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I love this idea if you are limited in available space, but still need a small workstation in your house or apartment. If you want a DIY version of a similar desk then Ana White has some great plans for a flip down wall desk that you can use. Loft bed designs are great saving space furniture for small condos, apartments and dorms, but they are not exactly the most elegant solution to a lack of room in your living or bedroom. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Sleeper sofas and Murphy beds are staples of small space living, but what if your bed went one step further. A word of warning — although many of these Italian, German, and Swiss designs are available in the US, some aren't. Located in London, BonBon carries Clie wall-mounted and murphy beds, some of which double as sofas, office desks, and storage units. If you're in New York, Resource Furniture also carries space-saving designs from Clie and other manufacturers, including transforming beds, sofas, and shelving systems. A division of Denver-based Flying Beds, Smart Beds imports space-saving contemporary Italian murphy beds and convertible designs.

This Italian company has a Soho store, as well as distribution in several high-end stores around the US. Available through Orange Skin and several Italian modern import stores in the US, the La Literal Bunk Beds by Lievore, Altherr, & Molina can be configured as a set of 2 bunk beds, one bed with a desk, or one bed with a shelf. These are fantastic for dens and game rooms and can be adorned with your own individual style.  At night, a cozy yet fashionable bed you would not be ashamed to accommodate your guests with – but by day, your guests will see a wall of art, a mirror, awards display, or event additional seating! This wooden shelf with hat and coat rack has a secret fold down panel that reveals a secret compartment that can be used to stash a long rifle or other valuables. Ikea used to have something similar to this, but even though it seemed to be quite popular, Ikea no longer sells it. If I was still living in Canada it is something I would have considered as a workstation for the kids. It's so hard to find space nowadays when the price of hosues are going up so anything modular and foldable like this that can double up as storage space would definitely be very welcome by people who are moving homes!
What could be a better addition to your bedroom than a nice and convenient fold-out wall bed, except perhaps two of them? Pricing and sourcing is provided where available, and links to stores are included for anyone searching for more information.

The DS-1165 Adjustable Headboard Bed by Hugo de Ruiter has a movable 2-piece headboard, which allows the bed to transform from a traditional design into a conversational sofa-style piece.
Constructed from removable cushions and a frame that stacks on top of itself, the piece converts from a sofa to a twin to a double bed. The Fox Armchair by Thomas Althaus transforms from an armchair into a chaise or a twin bed. The Yin Yang Bed (€ 2,110) is a slatted platform that can be used as a flat surface for a mattress, a multi-tiered storage piece, or a futon-style sofa. Even though an extra amount of effort and time is needed every night when it is time to sleep, I still think it is all worth it. Designed in style for kids or for guests, these space-saving beds get twice the mileage out of the hidden wall spaces they occupy – creating mini-lofts in places where there is no room for extra furniture. These 10 designs are pricey, but they're some of the most unique and multi-functional convertible beds we've found.

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