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I love our little herb garden out back so I am always on the lookout for new stuff to do to give good reason for me staying there for hours on end. The design of the front door of your house gives visitors the first impression of the interior decor of your house.
Fair or unfair, in just a three second glance, someone forms an opinion of you based on the first thing they see, your appearance.
Wrap the ribbon around the wreath to get the sense of the length you'll need adding 4" (more) inches to tuck in between the wreath intermittently so as to bring it to life - giving it a little bit of glittery glam. Then I pulled off some of the silvery glitter branches out of the garland and attached them all around and throughout my wreath using a dab of glue with my glue gun for some textural interest, and color contrast.
I like them planted on the sides of garden pathways or the walk leading up to the house doorstep. From stylized wooden doors to high-end security doors, exterior doors come in all shapes and sizes. Just the same, dressing our home to give a great first impression is very important as it is a reflection of you.
Once I was happy with the placement of my branches from my garland, I glued on a few pine cones on to the wreath.

Highly recommended and much preferred over those not-so aesthetically pleasing over the door hangers. Instead of relying on the ubiquitous door designs, why not add your personal touch to the front door of your house by customizing it with diverse accessories that help in making a statement.
Simple accessories (that reflect the personalities of those who reside in the home) like a well-arranged wreath, a beautiful pot of flowers or shrubs flanking both sides of your front door and a nice welcoming door mat is all that's needed to make that first great warm impression.
I finished it with a bow, but I wasn't happy with how my first bow came out as I felt like it looked a little emaciated, so I decided to make a bigger bow as can be seen in the rest of the photos.
To help homeowners design exterior doors, this HGTV blog has compiled 12 ideas for decorating front doors.
There's something about a wreath hanging over a front door that adds this layer of coziness and warmth that just makes any place feel so inviting. To give your old wooden door a complete makeover, consider framing it with lanterns and plant pots. When fall came, I was looking everywhere for a pretty wreath to hang over our front door, but every one I was seeing was either boring, generically unappealing, or way overpriced. I generally make my own but I was so pressed on time, I was willing to purchase one this year.

Finally, when I saw fall was coming to a close and my front door was still naked as a jaybird, the need for making a wreath became more imminent. Things pleasantly turned around when I went to one of the local craft stores to pick up chalkboard paint. Surprisingly, the first thing that greeted me outside the store was some of their plain green artificial wreaths at 50% off plus, an additional 40% coupon that I had.
I went around the store and picked up a roll of gold glitter (keeping with my gold metallic obsession this year) wired ribbon and one glittery artificial garland. When I got home I sat on the floor with my glue gun and some pine cones that I already had and created my own personalized wreath in less than an hour.

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