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April 25, 2012 by The Accent Piece 133 Comments If you missed the first part, you can find it here.
Hold it up to the door so you know how far to drill your hole.  Since the hanger will sit flush against the door, there needs to be a hole for the bolt to sit in.
Then attach the rolling part to the hanging part.  I know, these technical terms can be overwhelming. Now the hanger part fits flush against the top of the door since you drilled a hole for the bolt to slide in to.
Now that the hardware is installed on the door, you can install the box rail to the wall.  Find your studs (insert cliche joke about my stud being on the left in the picture below) and mark every stud. Oh my goodness… Hanging it was more complicated than making it but the results are amazing. I think it would look really good and work well to mill in both sides about half an inch or so and find inset plates for a door grab!
Just google “sailboat hardware recessed” and you will find exactly what you need! Ironically Ive been thinking about installing a sliding door on our bedroom for a while, and if I can make it look good enough (with my limited woodworking skills;) then I might move on to other doors. By the time Valentine’s Day arrived, I was already ready to decorate for Saint Patrick’s Day since I create new things so far in advance!
For this door decoration, I am using the same types of floral arrangement but in green for Saint Patrick’s Day.
I also found this cute and sparkly green clover welcome sign at Jo-Ann’s.  It’s nice and light and made out of foam so it was perfect for this basket.

I put it all together in minutes, again using safety pins instead of glue so that I can change it for spring and Easter! For this project you will need cedar wreath, gold wire, gold bells, Wired floral picks, Sprigs of golden cedar, gold satin ribbon, Scissors, U pins, Hammer and nails. You will need: Clippings of bay laurel or rosemary, Wire cutters, Clear hair bands, 10-inch double-ring wire form, 26 gauge green floral wire, Pre-cut rose hip and eucalyptus sprays, Bow. Its rewally awesome piece of writing,I have got m?ch clear idea concerning from this article. I had posted my super easy Valentine’s Day Door Decoration in January and I fell in L-O-V-E with it, but I did make it easy to change out because I wanted to reuse the basket for my Saint Patrick’s Day Front Door Decoration. I used safety pins instead of glue to attach the burlap so that the basket could be easily changed for all holidays, seasons, and special occasions. She has a Master of Arts Degree in Speech Communication from California State University Fullerton.
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If that doesn’t work, we are thinking about drilling a small hole (but big enough to slide it with a couple fingers). Tell J that I wish some of his handy helperness would rub off on my J that is NOT into handy helperness! So start from slipping one gold wire through tops of 3 bells, then twist it and repeat the procedure to create 12 three-bell bundles.
So, now you need to make bundles from the bay laurel or rosemary clippings, then secure them with clear hair band.

Formerly an educator at CSUF and business owner, she now is a full time writer, Curator for Style Me Pretty Living, 3M DIY Expert, and a member of Martha’s Circle. Choose your color scheme, because it is best to make all the ornaments match in coordinating colors. Then wrap the floral pick wires around bell bundle wires golden-cedar-sprig stems to secure, making 12 cedar-and-bell bundles.
Next step is to attach them to the wire form with green floral wire, until the entire wire form is covered. So to make this wreath you will need to wrap ribbon around wreath to cover it completely and secure it with a hot-glue.
Attach the cedar-and-bell bundles evenly around wreath, and to make some accents attach the yellow cedar. I was planning on trying to rig something up myself with random metal pipes and bars, because the prices I was seeing were just way to high.
We have this opening between our bedroom and “sink nook” that I really want to add a sliding door to, and now I can thanks!

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