for more than a few books. GuestSo did you install your television on the rock fireplace, or was it a custom build with the home.
I have a home from 1978 that has a stone fireplace, and I want to mount my television, but I am not really sue how to go about it. The mounting kit that we purchased (from Wal-mart or best buy??) came with several anchors and one was for masonry. Jill Elizabeth FrenchOn this page under projects, then click window treatments, then it should be the first one you come to called – DIY lined window panels.

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